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where do you buy your kids clothes from

55 replies

jenk1 · 12/08/2005 14:14

i have a son 8 and a daughter 16months and i buy ds clothes from next,asda,dunnes but dd,s clothes from next,monsoon,boden am i being tight buying her more "designery" type clothes or is it normal for mums to spend more on girls clothes do you think?

OP posts:
colditz · 12/08/2005 14:16

I don't think it's very nice to spend so much more on your daughter, sorry. I think that at 8, your son is bound to notice that you spend more on his sister.

Probably not the answer you wanted though, sorry.

expatinscotland · 12/08/2005 14:17

I'm lucky. My parents do well financially and live in the US, so they provide nearly all DD's clothes. I also have a sister back in the US who has two daughters who are older than DD and she brings all their old clothes, shoes, hair trinkets, etc. to me when she visits.

DD has a HUGE wardrobe. FAR better than mine or DH's, although DH has loads of Levi's given to him by my folks.

KBear · 12/08/2005 14:17

I don't think an 8 year old boy cares what shop his clothes come from!

spidermama · 12/08/2005 14:18

I think there's more choice for girls and it's hard not to spend more because there are such gorgeous things out there for girls.

I love posh clothes for my boys and girls but can't afford them new so get them on ebay.

beetroot · 12/08/2005 14:20

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

MarsLady · 12/08/2005 14:21

anywhere with a good sale, though as the kids get older they are starting to choose their own clothes. What's that about? lol

NomDePlume · 12/08/2005 14:23

Aa far as I'm concerned you are entitled to spend whatever you like on your kids.

I agree with the MNer who said, on another thread, that quite often cheaper girls clothes look tacky whereas cheaper boys clothes don't seem to (I have no idea why though).

I'm pretty amazed that you spend more on your baby's clothes than you do on your DSs stuff though. Mainly because I have a 3 year old girl and 2 boys who are 13 & 11.5, and the boys clothes are much more expensive, not because I shop at more expensive places for them but because they are bigger. The rate I have to replace the more expensive boys stuff is much higher than the rate I have to replace DD's gear. Sorry if that was a bit garbled but hopefully you know what I mean !

TBH, I doubt your DS even knows or cares that there is a cost difference between his sister's clothes and his own. But don't get too reliant on spending less as DS is coming up to the age where in the next few years he will be wanting more expensive stuff, whether it is sports or surf/skate labels, or the more expensive high street shops.

bambi06 · 12/08/2005 14:24

ask him whether he wants money for clothes or something else when you go shopping for your dd clothes so he doesnt eel left out but i must admit to doing similar for my dd as girls lcothes are gorgoeus but not much to get excited about for biys and to be honest my ds doesnt care what i buy for him

jessicaandbumpsmummy · 12/08/2005 14:24

Asda Tescos Primark for day to day stuff

Next for more occasional wear

Jess is growing too quick to warrant me spending much more than that on her.

I got a pair of Jeans, a fleece top and a fleece jacket for £10 in Asda last week.... cant complain at that especially as she will only be in it for a matter of months.

LIZS · 12/08/2005 14:24

To an extent I agree with KBear but our 7 yr old ds does have a definition of "cool" in terms of style. As long as whatever it is fits his definition then it doesn't matter where it is from or how much you spend. Having said that he has clothes from Next, Gap, Quiksilver and sports brands. dd is almost 4 and has Next, H and M plus the odd more expensive item from Mexx, for example. I wouldn't consciously spend more on one than the other.

Distel · 12/08/2005 14:26

I have 2 boys and a girl and mostly all their clothes come from Asda and Matalan. I wish I could afford 'designer' clothes for them all but can't. I do think that there are much nicer girls things than boys, but this is spread across all shops, not just more expensive ones.

katierocket · 12/08/2005 14:27

same as beetroot
I get DS's clothes from Zara/Gap/Hennes/boden

does seem a bit mean to spend more on your DD.

NomDePlume · 12/08/2005 14:31

I have just realised that I haven't actually answered the thread title though, just the question in yuor initial post, jenk... The answer to the title is

DS1 (13) - Into sports gear, so I mainly shop on the net because I can get it cheaper. LXDirect have a good range of sportwear at really reasonable prices (as much as 50% off RRP), also use M&M sports.

DS2 (11.5) - Into surf/skate wear, again I shop mainly on the net using sites that offer big discounts on the brands he likes - Quiksilver, O'Neill, Animal, Airwalk, Vans etc, etc. Also shop in Debenhams as DS2 like the Red Herring range

DD (3) - Loves pink and girly. I use Vertbaudet & Debenhams online. On the high street we shop at Next, H&M and the odd basic from Tesco.

slightlymiffedmoorhen · 12/08/2005 14:33

I dont buy clothes for dd very often. her doting rellies do that and as they live in Ireland I get loads of Dunnes stuff which not many other kids over here have and has the benifit of also being quite cheap. We buy dss's clothes from TKMaxx generally as cant really afford to go anywhere else and its very difficult to buy 'cool' but cheap clothes for teenagers. will be raiding Dunnes after Xmas while Im home to see what I can get for him.

MaloryTowers · 12/08/2005 17:20

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nutcracker · 12/08/2005 17:24

I have 2 Dd's and a Ds.

They all get stuff from Asda, Primark, Adams, H&M, Next (in a sale), and occasionally M&S in a sale too.

I try and get them Gap jeans off ebay when I can too.

I think the choice for buys is awful. 1 row of boys clothes in Asda verses 3 of girls.

nutcracker · 12/08/2005 17:25

Oh and Boots stuff seems to be really well priced lately too.

MaloryTowers · 12/08/2005 17:26

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nutcracker · 12/08/2005 17:29

Me too MT. Well I got a pinafore for £3.50 and a skirt for £2.50

nutcracker · 12/08/2005 17:29

Me too MT. Well I got a pinafore for £3.50 and a skirt for £2.50

oooggs · 12/08/2005 17:35

I buy most of Ds (20mths) clothes in the Next sale in advance (so have just bought summer clothes for 2-3yrs) then top it up with bits from Asda, Tesco & sometimes Debenhams.

In fact same for DH and me I suppose

Enid · 12/08/2005 17:36

i hate shopping for dd1 as she is hyper-sensitive and if something 'doesnt feel right' she will NOT wear it. if it is slightly too long in the arm she iwll NOT wear it. dd2 however is a joy and wears anything I buy.

Pinotmum · 12/08/2005 17:49

I spend more on my dd than my ds as there is more choice for girls out there. She has loads of clothes and most of them are from T K Maxx. I buy lots of stuff in the sales from Boden, Fat Face and Gap for both of them but as girls can wear trousers, skirts, dresses etc she just ends up with more.

ssd · 12/08/2005 17:52

I have 2 boys and I'm often stood in front of girls clothes sighing as I think they are usually much nicer and prettier!!

If your son noticed the difference in what you spend I'm sure you'd adjust accordingly, so I wouldn't worry.

kama · 12/08/2005 17:54

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

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