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Do you wear makeup?

79 replies

northerner · 30/06/2005 12:44

Just wondering really if you do or don't.

I wear it every day. Would not go out with out it.

Not that I'm a dog without it though
Just feel better with a bit of tinted moisturiser, bronzer, gloss and mascara and I can face the world.

OP posts:

dyzzidi · 30/06/2005 12:47

I hace lots of expensive make up yet never bother wearing it. Iwork full time in an office and still can't actually be biothered getting out of bed five minutes earlier to put my face on. The only time i do is when there is a big meeting


Pagan · 30/06/2005 12:48

Hardly ever - don't have time to put it on


Gobbledigook · 30/06/2005 12:48

Don't go out without it. Always have make up on.


SenoraPostrophe · 30/06/2005 12:48

no. I gave up when I was about 20, and became a free woman.

Occasionally wear it - maybe once a year.


tarantula · 30/06/2005 12:49

I ahve very little makeup (and even less now that dd has discovered how to open my make-up bag) and I very rarely wear any. Just cant be bothered. If men can look ok without then so can us girl


WideWebWitch · 30/06/2005 12:49

I am a dog with or without but I don't bother much as a sahm. On the days I do though (if I'm going to see anyone other than school) I realise I look a lot better with it and I really ought to make an effort. I wouldn't have been seen dead without it in my twenties and wouldn't have believed you if you'd have told me this was me now.


suzywong · 30/06/2005 12:50

I've just started to wear it again after about 4 years and I love it! Have also had my hair cut into a proper style and bought big hoop earrings again, ds2 is old enough not to yank them now

Am a bit confused about tinted moisterisers and foundations, I will have to go to a store and get a makeover from someone who is not young enough to be my child IYSWIM


snafu · 30/06/2005 12:51

What www said.


Fimbo · 30/06/2005 12:51

I wear make-up every day - I look ill without it. Also HAVE to wash my hair every day as well.


oliveoil · 30/06/2005 12:51

I always wear it, it takes no time to put on. Bit of Touche Eclat, smidge of foundation on cheeks, sweep of blusher, eyelash curlers, mascara, and a sweep of the old eyebrows..done.


tortoiseshell · 30/06/2005 12:52

only really for concerts - can't be bothered for daytime.


northerner · 30/06/2005 12:52

Ys I'm a Touche Eclat girl too. Wonderful stuff.

OP posts:

oliveoil · 30/06/2005 12:53

I wash my hair everday as well, even when the highlight of my day is Asda and the park. You need to make an effort imo, otherwise it's all downhill and you will start wearing slippers to go to the shops.


Enid · 30/06/2005 12:54

I look ill without lipstick and I always wear it.

dont always do eye make up.

always do Estee Lauder skin perfecting serum and a few dabs of foundation


Lonelymum · 30/06/2005 12:54

I would not be seen dead in it.

Well, that may be a bit strong, but I can't remember when I last wore it, and I have only owrn it the few occasions I have to please dh.


Listmaker · 30/06/2005 12:55

I haven't gone out of the house without mascara and eyeliner (except on holiday) since I was 16! So not going to start now. Even did my face first thing the morning after my c-sections and also washed and blow dried my hair. Like Fimbo I wash my hair EVERY day. I now also wear foundation (Virgin Vie One Step Face Base is foundation and powder combined and takes seconds to put on - excellent) and try and remember lipstick as often as possible. Getting old now so need all the help I can get!!


suzywong · 30/06/2005 12:55

I always remember one of Coddy's posts when I was as newbie
she said women who wear make-up get paid more

then she said she was going to send me a tester of Lancome mascara when I admited I didn't wear any and she never did

It does my self esteem no end of good after 4 years of sahm and being a bit ill for most of those


Hausfrau · 30/06/2005 12:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

northerner · 30/06/2005 12:55

No I don't wash my hair every day, but it's long and thick and takes too much time.

LOL at wearing slippers to the shops.

OP posts:

Tinker · 30/06/2005 12:55

I am a dog without it. Wouldn't be seen dead without in public.


Lonelymum · 30/06/2005 12:55

I have nothing against people wearing it though, but I simply don't understand why women wear it to take the kids to school or attend the local jumble sale. It is like they can't face the world without their disguise on which I find very sad.


sweetmonkey · 30/06/2005 12:56

usually no make up for work and if going out just a tinted moisturiser eye pencil and mascarra
maybe some lip gloss


northerner · 30/06/2005 12:57

Suzy that's really interesting what coddy said. In my industry all the women I know wear make up.

It's considered 'bad grooming' to be bare faced.

OP posts:

Lonelymum · 30/06/2005 12:57

You cannot be so ugly you can't face the world without make up on. No-one is that ugly and if they are, make up probably won't help them!


oliveoil · 30/06/2005 12:58

I wouldn't say it was a disguise LonelyMum, I'm not talking Debenhams Beauty Staff pancake style, just makes you feel better.

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