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I’d like a perfume that makes me feel like Dame Maggie Smith is offering me a scone and telling me kindly that I’m doing a great job and everything’s going to be OK.

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Stoechas · 10/02/2023 16:23

For clarification I do not want to smell
like Dame Maggie Smith (although I bet she smells lovely) or a scone.

I have a sometimes grim job in a grim part of the world interacting with sometimes grim people and I’d like to be able to put my nose down my top in private and smell something that makes everything a bit better.

No idea about perfumes. Perfume people scare me. Going to JL next week and would like to have a sniff of maximum 5 perfumes and buy one of them.

Do not want anything remotely sexy, rude, obnoxious, syrupy girlie flowers, loud antibacterial sunshine or clean sheets in the rain I just mowed my lawn in a long dress bullshit.

Anything that fits the bill?

OP posts:

EmmaEmerald · 10/02/2023 19:09

That's a tall order OP

If they still sell this in dept stores, I think it fits the bill.


PAFMO · 10/02/2023 19:09

L'air du temps is also stunningly beautiful. The perfect example of how sweet doesn't have to be sickly.


AlaskaThunderfuckHiiiiiiiii · 10/02/2023 19:15

My go to comforts just now are Penhaligons Luna, kilian love don’t be shy and cashmere by next


isthismylifenow · 10/02/2023 19:17

I'm loving these replies. And wish you luck with your decision.

For me Clarins Eau Ressourcante (the blue bottle ) came to mind. All the Clarins perfumes promote sensory feels, and this one is serenity, and I do find it calming. Eau Dynamisante (red bottle) is also lovely though, that is vitality and my summer fave is De Jardiins which is floral and uplifting. They have another one out now which I haven't had the chance to try yet.

But I also wanted to mention the Zara dupes. I have a few of these and and they last well and don't break the bank. They have dupes for quite a few mentioned, I have the Cloud dupe called Cheerful Attitude and Chanel Chance Tendre which is called Applejuice.


BevMarsh · 10/02/2023 19:22

My first thought was Dior Dune.
Also think Dior Mademoiselle Rose n Roses fits the bill.


TennisWithDeborah · 10/02/2023 19:24

I love Beautiful and I think it meets your criteria. The JL near me is currently doing 15% off all Estée Lauder so maybe yours is too.


BoreOfWhabylon · 10/02/2023 19:30

Stoechas · 10/02/2023 17:26

The grim cold north. Vest cold.

In that case, Shalimar. Not too much, just a bit down your frontage.
Warming, vanilla-y but not sickly sweet.


SunshineAndFizz · 10/02/2023 19:30

I think this is my favourite ever MN post title.


Pashazade · 10/02/2023 19:32

Gosh I'd forgotten about Beautiful, loved that scent and haven't worn my original Jean Paul Gaultier for a very long time, think what I have will have gone stale!
I was stood in the garden center earlier today and nearly bought a twin pack of yardley talc because it had Lily of the Valley in it which was totally my grandma's scent.
Origins used to do a fab ginger scent which also had a body lotion which smelled fab and was quite mood enhancing.


Abra1t · 10/02/2023 19:34

Miss Dior Originale (not the pink).


MavisFlump · 10/02/2023 19:34

I love Cabochard by Grès, I return to it time after time.


Borisisafecklesstoad · 10/02/2023 19:35

Arein- Mediterranean honeysuckle. Amazing stuff. Available in john lewis


Junegirl15 · 10/02/2023 19:38

Loving this thread - reminding me of my favourite perfumes from years ago. My all time favourite is Dior Dolce Vita. Love Samsara too. But the prices are so expensive. Nowadays I go for the body cream - currently using a Chanel No.5 and an Opium body cream - depending how I am feeling and what I am doing that day!


BoreOfWhabylon · 10/02/2023 19:41

Another couple of my favourites:

Caleche - Hermes
Classy, womanly, not sweet. Slightly leather notes.

Ombre Rose - Jean Charles Brousseau.
Powdery dry rose.


PetronellaOsgood · 10/02/2023 19:43

guerlain l'heure bleue, our late Queens favourite, Dame Maggie would approve. It's a powdery comforting scent. My absolute favourite.


cunningartificer · 10/02/2023 19:45

Estée Lauder Private Collection. Always reminds me of my very glam older sister. Lovely, warm and rich! I used to wear it to comfort me when I worked in a grim job and it worked. Just a waft can still transport me...


minipie · 10/02/2023 19:48

My goodness, I think this is so personal isn’t it? Perfumes smell different depending on who’s wearing it, who’s smelling it and what their particular associations are.

I can’t stand vanilla-y perfumes for example, I find them sickly. Also not a fan at the other end of Coco and Shalimar which are probably too grown up for me. I love fig based perfumes because they remind me of summer and holidays without being too floral. But that’s me.

I think you’re going to have to go and smell an awful lot of perfumes. Not a bad task…


EvelynBeatrice · 10/02/2023 19:55

Given what you’ve said, it sounds like a body lotion rather than spray perfume may be what to go for. Perfume smells different on everyone and what each person finds comforting is different, so I’m not sure any of the above will help you much! It will have to be trial and error. Someone above recommended the new Marks and Spencer Apothecary range - they do a little tester pack and Next also have excellent perfumes with small inexpensive try out bottles.


Exasperatednow · 10/02/2023 19:58

Yiubwint be able to get it from JL...but ftom Liberty's ....Five o'clock su gingembre- serge lutens. When you described it, this us what it made me think of.


PAFMO · 10/02/2023 19:59

BevMarsh · 10/02/2023 19:22

My first thought was Dior Dune.
Also think Dior Mademoiselle Rose n Roses fits the bill.

Oh yes, Dune is beautifully soft and creamy and comforting.

@BoreOfWhabylon my late mum's signature scent was Caleche. I've got a bottle tucked away in a huge whicker basket where I keep the perfumes I need to have, but not wear.


eyeoresancerre · 10/02/2023 20:05

Not John Lewis but Penhaligons "Legacy of Petra" is a very 1920's Agatha Christie vibe.
Try samples on their website - click free sample but click 3 on amount not 1 then it's £5.50 postage and packaging but free samples. I'm really loving the smell.


sanitygirl · 10/02/2023 20:09

Haven't read all the replies but I'd try Prada Infusion d'Iris or Chanel n19 Poudrée


DollyDaydream55 · 10/02/2023 20:13

Miss Dior Originale

Lancôme Magie Noire


LadyOfTheCanyon · 10/02/2023 20:15

tortoiseshellpeppershoes · 10/02/2023 16:29

Try looking at Tocca — I don’t know if JL stock it — but one of their Stella/Florence/Giulietta perfumes might just be the ticket.

Was coming on to say Tocca. They have some glorious scents. Florence makes me absolutely swoon.


RenoDakota · 10/02/2023 20:18

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle gives me joy.

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