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How many pairs of trainers do you own?

86 replies

GingerAle1 · 18/03/2023 00:54

I typed out a long waffle and MN ate it
Probably just as well

Short version - how many pairs of trainers do you own? Do you wear them with anything that's a bit smarter, eg relaxed jacket?

If you wear animal print - I have one jacket and one top - do you wear trainers and if so, how do you make them work? I always wear black boots.

In fact, how do you put together trainers with any print, just pick up an accent colour? When I try to shop for trainers, I could just buy them all!

I used to be very much one for black boots but it does seem to be trainers everywhere now, work or going out. I'm about to start walking a lot more of my commuting route too so trainers all day would be easier. It seems like you'd need a pair for every outfit though - wishful thinking!

OP posts:

octoberafternoons · 18/03/2023 11:09

I have a leopard print midi skirt I wear with maroon, white, black or khaki shoes, and also with metallic pewter sandals in the summer. I think red, pink or purple would all work too.


QueSyrahSyrah · 18/03/2023 11:24

I'd say solid white to go with an animal print? I have various trainers but most are specially for running, I have 3 pairs I'd wear with a normal outfit and they're all a solid colour; or as near as. White, black and bright green.

I'm a sucker for converse though...


MidnightMeltdown · 18/03/2023 11:26

I have a pair of ASICS that are for the gym and a cream leather pair for casual wear

I don't like sporty looking trainers for casual wear as they make me feel like a teenager 😂


greenacrylicpaint · 18/03/2023 11:26

about 5
I wear them for running/gym until they lose their 'bounce' and then they are relegated to walking.
they are not very stylish but do their job amd are very comfy.


TheAudie · 18/03/2023 11:29

5 pairs: superga in black leather, white and grey. Black vans and a pair of Nike for the gym.

i wfh most days so live in my ugg slippers


BestIsWest · 18/03/2023 11:29

About 12. I rarely wear anything else. My most frequently worn are silver.


Crabwoman · 18/03/2023 11:33

20+. From Primark canvas to limited edition adidas.

For animal print, I'd wear my black and nude new balance, black gazelles, or all black air Jordan's. Or hot pink gazells/burgendy superstars if I wanted a contrast.


FelicityFlops · 18/03/2023 17:43

I have 2 pairs, 2 only wear them for exercise and, as on Monday or today, if I am doing a lot of walking.


bibbybox · 18/03/2023 18:02

Too many - 20 plus but wear them most days & im a 90s tween/teen.


Iamblossom · 18/03/2023 18:03

Navy and white converse
Silver converse
Animal print fake converse
Bright pink Nike gym trainers
White Nikes with pink swoosh
White air force ones with animal print detail
Saucony running trainers


Iamblossom · 18/03/2023 18:04

I wore blue skinny Levis with a blue Biba zip up top with gold stars, a long tan coat and my white air force ones with animal print today


Iamblossom · 18/03/2023 18:05

Oh, also have a pair of black adidas


bibbybox · 18/03/2023 18:06

I wear them with most outfits smart or casual but in the summer prefer sandals.

I would always dress down leopard print.

I do think you need options though, different colours, fabrics, thick soles, thin soles, different ankle heights. I've got Superga, Golden Goose, NB, adidas, converse but the majority are nike


TeenTraumaTrials · 18/03/2023 18:09

Running trainers
Conversel low
Converse high tops (very old but can't bring myself to throw them out)
Navy leather converse
Slip on skechers for everyday
White schuh ones
Trail running shoes I wear for dog walking when it's dry


CharitySchmarity · 18/03/2023 18:09

1x trail shoes (Salomon)
2x current running trainers (Asics and Brooks)
1x older trainers I sometimes wear for walking (Nike)

I've also got 2 pairs of Converse and another pair on the way, but I don't think of those as trainers - I certainly wouldn't want to run in them, they've got no support at all!


Sunsetandsmiles · 18/03/2023 18:21

About 20. Some I don’t wear very often so stay in great condition and separate pairs for gym, running, home workouts, work etc
I don’t wear trainers if going out out. I was really surprised the last night out I went and everyone was in trainers.


TheProvincialLady · 18/03/2023 18:21

I have one pair, for the gym. I can’t stand the look or feel of the things.


ProseccoandPizza · 18/03/2023 18:31

Nike Air Max 97’s (black and white)
Nike flex (animal print)
Converse black
Converse black leather
Converse wedge black
Converse white
Converse khaki
Converse rose gold leather

Currently looking at animal print AF1’s.

I tend to wear animal print with black converse in winter and white converse in spring/summer.


mysparkleismissing · 18/03/2023 18:36



MamaDollyorJesus · 18/03/2023 18:45

One pair that I only wear for walking or the gym.

I never wear anything on my feet that could be considered "clumpy" & despite being a size 16/18 I have very slim legs, ankles & feet so any form of trainer feels & looks like I'm wearing clodhoppers.


QuizzlyBears · 18/03/2023 18:51

I have 12 pairs of converse, mixture of low and high tops. 2 pairs of Vejas - probably most worn after white converse - in cream/gold and sable, some animal print adidas gazelles and then some sports ones, asics I think they are. I wear Vejas with jeans and relaxed blazers a lot for work. White converse or sable Vejas are great with leopard print!


Matildahoney · 18/03/2023 18:51

Over 100.
No black trainers, I don't like them.
I don't wear animal print so can't help on that front. But yes I'd pick up an accent colour in whatever you're wearing.


DottyDalmation · 18/03/2023 18:56

I have clean indoor gym trainers, cushioned outside road running trainers, grippy cross country trainers for muddy runs, water/wind resistant cycling trainers. I sometimes wear these trainers with casual outfits but rarely so. Most are neutral in colour


BatshitCrazyWoman · 18/03/2023 19:33

One pair, that I wear when I work out.


Kingsize · 18/03/2023 19:37

Ineed to up my game! I have 2 - one pair is for gardening and one black pair then for everything else - I wear them with dresses on days out with a lot of walking, with jeans or trousers on cant be bothered days etc

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