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Tell me about your underwear!

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JemimaPyjamas · 14/03/2022 17:38

Following my previous thread where I discovered the joy of an actual fitted and expensive bra, I’m now of the realisation that my existing underwear is even more of a disgrace than I thought.

I need to chuck most of it out, and should replace with lovely quality items that are not bobbly, fraying, stained in the gusset or chewing gum grey.

If you have a drawer of loveliness please tell me what’s in it, and what is essential.

And if you don’t, please tell me what’s in it so I don’t feel so ashamed about mine!

OP posts:
RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie · 15/03/2022 20:11

I wonder if M&S sell crotchless knickers and rubber basques?

StarlightLady · 16/03/2022 06:58

@RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie - That’s the S&M shop, not the M&S shop!!!

Aside from that, am l the only one who hasn’t got any cotton knickers in the drawer? I just don’t get on with the lack of stretch (hence baggy bum) and the thickness of the fabric.

southlondoner02 · 16/03/2022 07:51

I recently bought some bras from M&S after all my old one's getting knackered during lockdowns etc. Two of them have already had the wire come out - I've only had them a few months! V disappointing.

I used to go to Debenhams but now that's closed I'm not sure where to buy bras. I need to try them on in a shop so supermarkets are out

sofakingcool · 16/03/2022 08:13

M&S bras and I like the Primark pack of 3 granny knickers. Not sure on the material, a bit stretchy and maybe microfibre? No frilly bits to make me itch, and I sit on the floor a lot (nursery practitioner) so I like something flexible that covers me in case my top rides up

Ooh if any pervs are reading this, that'll give them something to think about WinkGrin

StarlightLady · 16/03/2022 08:20

@southlondoner02 - Can you get to a John Lewis?

Otherwise it’s a bulk on line buy and return.

StarlightLady · 16/03/2022 08:58

For bras in larger cup sizes (l’m a top heavy 36F, occasionally in some fits, 34F), the Panache Tango suits me. Quality matching knix and some lovely colour choices too.

Pigtailsandall · 16/03/2022 08:58

I bought some pants (bikini briefs) from m&s, JL and sainsbury's last month. Must say M&S was the worst. I think there was a chat here recently about their pants(?) too. The gusset is really narrow and uncomfortable. I got some from Uniqlo too, and although they seem v comfortable, they do look like they'll stretch out quickly in use; let's see.
Best ones were JL 5-pack of plain pants. Sainsbury's was ok too, but I found the elastic quite narrow and a tad more pinchy than the JL ones.

Purpleavocado · 16/03/2022 09:05

I love Boody, they are so comfortable (just make sure you pick the styles of knickers without a seamed gusset) and mine have been lasting forever.

timestheyarechanging · 16/03/2022 12:21

Day to day - M&S or Primark bras and matching knickers. For when I'm with boyfriend - Agent Provocator or Coco de mer matching sets.
Don't wear nightwear as I get too hot - peri menopausal! I do wear Primark loungewear though if just inside the house.

SushiShopSearch · 16/03/2022 13:35

Was an M & S knicker girl for as long as I can remember but recently the quality has been rubbish and it's so difficult to get 100pc cotton. Someone recommended and I also bought

Really lovely cotton and colours (hate white or black underpants)

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