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had my colours done today

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Cod · 19/03/2005 19:58

Message withdrawn

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Cod · 20/03/2005 21:28

Message withdrawn

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FrenchGirl · 20/03/2005 22:39

yes am tall, big boobs, dark hair (shoulder length), green eyes, skin not pale, long legs.
I love greens on me (not too bright, khakis are best). Have noticed that dd who takes after me looks wise looks gorgeous in dark reds (maroon???).
Not so good in black though (shame.....)

Cod · 21/03/2005 09:18

Message withdrawn

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FrenchGirl · 21/03/2005 09:53

however cods, I do NOT smell of fish

Cod · 21/03/2005 09:53

Message withdrawn

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FrenchGirl · 21/03/2005 09:54
Sponge · 21/03/2005 10:47

I had this done ages ago and thought it was rubbish.
I'm a dark hair, darkish sallow skin, hazel eyes type.
I was the winter palette but told I should only wear the dark ones - so dark green, dark red, dark purple and navy really. No other colours, no black, no white, nothing pale, nothing bright. How depressing is that going to be in high summer?
I completely ignore it and wear lots of bright pink, orange and turquoise in summer .

Demented · 21/03/2005 19:08

Checked out the links Cod, that's waaay too expensive!

aloadoffishyballs · 17/06/2005 19:36

well colours proving to ba weirdly accurate but hugely restriciting I htink finbar and I wodul say

cod · 15/09/2005 18:24

Message withdrawn

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cod · 15/09/2005 18:24

Message withdrawn

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Cooperoo · 15/09/2005 18:48

I am going to get someone to get me this for my 30th birthday!
I am determined to have a wardrobe of clothes that suit me and fit me and make me feel good by then. I think I have a way to go .

steffee · 15/09/2005 18:52

This site looks good colours

meggymoo · 15/09/2005 19:01

Message withdrawn

cod · 15/09/2005 19:22

Message withdrawn

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meggymoo · 15/09/2005 19:33

Message withdrawn

cod · 15/09/2005 19:59

Message withdrawn

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cod · 15/09/2005 20:00

Message withdrawn

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cod · 15/09/2005 20:00

Message withdrawn

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jampots · 15/09/2005 20:02

Im winter

Tanzie · 15/09/2005 21:55

Oh God, Steffee, Warm Flame on that site looks just like me. Spooky. She even has my dragged through a hedge backwards look. (I was known as the Wild Woman of Borneo at school).

Mojomummy · 21/09/2005 19:37

I have dark brown hair, dark brown eyes & fairly pale skin, but do tan. I was told I'm an autumn. This means goodbye to pale blue/lilac & pastel pink & hello to brown, beige, yellow, teal, aubergine.

I have a friend who is also an autumn, but with darker hair, hazel eyes & more olive skin. She looks fab in these colours - much better than me

I think I am a winter. I look great in black, but better in cream than maybe not....Interestingly the woman that did my colours put make-up on me first, which I think meant the colours weren't against my 'natural' self.

This lady was in Staines, if anyone is interested. Cost around £70 I think, although I paid £48 as a special offer.

bundle · 21/09/2005 19:40

teal? aren't these just poncey names for otherwise dull colours?

Mojomummy · 21/09/2005 20:28

I also went to one of the day courses. Cost about £20 for the day. Suggestion made I was a clear spring. ie can wear lilac, which does in fact make me look seriously ill. She wore green top & brown trousers though (looked like a tree) so happy not to take her advice

HaveYourselfaMerryMrsBadger · 12/12/2005 15:51

I was going to start a new thread but realised it's all been said - will just add my experience...

MIL took me to have my colours 'done' on Sat and I got this : 'warm browns and rusts and muted (ie muddy) orange, coral, teal and yellowy-green'
No white, black, blues or grey allowed!
Was initially startled but tried brown trousers and teal top in Asda - looked surprisingly good.

Went home and liberatingly chucked most of my wardrobe - no more bobbly black cardigans, ancient grey trousers etc - but now need to go out and buy the right coloured stuff.

Budget is small but not nonexistent - any good tips, particularly on brown trousers?
Will be investing in brown boots now I have an excuse
5'8", 10-12, small boobs, tiny ribcage, large arse.

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