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Angel & Buffy

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October · 11/10/2004 21:08

Message withdrawn

OP posts:

lunavix · 13/10/2004 13:28

And i thought i was the only mum who loved angel and buffy!
We have all bar part 2 of season 5 of buffy and both parts of season 2 of angel... at £17 a boxset it won't be for long!


motherinferior · 13/10/2004 14:16


And indeeed ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh.


mrsflowerpot · 13/10/2004 14:19

no no no no no we have already given over too much time, shelf space and disposable income to Angel and Buffy, am deleting this thread from my memory!


marthamoo · 13/10/2004 14:23

I totted up how much all our Buffy and Angel videos cost the other was not good.

And every time I go on amazon it says "Hello Moo...sell your past purchases on Amazon today and make enough to buy a small villa in the South of France and retire there with your husband."


bettys · 13/10/2004 14:30

If I'd only thought I could have taped the whole lot as Sky are re-showing all the Buffys and saved myself a fortune.


nerdgirl · 13/10/2004 14:41

No way lunavix! We always had some really good angel and buffy threads on MN when they were still on T.V.

Already own all the buffys but guess who's going to finish off her Angel collection right now!!

Thanks for the top October.

so Betty... Spike or a young Angel?


lunavix · 13/10/2004 14:43

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! IT [email protected] JUST ME!!!
Well young angel has my vote, spike just has too silly hair...
Although i know its almost a crime to say this, but angel is a bit - plumper - now than he used to be hey?


lunavix · 13/10/2004 14:44

Amazon are also selling like the WHOLE LOT in a MASSIVE COOL BOXSET for around £150... gasp.
If only...


bettys · 13/10/2004 14:46

Has to be Spike always....young Angel didn't do it for me


motherinferior · 13/10/2004 14:58

Hands off Spike NOW!


GeorginaA · 13/10/2004 15:45

Spike is MINE ... MINE I TELL YOU!


SoupDragon · 13/10/2004 15:49

Midway through S3 of Angel now... we get ours from Ebay.


marthamoo · 13/10/2004 17:11

I'd have 'em both. At the same time. Oooer missus


libb · 13/10/2004 17:56

Spike for sure. Although Giles has a way with him . . .


yingers74 · 13/10/2004 18:34

Hello, am also a huge fan of both angel and buffy, I have the buffy soundtrack. I love both spike and angel and in my imagination (ignoring the series) angel and buffy end up together!!!! How sad am I? Angel in the first series was totally beautiful. Have moved my attentions to charmed and am looking forward to the series Hex on sky one!


October · 13/10/2004 21:33

Message withdrawn

OP posts:

October · 13/10/2004 21:34

Message withdrawn

OP posts:

lunavix · 13/10/2004 21:36

Who are your least favourite Buffy/Angel characters?
I personally absolutely despise Dawn, Riley and Kennedy...
I love Cordy in Angel, I was so upset when they killed her off!


yingers74 · 13/10/2004 22:01

agreed on dawn and riley, why oh why did they think giving buffy a sister was a good idea! I think riley was always going to be disliked as fans were so involved in the whole angel/buffy doomed love thing!
I also didn't particularly like willow's girl friend, again she was not a patch on good old Oz and why did they make her such a wet blanket?


lunavix · 13/10/2004 22:19

oh oz....
he was such a sweetie!


GeorginaA · 13/10/2004 22:22

Does any buffy fans watch Alias? Don't you think Will has a certain Oz quality about him?!


marthamoo · 13/10/2004 22:22

Dawn was so irritating - I kept hoping she would turn back into a key. I imagine that she was brought in for younger viewers but Buffy is far too good for them - it should be just for us discerning grown-ups.

Riley, while a bit wholesome farm boy for my taste, did have one of the best lines ever...(will have to go and grab my well-thumbed "The Quotable Slayer" book now so I can do it verbatim)...

Riley on Angel:

Seriously? That's . . a good day? Well, there you go. Even when he's good he's all Mister Billowy Coat King of Pain.

And yingers, couldn't agree more - Buffy and Angel SHOULD have got together at the end, I feel so cheated. And that "see that blonde girl dancing in the background, please accept that it's Sarah Michelle Gellar " in the last series of Angel was frankly insulting.

I think SMG should remember who put her where she is (she wouldn't be married to Freddie Prinze Jr. without Buffy!) and she should have come back and given us a proper ending.

Fan? me? Obsessive...? Nah, not at all!


GeorginaA · 13/10/2004 22:25

My best Riley line was something along the lines of "when I'm with you I find I need to know the plural of apocalypse"


marthamoo · 13/10/2004 22:25

Joss Whedon is a god


October · 13/10/2004 22:26

Message withdrawn

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