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White gypsy skirts teamed with those belts made up of circles

88 replies

dillydally · 12/07/2005 15:22

Fashion trend or fashion victim?

I am seeing them everywhere. I am ok with the skirts but with the belts I no likey. Is it me?

OP posts:
dillydally · 12/07/2005 15:44

I hereby swear that I am under 60 and I do not own a white skirt (though I 'fess up to a white dress - not wedding)

OP posts:
compo · 12/07/2005 15:45

white on the bottom half makes any one look huge apart from waiflike teens imo

expatinscotland · 12/07/2005 15:45

Victim. I agree w/FrenchGirl - it should be off limits for anyone over 25 and fit.

What's wrong with shorts and tshirts?

gingerbear · 12/07/2005 15:45

most of them are - £3 on local market, £8 for white skirt.
(Northerner, I am sure you look like Sienna Dooh dah in yours.)

lunavix · 12/07/2005 15:46

I'm 22. And still don't have the figure for it.

expatinscotland · 12/07/2005 15:48

I wore a size 6 up till I was 31. Still wouldn't wear a combo like that. Just not to my tastes. I did have a lovely tie-dye gypsy skirt when I was 19 back in 1990 that I wore a lot, but yeah, I was 19.

CarolinaMoon · 12/07/2005 15:50

white ones are everywhere, they look dead common. I on the other hand have a black one and so have an air of gypsy mystery about me (not). Keep forgetting to put the belt on, and anyway it rides up when sitting on the floor at mums and tots.

Aloha, what is the next big thing?

lemonice · 12/07/2005 15:50

you can also see straight through them [old maid emoticon] was behind someone yesterday who was wearing a light blue thong and big buttocks with hers

MrsDoolittle · 12/07/2005 15:50

Ooops Sorry! I bought my white skirt in Monsoon at the start of the season, I teamed witha big bealt and matching sandals. And a white linen shirt.
I had loads of flattering commnets about it at the time.
I daren't wear it again now

Fio2 · 12/07/2005 15:51

I am always complimented on how nice I look in mine tbh

dillydally · 12/07/2005 15:56

Mrs D - wear whatever you want to (not that you need anyones permission) tis but a personal preference.
I am sure you would think my choice of outfits inappropriate, though why leiderhosen have never taken off I do not know

OP posts:
MrsDoolittle · 12/07/2005 15:57

I do think you are right though dillydally. I just think some people don't really 'do it' properly.

lou33 · 12/07/2005 16:40

hate them, i think i mentioned my hatred of them on another thread a couple of weeks ago. The belts should all be burned imo

lou33 · 12/07/2005 16:43

i have a floor length khaki green skirt, and a mid calf light brown one, but i always turn into a bit of a hippy in the summer, so the style is not new to me. Never wear them with a belt of any kind, and i buy them a size bigger than i need so they sit lower on my hips

moondog · 12/07/2005 16:45

I have a extremely funky vintage belt with suede tassles made from tiny little disks of zebra,deer and other skins,bought by my mother in Zambia circa 1969.

Would it be very wrong to wear it???????

(They obviously knew no better in those days.....)

ninah · 12/07/2005 16:58

well maybe not wrong

bosscat · 12/07/2005 17:04

no, this summer I am not doing the whole gypsy skirt and sienna miller belt and flip flops. Its just everywhere. I went to a bbq on sunday and I swear to god EVERY single female had on a gypsy skirt of some description. I like fashion but this is just overkill. I have a white skirt but its in 3 tiers not gypsy so its a bit different but still girly.

Nbg · 12/07/2005 17:08

I have one the same as Lou's and a mid lenth white linen one that I bought 3 years ago.

I did get one of those disc belts on green but everytime I go to put it on I think it just looks daft. Complete waste of £20.

nailpolish · 12/07/2005 17:10

moondog, you are a scream. just wear the damn thing, you know you wanna, you hippy chick. i bet you made it yourself

Tortington · 12/07/2005 17:53

i like them - not with a belt tho

serenity · 12/07/2005 17:58

Can they not make these skirts a bit thicker, or could someone please make slips fashionable. I really don't want to see everyone's knickers/thongs anymore! It's starting to bug me as much as seeing vast expanses of thong and/or ar*e crack over peoples jeans.

Oh god I'm getting old

sweetkitty · 12/07/2005 18:03

lou33 we must be twins I have green floor length one and mid calf brown one, great as they are elasticated as my waist is rapidly disappearing with bump. Agree with the white ones was down the beach yesterday saw a woman of 65 at leat with one on and you could see her big granny pants beneath it!! DP hates this fashion and keeps asking me to read his fortune!

lou33 · 12/07/2005 18:34

not quite, sweetkitty, mine arent elasticated! Green one has no waistband at all, actually nor does the brown one, but it has beading on the front panel

moondog · 12/07/2005 21:05

Np,thanks for the vote of confidence (too busy being floaty and organic to actually make anything though!) this's not 'new' per se,merely in vogue (or rapidly slipping out as we speak). I've always dressed like this when weather call for it!

Lonelymum · 12/07/2005 21:07

Serenity, seeing their knickers is better than seeing that they are clearly not wearing anything at all underneath!

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