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What do you wear to a "black tie" dinner when you are six months pregnant?

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KristinaM · 26/07/2005 14:20

We have just received an invitaion to a "black tie" dinner connected to my DHs work. I will be 6 months pregnant & have no idea what to wear.As its my third baby I have quite a big bump - well past the stage of trying to pretend I'm just fat

I have a long straight purple dress that I usually wear to weddings but it wont fit over my pregnant boobs, let alone over the bump. I have evening trousers and lovely top which I wore to a wedding last month but I think that trousers (for women!!!) are out for black tie ( is that right?). I dont want to spend a lot as I will probably never wear the outfit again.

Any suggestions?????

OP posts:
jabberwocky · 27/07/2005 03:25

I wore a long, clingy black dress that went dangerously low! I felt marvelous. Am saving it just in case...

bobbybob · 27/07/2005 05:33

I like the lace one KristinaM, it's very different and a bit daring, whilst being completely modest. Great sleeves as well. I like all the black ones everyone has suggested, but I would have felt like I was trying to disappear hiding in a plain black dress.

jamese · 27/07/2005 08:53

Personally I think the strapless one is more appropriate for a black tie dinner. You may feel uncomfortable in the other one once you got there - bound to be a lot of Stuffy types there... with their pearls and twin set (or the BTie exquivelant of twin sets). BUT if you've got the money- get both cause the lace one is nice.

I have worn trouser suits to several Black Tie dinners. I am a 'large' lady even when not pregnant and not comfortable in a dress (too many lumps and bumps) but they have always been dinner trousers, or at least with a evening style top.

Whatever you wear - enjoy. Lets be honest, people look at you for about 5 seconds at the start then no-one cares what anyone is wearing.

FrenchGirl · 27/07/2005 09:10

Love the strapless isabelle oliver, it's really sexy and elegant.
Not keen on the lacy number at all I'm afraid.

Sorry the other one is out of stock (and it was so cheap too!)

MaloryTowers · 27/07/2005 09:35

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Stargazer · 27/07/2005 10:13

Hi Kristamum - if it were me I'd go for some lovely floaty black tousers and a beautiful silky, floaty top - either black with sparkly bits or a contrasting colour. You'll look radiant in whatever you go for - I think pregnant women are beautiful.

stitch · 27/07/2005 11:54

hi kristina, i dont know if you will find this idea useful, but when pregnant, and having to go to a dressy do, i have always worn a sari. the blouse just needs to fit your ribcage and boobs, and the petticoat goes under your bump. you should be able to pick up something very nice from well under fifty quid, but do bargain it down.
your prgnant, its a different outfit, can be very stylish, and if j lo can wear one to the oscars, then you should be fine wearing it to a party.

outtolunch · 27/07/2005 15:44

What size are you? I bought a gorgeous sexy formal black Formes dress (size 42) that I never wore - bought it early in pregnancy but never wore it. Have been wanting to sell it - but just haven't found the time. Wish it fit now - cuz it is a gorgeous dress!

bonym · 27/07/2005 18:12

Look here - they have some lovely stuff in the "elegant" section - really nice black dress and also organza wrap.

dyzzidi · 28/07/2005 14:08

try this site

Sorry i can't do links but I was thinking of one of these for my christmas party. They won't break the bank.

Prufrock · 28/07/2005 14:48

kristina - I have some lovely Lezley george stuff that I got for a black tie do when very pregnant - you are welcome to borrow it if you want. Theres a dark purplish/burgundy skirt and a matchingish sleevless top - very cleavage revealing and bump hugging. I've also got a black wrap jacket which is one of the most useful pieces in my wardrobe. E-mail me at prufrock @ hotmail dot co dot uk if you are interested

bundle · 28/07/2005 15:04

hey Prufrock, did you make up your mind re: the Big Decision? x

Prufrock · 28/07/2005 15:37

I decided not to decide just yet

bundle · 28/07/2005 15:38

just wondered (because of "lending" the maternity clothes, always best to keep a girl's options open)

Prufrock · 28/07/2005 20:45

Mmm - freudian hey. It's actualy not maternity wear though - just pleated silk that happens to llok equally good when stretched tight over bumpy bits.

KristinaM · 03/08/2005 07:37

Hi all, sorry to be so long in getting back to you - we were away on holiday with no internet access. Prufrock - how very kind of you to offer to lend me your outfit - it sounds lovely. As the dinner is this weekend and we were away for a week in between I decided to just order the 2 dresses i saw on line and return the one i like least.

The tiffanay rose one came in about 2 days and I really feel comfortable in it - its very stretchy lace, i like a dress with sleeves ( I'm a bit conservative about my arms!) and think I would be able to wear it at least a couple more times before baby is due in november.I like the fact that its quite clingy so its obvious that i am pregnant and not fat IYSWIM - its not at all tent like!

The isobella oliver dress ( the one you all liked) one has not yet arrived ( bit disappointing after a week and £6 for postage) but I'll let you know whats its like.

Thnank you all so much for your advice. i am quite looking forward to it now as Dh has booked a lovely hotel for the night and organised babysitting so we can have 24 hours away from the kids. He also put the dresses on his credit card Isn't he wonderful....

OP posts:
KristinaM · 03/08/2005 19:52

Isobelle Oliver dress came today after only 8 days. I was really disappointed - it looks like a long black strapless baggy T shirt. Its way too big even though I ordered exactly the right size on their charts - even measured myself ( a horrible experience ). Even in the right size i dont think it would do much for me so its going back. So its the black lacy number for me this weekend

Thnaks for all your advice everyone

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