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Tell me about your underwear!

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JemimaPyjamas · 14/03/2022 17:38

Following my previous thread where I discovered the joy of an actual fitted and expensive bra, I’m now of the realisation that my existing underwear is even more of a disgrace than I thought.

I need to chuck most of it out, and should replace with lovely quality items that are not bobbly, fraying, stained in the gusset or chewing gum grey.

If you have a drawer of loveliness please tell me what’s in it, and what is essential.

And if you don’t, please tell me what’s in it so I don’t feel so ashamed about mine!

OP posts:
RandomMess · 14/03/2022 17:47

I have dull and boring bikini knickers from GAP breathe range so comfortable

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie · 14/03/2022 17:56

Not loveliness, but definitely does the job-ness.

Fantasie bras, mainly black
Gradually replacing all random knickers with M&S black Flexifit, which are comfortable but not beautiful
A couple of basques from Bravissimo for loveliness
One white bra and a couple of pairs of white knickers

dannydyerismydad · 14/03/2022 19:12

Well fitting flesh coloured underwear. Not necessarily alluring, but doesn't show under clothing so leaves a clean silhouette.

EatSleepReplete · 14/03/2022 19:19

3 bras. 2 of which are so old the fabric is fraying. Still a nice colour though. Bravissimo discontinued them shortly after I bought them, the meanies.
And any number of generic 5-pack supermarket pants. In various colours. Mostly respectable.

I have it on my list to buy a new bra this month actually.

Judystilldreamsofhorses · 14/03/2022 19:33

I have three black Fantasie bras, two M&S bralettes, and a variety of black M&S knickers (mainly Brazilian) for day to day. I also have several sets of Freya fancier underwear for fancy.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie · 14/03/2022 19:37

I tried a bra-let on in M&S the other day. It was a size bigger than usual but I couldn't even get it on. It was like trying to squeeze myself into a vacuum cleaner hose.

Svara · 14/03/2022 19:38

Three packs of five Sainsburys midi black pants

JennyHogon · 14/03/2022 19:38

Agree re. M&S Flexifit - comfortable for 'ordinary' wear and look completely innocuous. They do them in white, flesh, black and a few colours/patterns (though I prefer plain). M&S clothes are a bit crap, but their underwear is still miles better than any other 'ordinary' brand.

Svara · 14/03/2022 19:40

A black John Lewis wire free t-shirt bra and two black h&m pull on sports bras

Ponks · 14/03/2022 19:43

I got a free pair of pants from Stripe and Stare a few weeks ago. They are so soft and comfortable that I've ordered a few more and been persuaded to finally retire some of my old M&S pants. And actually got some colourful ones rather than my usual black. Blooming expensive though.

Holothane · 14/03/2022 19:46

Plain black knickers if a miracle bra exists that is front up fastening stays done up I’d be delighted to hear about it.

ukborn · 14/03/2022 19:54

I have full briefs in cotton, mostly black and some nude. If I was slimmer might go for a few midi styles but frankly it's comfort over looks for me. I do buy them fairly regularly as at one point I realised too many had holes and the elasticity had gone.

AgnesNaismith · 14/03/2022 19:56

I love my grey pants and £1 primark bras Grin the structured underwired bras I wore before gave me cysts. Sometimes I treat myself to M&S night time crop top style bras. I’m probably quite lucky in that my boobs are too small to be affected by gravity.

Don’t think DH enjoys my faves but whenever he does buy me flowery see through shit it gets sent straight back.

DramaAlpaca · 14/03/2022 20:06

You want us to tell all of MN about our underwear? OK, just this once Grin

I have far too many bras in all sorts of styles so I have ones for every type of outfit. I like nice, pretty, colourful bras that fit really well, and I'll admit I spend a fortune on them.

I don't buy sets as they never have knickers I like, so I just buy ordinary, plain microfibre M& S knickers.

StarlightLady · 14/03/2022 20:15

Full colour! I don’t do white or beige; the latter makes my boobs and crotch look as if they are made of cardboard. Surprising to some, red is very good under pale and white things.

I buy 2 pairs of matching knickers when l buy a new bra.

I then supplement the knix with extras, mainly but not exclusively M&S Brazillians.

JemimaPyjamas · 14/03/2022 20:42

I’m not a perv, honest!

Most of you seem to be better stocked than me. I seem to have a drawer full but it’s almost all crap.

I think I need the three posh bras, a couple of middle bras and a mix of matching knickers and some standard cotton ones. I get muddy or sweaty (work with dogs) so often shower twice a day so might change or wash undies more than many.

Off to Google flexifit knickers….

OP posts:
JemimaPyjamas · 14/03/2022 20:44

@DramaAlpaca I am starting to realise that expensive bra’s that are properly fitted may well be much more sensible than my previous efforts.

OP posts:
WingBingo · 14/03/2022 20:45

Definitely flexi fit. Perfect knickers.

Juancornetto · 14/03/2022 20:46

I'll occasionally buy a brand new with tags Gossard bra on eBay then get a couple of pairs of knickers to sort of match 👍 You've reminded me I need a new set, off see what's about...

pawpaws2022 · 14/03/2022 20:47

I wear the M&S sumptuously soft knickers. They're giant Grin but the lace on the bum makes them more pretty
Always Elomi bras, usually the Matilda

JemimaTiggywinkle · 14/03/2022 20:48

I’ve just jumped ship from M&S boring black cotton knickers to John Lewis boring black cotton knickers. The “Anyday” multipacks - very nice, bit more substantial than the reducing quality M&S ones.

EarringsandLipstick · 14/03/2022 20:50

I have to say, I love M&S underwear. I have quite a lot, and I mind it.

I like colourful bras, and pretty ones. I don't directly match my knickers but I do coordinate them & I am never not 'matching' in that sense. I have no plain underwear.

I don't feel the need to buy very expensive underwear, but I wait until there are deals in Marks & buy quite a lot of their more expensive ranges. Love underwear that makes me feel happy & confident.


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JemimaPyjamas · 14/03/2022 20:57

The new bras I bought all have ‘side support’ which wasn’t something I’d ever heard of in a bra. I presume its best for me due to the shape of my boobs? I don’t know if I dare buy any off the shelf tbh as I’ve clearly got no bloody idea! I obviously need professional help!

OP posts:
Bunce1 · 14/03/2022 20:57

Stripe and stare bamboo pants are lush. But they really don’t last so for cost they are a no no for me.

CalvinKlein t shirt bras in black or pink or flesh and 2 pairs of matching knickers per bra.
M and S black Brazilian cut in modal fabric with a lace trim in black

I have tried and failed with the bralettes. Even at a modest cup size I look flat chested and care worn.

JemimaPyjamas · 14/03/2022 21:00

Every pair of bamboo socks I’ve ever owned have never lasted long at all, so that puts me off trying bamboo underwear.

I’m strictly a full brief type though, thank you c section, but the flexifit style look a reasonable starting point.

OP posts:
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