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SAHMs - what do you and your SAH children wear?

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Anna8888 · 24/05/2007 16:10

Today I've got on:

  • cream Elle McPherson bra and thong (getting a bit ancient, bra was a soft model I bought to breastfeed with two years ago)
  • See by Chloé smock top
  • green Fat Face fatigues
  • gold LK Bennett flip flops
  • dusky pink cotton Ventilo cardigan

    Also - Reverso watch, gold Chaumet bracelet, pearl and diamond studs, purple bead necklace.

    My daughter (2.6) has got on:

  • Petit Bateau vest
  • Gap boot cut jeans
  • Gap white socks
  • Pink bandana Supergas
  • brown Bonpoint long-sleeved t-shirt
  • pink camouflage sun hat
OP posts:
fryalot · 24/05/2007 16:12

I'm wearing 3/4 trousers (ethel austin)
vest top (can't remember = had it so long)
blue flowy type top (new look)
underwear from pre-war undies ltd.

dd1 is wearing school uniform

dd2 is wearing nothing (her choice)

ds is wearing shorts (ebay)
tumbletots tee shirt (coz we went this morning)
nappy (pampers)


LucyJones · 24/05/2007 16:13

I am wearing PJ bottoms and a green long sleeved top - been cleaning!

Ds is wearing a red t-shirt and beige shorts, both TU from Sainsbury's.

Dd is wearing a short sleeved body suit from a charity shop.

Piffle · 24/05/2007 16:16

head to toe versace for me, dripping with Tiffany Gold and burberry (pink check for dd of course)

Desiderata · 24/05/2007 16:16

You wouldn't be trying to brag, now would you?

QueenofBleach · 24/05/2007 16:16

Track suit bums and old tshirt and flip flops me DD

DD blue tshirt donated, next trousers and wellies cos she wants to

lullamay · 24/05/2007 16:17

Hello Anna8888, all that French style!


Old Navy khaki 3/4 trousers
Boden vest
Ralph Lauren shirt
Jones Mary Jane shoes
sad bra & knickers (can't remember the last time I wore a matching set)

Blue & green whale tshirt
Hennes combats
ugly Ecco velcro shoes

Frog tshirt
white Next linen trousers
sweet blue Start Right cruisers

fryalot · 24/05/2007 16:17

dd2 has now got dressed and is wearing her Dora pyjamas

bozza · 24/05/2007 16:19

Eh. Well I won't post what my non-SAH children are wearing then.

FrannyandZooey · 24/05/2007 16:19

as opposed to our children who go up chimneys?

is this thread real?

harman · 24/05/2007 16:20

Message withdrawn

Desiderata · 24/05/2007 16:21

I'm sniffing a wind up

bobsyouruncle · 24/05/2007 16:23

Well we're all wearing Tesco clothes but obviously if I was a WOHM we'd all be wearing Ralph Lauren.

bozza · 24/05/2007 16:23

But maybe I could post what DD is wearing tomorrow because she won't be going to nursery - probably not staying at home, mind you. And DS is 6 so obviously beyond the pale - well he did look quite OK in his grey shorts and white polo shirt uniform until he decided to give himself a haircut yesterday in his design lesson.

WelshBoris · 24/05/2007 16:26

I work so Lord knows what my DD wears.

I'm far too busy looking at my filofax, eating baguettes and going to the gym to care.

bobsyouruncle · 24/05/2007 16:33

I should be making all our clothes really shouldn't I?

WelshBoris · 24/05/2007 16:34

If you are a SAHM then, yes you should. You have plenty of time on your hands.

Stop watchign Jeremy Kyle and get the sewing machine out.

doggiesayswoof · 24/05/2007 16:36

I can't post here, as not a SAHM, but roffle Welsh Boris

anniemac · 24/05/2007 16:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Gobbledigook · 24/05/2007 16:41

Today we are wearing:

Next slouch jeans
Boden hotpotch top (oh yes!)
Bronze birkies

Ds1 (6):
School uniform

Ds2 (4):
Boden camouflage pants
Skateboarder t-shirt from Matalan

Ds3 (2):
Boden t-shirt
Next 3/4 length shorts
Navy short socks
Navy shoes

What a bizarre question!

amidaiwish · 24/05/2007 16:43

on non work days/ non nursery days we are lucky to get dressed out of our pjs at all.

that's the way we like it

Mercy · 24/05/2007 16:46

Do you really want to know?

Underwear - M&S
Jeans - Tesco
T-shirt - M&S

Also - small gold hoop earrings from H Samuel and one gold stud - no idea

dd (6)
Knickers - M&S
Dress - second hand from an aquaintance

ds (3)
Pants - M&S

WelshBoris · 24/05/2007 16:49

"ds (3)
Pants - M&S "

Of course she doesn't really want to know.

quadrophenia · 24/05/2007 16:51

this is like a bizarre variation on the what are you wearing threads, anyone actually interested in what clobber myself and my kids are wearing, honestly?

Dogsby · 24/05/2007 16:57

is htis just ofr anna to flautn her desigenr lavbles?

quadrophenia · 24/05/2007 16:59

designer labels? they go over my head, wasted on this thread if the other sahm's are anything like me

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