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Boogie Beebies

58 replies

Yorkiegirl · 27/09/2004 16:50

Message withdrawn

OP posts:

Debbiethemum · 27/09/2004 16:50

Completely and utterly pants is how I would descrie it


BooMama · 27/09/2004 17:31

Was just coming on to post about this. I've only just watched the 'red button' footage so I'm not sure if this is the whole programme but what I saw was rubbish. The man looks like he was in 5ive, it's just so embarrassing to watch. I asked my ds if he liked it and he said 'I like singing...' I got the impression he though eh should like it but the expression on his face seemed otherwise.
Is this part of the BBC's commitment to fighting our Fat Nation?
My dd loves dancing along to Hi5 but this was just PANTS!!!


ebbie22 · 27/09/2004 17:33

Couldnt of said it better myself..


Sozie · 27/09/2004 17:34

My dd was looking forward to this as she thought it would be like the trailer with disco dancing. She kept asking where the blond boy was? I thought it a bit rubbish tbh.


poppyh · 27/09/2004 17:42

My DD wasnt impressed either.She kept asking where beebies gone?Down the drain with their budget I imagine.
They spend more time and money on the trailer which we all loved here!!


BooMama · 27/09/2004 17:46

I know! I was so disappointd because the advert was so good!


Skate · 27/09/2004 17:48

Yes the trailer looked cool but the programme is bloody awful!! Like Zingalong, it will be one of those I'll just have to turn off!


poppyh · 27/09/2004 17:51

Its like a poor version of high 5!Didnt think that possible!Theyve even got an australian guy singing!It was like watching a surreal exercise video!!


codswallop · 27/09/2004 18:19

this is becayuse there is a whol sky channel for kids pop isnt it>:


Yorkiegirl · 27/09/2004 18:20

Message withdrawn

OP posts:

coppertop · 27/09/2004 18:26

It was bl**dy awful! Ds1 liked the footage of the diggers but was distinctly unimpressed with the singing and dancing.


Hulababy · 27/09/2004 18:52

Oh, missed it - the trailer looked promising. that it was rubbish!


Easy · 27/09/2004 18:55

Hmmm, we were looking forward to it cos ds has been dancing along with the trailer all last week.

Didn't see it this morning, but will not worry too much about catcvhing it another time.

Sad tho' want something dancy for ds to join in with.


Tommy · 27/09/2004 21:32

Am I the only one who liked it then?! Not like the trailer at all I will grant you but DS1 and I were actually dancing (and I was getting puffed out)so it muct have been doing us some good. He is only2y8m though - maybe yours are older?
Surely it's not as bad as Zingalong? Nothing else could be that bad


nutcracker · 27/09/2004 21:41

Dd's had been looking forward to it all week and after 5 minutes they said 'can we turn over, this is rubbish'.

Ds was slightly more enthusiastic but not much.

I though it was utter crap.


linniewith2 · 28/09/2004 10:02

What is this utter pile of c**p !
At least on high 5 the songs of the week are proper songs that you can get up and dance to....
It's awful dd1 was not interested at all!


treacletart · 28/09/2004 12:24

OMG! is that it for the week then? the same stupid digger song over and over?... have the BBC run out of money or just imagination? Agree the trailer is a thousand times better than the programme, thats the programme they should have made!


motherinferior · 28/09/2004 12:46

Damn. Caught it yesterday, dd1 enjoyed it, but is it the same? We've been looking forward to it!


coppertop · 28/09/2004 18:22

Why are they showing the same dire digger song every day?? When the annoying bloke tells us he's digging a hole does anyone else call out at the screen "Why don't you throw yourself in it?"


Posey · 28/09/2004 21:00

Dd was really looking forward to it (she's 7!) She says its rubbish. Ds (21m) loved the trailer, as did dd and I, but just wandered away in boredom. It promised so much, delivers so little.


Ennazus · 28/09/2004 21:28

I hav'nt seen it yet, but has anyone seen the wiggles? My 13 yr old dd says they are 4 gays - she's probably right - but must she say it in front of my little dds!! then my 7 yr old dd asked who's going out with who!! I tell ya...


linniewith2 · 28/09/2004 21:33

Like high 5 they are doing a song of the week.....the dire digger song
So you'll have to put up with it till next Mon I'm afraid


Dizzylizzy · 28/09/2004 21:39

My dd was very dissapointed, she sings and dances to the advert and gets really excited, so I waited and put it on for her, just to see this woman jumping about and saying 'chest the football' and 'head the football'.

Needless to say it was turned over very quickly and Hi-5 put on.


Skate · 28/09/2004 22:49

DS1 saw it this morning and as it started said 'this will be over in a minute won't it Mummy'. A few minutes later, he got down from the table in the middle of his breakfast and said 'I'm putting Thomas on' (ie video!).

Ha ha!! Why can't the programme be like the trailer!!

It looks like those videos you get done of your child - DS1 had one done at Tumbletots where he sat in a tractor then they had scenes behind.


Ennazus · 28/09/2004 22:55

yes, dd4 did two one at nursery and one at playgroup. cost a fortune but she loves watching herself again and again and that goes for her sisters too!

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