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What do you wear to a "black tie" dinner when you are six months pregnant?

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KristinaM · 26/07/2005 14:20

We have just received an invitaion to a "black tie" dinner connected to my DHs work. I will be 6 months pregnant & have no idea what to wear.As its my third baby I have quite a big bump - well past the stage of trying to pretend I'm just fat

I have a long straight purple dress that I usually wear to weddings but it wont fit over my pregnant boobs, let alone over the bump. I have evening trousers and lovely top which I wore to a wedding last month but I think that trousers (for women!!!) are out for black tie ( is that right?). I dont want to spend a lot as I will probably never wear the outfit again.

Any suggestions?????

OP posts:
Milge · 26/07/2005 14:41

Yes lots of trouser suits, especially amongst the under 35's. If worried, how about a black velvet dress. How senior is the member of the royal family? i think there is different protocol based on seniority. At least be grateful its not white tie - that is definitely frocks only for the ladies.

KristinaM · 26/07/2005 14:43

Oh sorrel that's lovely

Forgot to say you guys are just wonderful for all these prompt replies. When the invite came in this morning and I did my usual " oh no, what will I wear", my Dh said "" well you'd better consult the fount of all knowledge" ( aka mumsnet)

OP posts:
KristinaM · 26/07/2005 14:43

Its Prince Phillip ( yawn)

OP posts:
jessicaandbumpsmummy · 26/07/2005 14:44

like he's gonna give a damn what you're wearing!

Got for whatever you feel comfortable in, but i still like the skirt and top on the funmum website..... might even talk dh into letting me buy it as a going out outfit for our holiday!

KristinaM · 26/07/2005 14:44

And sadly I'm not an under 35. Though would like to pass as one of course

OP posts:
sorrel · 26/07/2005 14:45

i know its £80 but honestly i woud wear it with long boots during the day. you could dress it up with sparkly earings and strappy shoes( if you felt up to it) for your posh do.
also think resale value would be good on something so versatile.

KristinaM · 26/07/2005 19:35

Well, following your advice i have popped out to the sales this afternoon to see if i could pick up a bargain. i had the misguided idea that I could get a kind of floaty summerish dress, you know the kind that have thin straps, a fitted bust and sort of drape from under the bust.I honstly thought that I could just get a bigger size than normal.

Of course as all you wise shoppers know, this is completely stupid. Any dress that fitted over my bump was about 3 or 4 sizes too big everywhere else. I have also now realised that the reason my normal blouses won't fasten is only slightly due to the increased boobs but most due to my increased ribcage. All these fitted bodice type tops dont work either. I am not really sexy and voluptuous, just broad!!

Those of you who suggested stretchy were right though - stretchy was good, especially longish, black and stretchy. Longish seemed to balance out the width a bit IYSWIM

So..... I am now grudging accepting that i will have to either wear the trousers outfit that i have or buy a maternity dress / skirt & top and sell it afterwards. So now going off to surf more....

Any more suggestions where to look????

OP posts:
vicdubya · 26/07/2005 19:56

This looks useful


aloha · 26/07/2005 20:04

what size are you?

hoxtonchick · 26/07/2005 20:20

i had a couple of pieces of isabella oliver maternity wear, & it was fabulous. however, it's all made of jersey which i don't think is a very evening-y material. ghost is a great idea. they have sale shop in south london where they sell old stock very cheaply.

KristinaM · 26/07/2005 20:20

12-14 ish

OP posts:
KristinaM · 26/07/2005 20:24

What do you think of this? Would it look sexy or just tarty on an over 35 year old pregnant woman?

black lace dress

It's more than i hoped to spend but cheaper to buy than some hire places

OP posts:
spidermama · 26/07/2005 20:26

Formes, the French maternity designer, makes fabulous stuff. It's very expensive but NOT if you buy it on ebay.

There's another really classy maternity designer too called Isabella Oliver. Also available on ebay and usually it has hardly been worn. (for obvious reasons)

Good luck.

KristinaM · 26/07/2005 20:28

Or this?

long isobella oliver dress

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 26/07/2005 21:33

KristinaM, I wore a plain black stretchy velvet dress when at least 6 months pregnant with DS2. From Dorothy Perkins, mid calf, very plain, sleeveless V neck - think I got it in either a 14 or 16. Might still have it hanging in my wardrobe somewhere. I can check tomorrow if you like. I can't remember if I kept it or not.

FrenchGirl · 26/07/2005 21:50

Formes is really great, I got a nice wrap black dress to go to a work evening do with dh when I was about 7 months pregnant and felt comfortable and elegant. Teamed with a pair of high heels, a nice handbag and a necklace, you should look great.

FrenchGirl · 26/07/2005 21:57

what about this dress?

hatstand · 26/07/2005 22:21

I like Frenchgirl's one best. very classic and flattering - and that plunging neck will show off pregnancy's greatest assets

MrsGordonRamsay · 26/07/2005 22:28

French Girl wins

sorrel · 26/07/2005 22:37

agree with frenchgirls choice - beautiful dress. really sexy and very evening without being too much or over the top.

KristinaM · 26/07/2005 22:51

I agree, its lovely. But its out of stock

OP posts:
KristinaM · 26/07/2005 22:53

Formes online shop is now closed as well. Not forever, just until afer their sale I think. But its too late for me.

Is the black lace dress too tacky then and you are all being polite????? What about the long isobella oliver one?

OP posts:
sorrel · 26/07/2005 23:01

go for the isabella o one. i have to be honest that i am not keen on the lacy number- but go for it if you love it. no point in getting something you don't realy love- you might never wear it again.( at least thats what i am like!)

KristinaM · 26/07/2005 23:52

Thanks Sorrel - I want honest views. I'm not very good on clothes, as you've probably gathered, so honest opinions are very helpful

OP posts:
Monstersmum · 27/07/2005 00:51

The strapless Isabella Oliver is very elegant.
Was at a function with Prince Andrew a few years ago - cannot for the life of me remember what I wore - or he wore for that matter!!!!!!

Well maybe I should rephrase that - not with him exactly!

You will probably not go to many do's like this so you want to feel comfortable and as if you made an effort. Elegant is good.

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