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had my colours done today

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Cod · 19/03/2005 19:58

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
Miaou · 19/03/2005 22:52

Cod, where did that link to summer colours come from? I remember my auntie had a Colour Me Beautiful book in the 80s and we deduced that I was a spring (I think) - would be interested to look at the palette now.

Chandra · 19/03/2005 23:25

Colour me beautiful
House of colour

I have had the Colour me Beautiful consultation and was really disapointed but TBH I may have got a bad stylist (even the make up she sold to me was rancid). The website of House of Colour looks old but they devote far more time to you to do the same services so I assume the consultation may be more comprehensive.

motherinferior · 20/03/2005 09:57

I can't face it, I'd be told to wear the 'lovely autumn colours' my mum used to make me wear and I can't STAND.

hoxtonchick · 20/03/2005 09:59

not beautiful pink cardigans then MI?

jampots · 20/03/2005 10:06

I had my colours done a couple of years ago and found it very interesting. Im Winter which means I can wear dark purple, reds, blues, black and white, grey, acid colours and ice colours and SILVER!!!!

jampots · 20/03/2005 10:08

My friend and I had ours done together by a Consultant who did home visits and we paid about £40 each but did get samples of our colours in a wallet

Cod · 20/03/2005 10:16

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
Cod · 20/03/2005 10:17

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
Enid · 20/03/2005 10:20

am having mine done in a few weeks, have goldeny brown hair, blue eyes and slightly tanny skin (a bit freckly but not pale IYKWIM), the only colour I know suits me is intense lilacy blue, but I wear a lot of black. strong colours suit me I think.

i hate those washy drab colours too, the shops are full of them

jampots · 20/03/2005 10:22

ooh enid i bet your "autumn"

I have v dark hair, pale skin and blue eyes and am "winter"

Enid · 20/03/2005 10:24

yes I think autumn probably, I have that kind of colouring (ginger/red tendencies) but not particularly pale skin. what colours are autumn then?

jampots · 20/03/2005 10:24

olives, greens, browns, creams i think

Enid · 20/03/2005 10:26

olive bleaurgh

jampots · 20/03/2005 10:31

is this like you enid

Enid · 20/03/2005 11:19

no! too red, I'll try and find and post

motherinferior · 20/03/2005 18:23

that's a bit like me, brown, yeeeeuch, I'll stick with black thank you very MUCH

Enid · 20/03/2005 18:25

like this but not as forcefully happy, obviously

motherinferior · 20/03/2005 19:06

Thing is, it's all very well being told what your colours are according to your colouring but what about the rest of you IYSWIM? I am NOT a lovely autumn colours sort of a girl. If I wore all those rusts and dark greens I wouldn't look unexpectedly glowing I would look muted and mousy and mumsy. Possibly it would work in artily boho silk, but what about in winter, FFS?

Cod · 20/03/2005 19:12

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
motherinferior · 20/03/2005 19:30

I'd rather look knackered in black then mumsy in rust!

Dior · 20/03/2005 19:32

Message withdrawn

Ameriscot2005 · 20/03/2005 19:39

Our local Adult Education dept has a Colours session for £15. Keep meaning to book up for it.

Enid · 20/03/2005 19:40

I have to wear black as I work in an art centre, its practically the law, would never get taken seriously if I wore rust

FrenchGirl · 20/03/2005 19:45

cod I am your twin.....

GeorginaA · 20/03/2005 20:15

Chandra - thanks for the link - was about to book up a Colour Me Beautiful session this week... but shall seriously look at House of Colour now

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