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had my colours done today

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Cod · 19/03/2005 19:58

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
Christie · 12/12/2005 17:10

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheFish · 12/12/2005 17:53


i am seriosuly now thinking havign mycplours done is one of the best thigns i hav ever done

TheFish · 12/12/2005 17:53

wish iw as sultry btw!

ia m a muted summer

feastofsteven · 12/12/2005 17:55

oooh this is interesting, I thought that the Trinny and S. approach had taken over from the colour me beautiful approach, but obviously not!

TheFish · 12/12/2005 17:57

thhink they go a long wiht it too if you read hteir books

i have easy to tan skin green eyes and braarn hair

cna wear maroon cocoa, pale blue, teal, soft greens, soft pink, purple,deimy mid blue

feastofsteven · 12/12/2005 17:59

right fish - could you have a stab at my colours?

Dark brown hair, very slightly olivey/yellow skin color,brown eyes

foxinsocks · 12/12/2005 18:04

mmm I had mine done around 10 years ago for sister's wedding. I wish I had kept all the colour swabs/stuff because everyone said afterwards how stunning the make up looked when they put it on for the wedding (maybe it was not-so-subtle hints about how shit my make-up normally looks!).

I seem to remember I was some form of Spring.

TheFish · 12/12/2005 19:38

cant possibly do yours
you aev to have it doen it takes a while and yes all the colours your muym alwaysliked you in are hte ones that ssuit you
i always get MORe comments when iw am wearing the right colour

Earlybird · 12/12/2005 19:41

Where do you go to get them done?

TheFish · 12/12/2005 19:42

i saw an adveryt ( or finbar did) in our local county type mag (oyu knwo black and white pics of horsey types quaffing champers)

Earlybird · 12/12/2005 19:45

Hmmm - afraid that won't help me as I'm in London. Any other ideas?

TheFish · 12/12/2005 19:46

go to the hosue of colour website

HaveYourselfaMerryMrsBadger · 13/12/2005 09:37

I went to 'Colour and You' but it was in deepest Glamorgan so not much use for London.
Only £40 though, and she didn't push me to buy any products, just gave me colour advice for choosing makeup in the future.

TheFish · 13/12/2005 09:38

i tell you my clothing colur choices are far better now

OComeOliveFaithfOil · 13/12/2005 09:43

sounds like a load of guff to moi

TheFish · 13/12/2005 09:45

its not o

its just to find out what colours suit you
no make up mind
you maust have nitcd that some colurs get you mroe compliments than others oo

JonesTheSteamingSanta · 13/12/2005 09:46

Mrs Badger - where in Glamorgan, please?

OComeOliveFaithfOil · 13/12/2005 09:46

Hmmmm, I am in black a lot but when I wear pink I get comments.

Have dark brown eyes and hair and look Spanish - HOLA!!

TheFish · 13/12/2005 09:47

ah no its not as easy as that

OComeOliveFaithfOil · 13/12/2005 09:50

do you need £40 first?

TheFish · 13/12/2005 09:51

no you cant do it on a description - it takes a couple of hours and is goo fun
ill tell you i was not excited by my colours but hey are deffo right
its only later your rememebr clothes ou had int he past that poeple liked of thsoe colours

HaveYourselfaMerryMrsBadger · 13/12/2005 10:05

Jones - Llanblethian, near Cowbridge, but she doesn't have a website. Can CAT you her phone no. if you want

JonesTheSteamingSanta · 13/12/2005 10:08

Yes please Mrs B!!!

How much did she charge BTW?

Roobietherednosedreindeer · 13/12/2005 10:11

You can sometimes spot people who've had their colours done though - colour coordinated and accessorised to within an inch of their lives!

HaveYourselfaMerryMrsBadger · 13/12/2005 10:21

Jones - you need to enable CAT on your profile

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