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Tell me about your underwear!

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JemimaPyjamas · 14/03/2022 17:38

Following my previous thread where I discovered the joy of an actual fitted and expensive bra, I’m now of the realisation that my existing underwear is even more of a disgrace than I thought.

I need to chuck most of it out, and should replace with lovely quality items that are not bobbly, fraying, stained in the gusset or chewing gum grey.

If you have a drawer of loveliness please tell me what’s in it, and what is essential.

And if you don’t, please tell me what’s in it so I don’t feel so ashamed about mine!

OP posts:
TravellingFrom · 14/03/2022 21:09

Oh I love my bamboo socks.
I buy them in men’s size (so basically a size up) and I’m finding they then last ages.
I think a lot if them die when they are too small/tight.

intheblightgarden · 14/03/2022 21:09

I wish I could wear proper bras but genuinely no size fits me so it's bralettes and sports bras for me. And plain sloggi cotton boy shorts. I don't own a single pretty or sexy bra or pants... nor would I feel confident wearing them... poor DH 😬

DespairingHomeowner · 14/03/2022 21:42

I like Fantasie bras with side support- they are about £45 but are industrial strength/durable and look great

Asda do surprisingly good T-shirt bras for £5 each (!). I also think Sainsburys bras are not bad, including non wired comfy tv/lounging bras

For WFH, I love M&S underwires sports bras

They are normal bra shape but cotton so incredibly comfortable

I’m all about the bras! I buy underwear to match - shape depends on your figure but M&S /supermarket is fine for me. I do buy to match bras too

One underrated item is a basque - gives you a great shape and some are actually comfortable (the bravissimo Lola if still being made)

DespairingHomeowner · 14/03/2022 21:45

Colour wise: prefer black, but have a variety

I feel frumpy in nude: for me pale pink or lilac are pretty good at not showing through clothes, I also have a fair bit of pale blue

tearinghairout · 14/03/2022 21:55

I've been wearing Sainsbury's full cotton bras for a few years now. They are comfortable and cheap, and I don't hate them as much as any others I've tried. White. I do have a couple of fancy purple padded bras for going out, but they don't get worn much these days. Knickers are very old M & S, again cotton.

Viviennethebeautiful · 14/03/2022 21:57

Bravissimo for size and at least one set ( bra plus 3 pairs matching pants)
Bralets and matching pants for comfort for the rest.
I always wear black regardless of colour of top. White top black vest sexy even at 60 and v French.
Good for you. Wearing nice underwater makes me feel much better. Sticking to black works for me, a typical aged English gel.

Billi77 · 14/03/2022 23:15

Only uniqlo seamless bikini ones. So comfortable and flattering cut

WinchGirl · 15/03/2022 07:08

Mostly M&S knickers (Rosie ones are my current fav) along with some from Matalan and Asda. Bra's also mostly from M&S. I have too many (about 20!) they do all fit and I tend to rotate them and not just stick to a few favourites. They are generally all full cup / underwired as I find them the most comfortable. Knickers mostly Brazilian or high leg. I do buy some matching sets, but if I not wearing a set then I always match colours.

XingMing · 15/03/2022 09:07

After breast reduction surgery (necessitated by cancer, so don't be envious) my new go to are the Chantelle pull-on bralets. Very comfortable and supportive enough for most non-sport activity. Red, nude and black. Microfibre thongs to match. Smooth enough to vanish under clothing.

Gonnagetgoing · 15/03/2022 09:58

Fantasie or Panache bras - in various nude and grey shades - matching knickers for the lace ones.

M&S lace bralette.

Sainsburys knickers but brighter.

I do have some Calvin Klein 3 pack synthetic bright knickers.

StarlightLady · 15/03/2022 10:15

To the basque fans on here, l have 3; ideal with that posh frock for a special day. It’s like having a constant cuddle. Not so good for being out for that special dinner though.

ursuslemonade · 15/03/2022 10:37

Love the john lewis 5 pack patterned cotton bikini knickers.
I mainly wear sainsbury's non wired bras, they are really good.
If any of you have unused knickers and gently worn, unwanted clean bras, can you please send them to Smalls for all? They send them to African countries where girls and women can't afford bras.
There is hardy any benefit in putting bras in the clothes recycling bin as there is not much fabric but it'll make a big impact to poor women.

FrancescaContini · 15/03/2022 10:39

Wonder how many perverts are reading this Hmm yuck

Gonnagetgoing · 15/03/2022 10:43


Wonder how many perverts are reading this Hmm yuck

@FrancescaContini - if a pervert wants to read it then good on them!

Talking about underwear on a Style and Beauty board, there is nothing wrong with that.
StarlightLady · 15/03/2022 11:03

I'm sure perverts could find something far more err, let's see "interesting" than a practical discussion about what we wear underneath it all. And yes, it is S&B appropriate.

JemimaPyjamas · 15/03/2022 11:28

@FrancescaContini I think that might be more relevant if we were all discussing our rubber fetish wear but 'flexifit briefs from M&S' probably doesn't have the same impact.

OP posts:
traintraveller · 15/03/2022 11:38

Realising that my bras weren't really fitting well lead me to boob or bust which dramatically changed my bra size. So I chucked my massive collection of bras that matched my pants. I'm slowly replacing them but my new size isn't really stocked by the cheaper shops. I currently have 1 nice set, 2 nice bras, 2 multi way bras, 2 everyday bras and 2 sports bras. Oh and a plie of knickers that don't match any of them.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie · 15/03/2022 18:55

@FrancescaContini If somebody is so desperate for kicks that they are reduced to reading about a load of random women talking about M&S knickers, then good luck to them.

BoodleBug51 · 15/03/2022 18:58

I have been buying M & S period pants which are a godsend for light bladder leaks, but DH commented today that I look about 75 in them.......

I've got nice bras but my knickers are woefully sad.

Hawkins001 · 15/03/2022 19:03

Asda supermarket brands are not bad value vs longevity.

SirChenjins · 15/03/2022 19:07

Supermarket or M&S multi packs of full briefs. Bras from supermarket or M&S sale.

If someone gets off on that then god help them.

BobblyBlueJumper · 15/03/2022 19:09

Got to be honest I buy most of mine from Asda with the weekly shop.

Bought several of their two pack t shirt bras. Some smooth, some lacy. White, blue, pink, red, black, beige. Vaguely matching multipack knickers in Brazilian. The most coordinating under wear drawer I've ever had!

I used to have a couple of lovely sturdy comfy but somehow pretty bras from bravissimo which cost me an arm and a leg and left them in a hotel on holiday.


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Gonnagetgoing · 15/03/2022 19:21

[quote JemimaPyjamas]@FrancescaContini I think that might be more relevant if we were all discussing our rubber fetish wear but 'flexifit briefs from M&S' probably doesn't have the same impact.[/quote]
@JemimaPyjamas - I forgot - I do have a few plastic Perspex knickers and a gimp mask, for everyday wear Grin

Gonnagetgoing · 15/03/2022 19:23

[quote RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie]@FrancescaContini If somebody is so desperate for kicks that they are reduced to reading about a load of random women talking about M&S knickers, then good luck to them.[/quote]
@RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie exactly what I said! Us SAB’s aren’t the most exciting of vipers generally are we?! Wink

JemimaPyjamas · 15/03/2022 19:23

Don't we all! ;)

OP posts:
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