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where do you buy your kids clothes from

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jenk1 · 12/08/2005 14:14

i have a son 8 and a daughter 16months and i buy ds clothes from next,asda,dunnes but dd,s clothes from next,monsoon,boden am i being tight buying her more "designery" type clothes or is it normal for mums to spend more on girls clothes do you think?

OP posts:
diva4mgl · 13/08/2005 23:15

i mostly buy from sales. i buy my sleepsuits from asda, tesco`s
daywear from mothercare, babies r us, mini mode, ladybird, next
outfit, special occasion from debenhams,marks and spencer baby gap
sometimes from america

jenk1 · 14/08/2005 10:54

i have just started buying from ebay, but cant seem to find anything decent for boys,-usual problem would be interested if someone knows any good ebay shops or sellers for boys clothes,didnt know u could get such bargains for kids clothes on ebay

OP posts:
vickiyumyum · 14/08/2005 15:23

for boys i find its a case of knowing which labels you are looking for e.g next, gap, designer etc. putting that into search and then selecting boys clothing and then sometimes you have a list of ages to select from.

its really just a case of trawling through the lists and spotting soemthing you like and hoping its in the size you want. another website that good and fairly cheap is kidswindow, frequently have good discounts and boys clothes a bit more varied not just the usual boring blue, navy or denim, some great t-shirts and tops!

fairydust · 14/08/2005 15:27

for dd aged 3 yrs 5 months.

School unifrom - m&s - shoes clarks / startrite

everyday clothes - gap - next - boots - adams - m&s

special occassions - monsoon is the fav at the mo

Kidstrack2 · 14/08/2005 15:48

Ds is 6 and Dd is 2. I buy clothes from Next, Verbaudet and Adams and the odd designer item if I like it and its in the Sale. I never pay full price on designer clothes as I dont think they are worth that sort of money!

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