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Tk Maxx can someone explain?

68 replies

unicorn · 18/06/2005 21:46

I just cannot work out this shop... is there a method to the madness?

How/when are the best times to shop? (presumably never with a child!!!)

Any tips?
I am sure there are great bargains to be had, I just don't have the time etc to sift through the merchandise!

OP posts:

motherinferior · 18/06/2005 21:47

I share your pain. No idea whatsoever.


hoxtonchick · 18/06/2005 21:47

as soon as it opens i reckon. the same as primark!


marthamoo · 18/06/2005 21:48

Nah - there is no method to the madness. I guess if you're the sort of person who likes jumble sales and rooting through piles of stuff you'll like TK Maxx. I can't be bothered with the clothes but I do like the household stuff and toys - much easier to see.


snafu · 18/06/2005 21:49

Is it mad then? I've never been in one. I thought it was just one of those places like JD Sports.


Puff · 18/06/2005 21:51

What sort of stuff do they sell? Is it brands, or is it TK Maxx clothes?


unicorn · 18/06/2005 21:53

I see these people in there who just look, very, well sorted I guess... and then there's me hurriedly dragging ds around who is definately not a shopping boy... and I find er... nothing.

yet loads of people dine out (allegedly) on the massive designer savings they have made.

OP posts:

unicorn · 18/06/2005 21:55

puff... they have big labels (including nicole farti whoops farhi!!) at huge discounts.

OP posts:

juicychops · 18/06/2005 22:02

It is a crazy shop. I don't suppose ther is ever a right time... maybe first thing when it opens. I really love it in there. but then i have the time to waste searching through millions of rails.


marthamoo · 18/06/2005 22:05

Dh got a pair of RayBans for about a tenner - and he seems to find clothes too, but I haven't had any clothes from there. We only go when we go down to West Wales and stay with the inlaws (Carmarthen branch). I have had some good kitchen stuff and decorative items (ie., vases, picture frames) though. And they have some fab toys - eg., Brio really cheap.


juicychops · 18/06/2005 22:06

the one in dartford do really cheap Playmobil. and they had a giant Boo teddy... it was really cool!!


snafu · 18/06/2005 22:08

They've got one in Croydon. It always looks a bit, well, scary.


unicorn · 18/06/2005 22:09

are the price tickets for real tho?
I saw a nicole F silk vest (okish) at 125 pound marked at tk price 15 pounds..

(didn't get in as it wasn't that great!!)

OP posts:

expatinscotland · 18/06/2005 22:10

It's all too much of a PIA for me to navigate. I don't go in there.


jessicasmummy · 18/06/2005 22:10

cant stand the place - dont think its all that great on bargains anyway.

Plus, the pair of jeans we did buy for DH shrunk in the first wash!


Janh · 18/06/2005 22:16

If you can go in on random weekdays without small children and have time to browse you may well find something good - depends what you're looking for really. Agree with moo about household stuff (often some lovely oddments of bedding in eg Egyptian cotton percale) and toys. Shoes worth looking at too. Much bigger range of girls' clothes than boys' but if you have time to look along all the rails (not just the ones which say they're the size you want) you have a better chance of finding something.

I never even look for me, being tall and large, but I have seen eg sweet 16s looking for a prom dress gazing at themselves in the mirror in awe when they try on a proper full-length evening gown. It does have an astonishing range of stuff.


hunkermunker · 18/06/2005 22:17

EVERYBODY else in my family has amazing bargains from TK Maxx. Amazing. Really really nice clothes for literally pennies.

Whenever I go in there, they have mustard-coloured jumpers with clodhopping doilies hanging off them and lime green mackintoshes with arms so long Mr Tickle would be pulling the sleeves up.



marthamoo · 18/06/2005 22:17



Janh · 18/06/2005 22:17

pennies, hunker...????


hunkermunker · 18/06/2005 22:18

Well, several hundred pennies, JanH - picky, aintcha?!


unicorn · 18/06/2005 22:18

hunker I know exactly what you mean!!!!

OP posts:

Janh · 18/06/2005 22:18


jessicasmummy · 18/06/2005 22:18

HM - im with you on that!


spots · 18/06/2005 22:20

Oh, but it's worth it!

you have to march in, head for one bit (socks, bras, trainers and t shirts my favourites but never NEVER all in one go) and ruffle very quickly through everything very fast. There is a borderline eccentric piece of clothing for everyone in them there rails; you just have to happen upon it on an auspicious day.
You have to be in the mood!


Janh · 18/06/2005 22:21

They usually have a vast range of "interesting" mens boxers.


unicorn · 18/06/2005 22:22

spot on spots!!
I reckon mood is all in Tk Maxx... what an eccentric shop!!!!!!

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