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White gypsy skirts teamed with those belts made up of circles

88 replies

dillydally · 12/07/2005 15:22

Fashion trend or fashion victim?

I am seeing them everywhere. I am ok with the skirts but with the belts I no likey. Is it me?

OP posts:
KBear · 12/07/2005 21:11

serenity - LOL at slips!!!! Off to M&S we jolly well trot for a nice slip.

I haven't got a gypsy skirt - mainly cos I don't do skirts but also because I am still reeling from being pinned into gypsy skirts by my mum in l978 and having broderie anglaise hemmmed along the bottom.

moondog · 12/07/2005 21:15

Lonelymum,keep trying to say hello and you never respond you snooty bitch!
How are you???

bubblerock · 12/07/2005 21:16

I've got the skirt (not white though) but haven't got a belt, might buy one as I'm a bit belly consious atm and also when it's windy the skirt does puff up and I figure a low slung belt might make me feel a bit more secure

marthamoo · 12/07/2005 21:18

Nah, they have gone the way of ponchos: common as muck (sorry, Northerner). Also can't abide it when you can clearly see a bum through the fabric. Tackeee.

I have seen an absolutely gorgeous long brown skirt in Per Una, not gypsy-skirt but hippyish. It is £45 though so sadly I will have to stick with my multiple pairs of linen trousers.

suzyj · 12/07/2005 21:20

lockets LOL at the 'above or below toddler belly' look - my DD does this too in her white one. She tends to prefer below, i think, as this gives a better view of the orange felt-tip sun she asked me to draw on her tummy "to be the same as mummy's ta-dooo". i have a very small sun tattooed on my solar plaxus (geddit?? very witty i thought at the time ) and now my little monkey has one too.

But i don't have one of those belts and i confess to owning two (count 'em) slips, one in a very versatile flexh colour... hmm.

helsi · 12/07/2005 21:20

I wear them with belts and strappy tops too!! so sue me!!!!! ha ha

suzyj · 12/07/2005 21:21

clearly that should say flesh - in RL I am a proofreader/editor, how rubbish am I at checking my posts??

spidermama · 12/07/2005 21:21

Nice once, but too many of them.

Lonelymum · 12/07/2005 21:22

Moondog, you expect me to respond after that???!!!!

helsi · 12/07/2005 21:22

I am not as common as muck. I have seen worse walking about town TBH so I don't care. there is always someone worse dressed than me.

Lonelymum · 12/07/2005 21:25

Are ponchos out now? I promised dd
she could have one this winter as she didn't ask for one until it was nearly summer. She will never forget about it. Have I left it too late?

serenity · 12/07/2005 21:26

Kbear - no, no, no. It has to be BHS for some lovely bri-nylon job that creates enough static to incinerate all bodily hair from the waist down.......

hanginginthere · 12/07/2005 21:26

I don't like the belts either! Won't wear them so I am sure people look at me in my gypsy skirts and think, "hmmm, she needs a belt with that and the top is all wrong"

marthamoo · 12/07/2005 21:29

No, I meant the skirts were common as muck (aloha already used the word ubiquitous - didn't want her to think I was copying) not the person wearing them. There are just too many of them about - don't think it's a bad look per se, just when you see three woman walking along together and they are all dressed the same you think "oh come on..."

Ponchos on kids are, and always will be, fine.

moondog · 12/07/2005 21:29

Chortle lm!!
I saw some feckless yoof stumbling about in a woolly poncho today of all things! Bet she keeled over from sunstroke shortly afterwards.

Agree,nude colour slips are the way to go. knicker flashing is hideous.

Marthamoo,where do you by your linen trousers? I can never seem to get a good pair.

marthamoo · 12/07/2005 21:38

Next - basic ones at £17.99 (I think) and a brown pair with embroidery on which were more expensive (£30ish)

basic linen trousers

I also got a nice pair last year from Dot Perkins but I've lost them (how?!)

But my favourites (got 'em on now) were a really baggy, beige pair from a beach shop in Devon!

vickiyumyum · 12/07/2005 21:41

it just shows how much he circly belt thing is now 'so over' they do them everwhere from kids shops for 5 year old girls to evans for size 32 women!!!!
i'm sorry if i was size 32 i wouldn't want to be drawing all eyes to my middle! (no offence meant i am of the 'larger' build too)i've been told you can get them even bigger on ebay.

what ruined the whole gypsy thing for me was seeing victoria beckham and jade goody overdoing it with the high heels and bustiers/corsets. its supposed to be about comfort and carefree summer living.

katzguk · 12/07/2005 21:42

i've been wearing this tyle of skirt since i was a student and now everyone is!!

jessicaandbumpsmummy · 12/07/2005 21:42

shame i cant find a gypsy maternity skirt ANYWHERE - the only place that did have them was Topshop and they have taken it off their website now.... GRRRRRR

moondog · 12/07/2005 21:43

JUst push it under the bump jessmum!
Thanks Martha!They look nice.I never think of shopping in Next. Will go and check 'em out.

helsi · 12/07/2005 21:43

so what is currently "in" then please all you fashion gurus out there?

jessicaandbumpsmummy · 12/07/2005 21:45

hadnt thought of that moondog! OH MY GOD - how dumb do i feel!

moondog · 12/07/2005 21:46

Will be lovely and comfy.

jessicaandbumpsmummy · 12/07/2005 21:47

im going shopping!!!!

wanted one for ages - especailyl for my holiday in august - nice and cool me thinks

moondog · 12/07/2005 21:53

Make sure it's shorter than usual or you'll trip up on it worn so low!

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