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What do you wear to a "black tie" dinner when you are six months pregnant?

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KristinaM · 26/07/2005 14:20

We have just received an invitaion to a "black tie" dinner connected to my DHs work. I will be 6 months pregnant & have no idea what to wear.As its my third baby I have quite a big bump - well past the stage of trying to pretend I'm just fat

I have a long straight purple dress that I usually wear to weddings but it wont fit over my pregnant boobs, let alone over the bump. I have evening trousers and lovely top which I wore to a wedding last month but I think that trousers (for women!!!) are out for black tie ( is that right?). I dont want to spend a lot as I will probably never wear the outfit again.

Any suggestions?????

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jessicaandbumpsmummy · 26/07/2005 14:22

i was at what was supposed to be a black tie Army do at the weekend - im 27 weeks pg and wore smart cotton trousers and a smart top. Looked fine and didnt stand out in the crowd..... exceptions need to be made for us pg women..... plus the fact i couldnt find a decent evening dress ANYWHERE that was in my budget let alone maternity!

fastasleep · 26/07/2005 14:22

try they're having a sale, might be a bit summery though...

madmarchhare · 26/07/2005 14:24

If youre obviously pg then I dont think it really matters. (Not that it does if your not obviously pg, but I know what these things can be like) I'd go with the trousers if you are comfortable in them.

KristinaM · 26/07/2005 14:29

Oh yes, sadly i am very obviously pregnant. will check out funmum - summery would be just fine as its in August.

It would be GREAT if I could wear trousers but I thought black tie was evening dresses etc. How can i check that out...its a really formal dinner with a member of the Royal famiy present. Admittedly its really boring one and I doubt he'll be at our table

OP posts:
Hausfrau · 26/07/2005 14:30

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bossykate · 26/07/2005 14:30

hi there

what about this?

i bought a very similar dress when i was pg for special occasions. it is not a maternity dress, but the stretchy material easily goes over a bump.

tiffini · 26/07/2005 14:31


bossykate · 26/07/2005 14:31

£36 is a bargain for this dress, btw and you could always resell it.

tiffini · 26/07/2005 14:32


bossykate · 26/07/2005 14:32


jessicaandbumpsmummy · 26/07/2005 14:33

i quite like the last the skirt and top on the first link..... under occasionwear

Enid · 26/07/2005 14:33

Isabella Oliver has a sale on and their stuff is lovely: I think

KristinaM · 26/07/2005 14:34

Bossykate - something like that would be nice, although that one is too big . Stretchy sounds good - if you've got it, flaunt it!!!!

OP posts:
bossykate · 26/07/2005 14:34

or this one?

tiffini · 26/07/2005 14:34

You leave the room for 2 minutes, and the kids just have to get up to something.

Sorry about that, I hope my 4YR DSs advise is some use

madmarchhare · 26/07/2005 14:35

Whats with the 'cant do trousers with a royal'? Wtf?

Hausfrau · 26/07/2005 14:35

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bossykate · 26/07/2005 14:35

try the second link, it's a 12/14 - er, what size are you?

KristinaM · 26/07/2005 14:36

Oh yes, J&BM, I see the one you mean. My kind of price range too. And i have the big pregnant boobs to fill it - just need a push up bra and some confidence

OP posts:
bossykate · 26/07/2005 14:36

any bias cut ghost dress i think would be a good choice.

CarolinaMoon · 26/07/2005 14:36

You could ask whoever sent the invites out if you are worried about wearing the "wrong" thing, but otherwise I would wear anything evening-like that's comfortable. Everyone will make allowances if you're obviously pg anyway. And you'll be sitting at a table for most of it, so who's going to notice if it's trousers?

Milge · 26/07/2005 14:37

When i was pg and at black tie do's, i wore stretchy velvet trousers, a long velvet jacket and a coloured velvet top underneath with fab accessories to draw attention away from my bump. hth

KristinaM · 26/07/2005 14:37

MMH - I just thought it was compulsory frocks - i haven't any experience of royal dinners!!!!!

OP posts:
sorrel · 26/07/2005 14:39

i might get this and then wear it every day after

KristinaM · 26/07/2005 14:39

Milge - that sounds lovely Its just I've never been to such a dinner before ( obviously dont mix in the right circles) . Were there other women in trousers?

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