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WWW's six week 10year younger boot camp, Feb to April, WEEK THREE (slightly delayed)

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WideWebWitch · 05/03/2007 19:46

Hello everyone, sorry, I forgot to start the thread this morning/last night, anyway, I'm here, who else is still in? Come on, where are you all? Or AM I ALONE? Hmm? Hmm?

Yes yes batters, you can have a badge, just remember, we're not older or wise or sexier...

Right well, terrible but very pleasurable weekend I must say, roast beef, roast potatoes, parsnips, peas, carrots, broccoli, cookies and cream ice cream, an early night with dh though and only one glass of red wine with dinner. And no exercise. But today:

meeting with LOADS of pastries and I didn't touch them
went out for lunch and had a Greek salad (again) and got bored so didn't finish it
a few dried cranberries I found in my drawer at work, vile
an apple
a packet of wotsits (went to Tesco and was STARVING, still haven't eaten supper although it's imminent)
Didn't walk or use sunscreen
but feeling very happy and someone at work told me I'd lost weight today so that's nice (and makes a bloody change)
Having mussels
and cod with green beans and proscuitto and garlic and lemon for supper
will have an early night, I'm knackered
may drink some wine but won't have much, long day at work tomorrow
although I need to get good again about not drinking in the week, I'm doing about a B- on this and I was A++

Reports please everyone! I have noticed some good things:

I'm quite antsy if I DON'T do my lunchtime walk so I reckon it's a habit and
I automatically DON'T pick/buy chocolate/crisps/accept cakes if I'm offered them so I think I've changed my mindset a bit about food
My skin is still quite good

So it's all good. If no-one joins me I will witter on to myself here all week

OP posts:
sunnywong · 11/03/2007 08:42

I like thecut of yoru gib, WWW, but you will have to throw me a bone and give me a timed post to take up as I am looking at everything through one closed eye atm, you know how it is

how's your sis, haven;'t seen her about for ages?

WideWebWitch · 11/03/2007 08:42

and possibly a small visit to The men's room if modom wishes?

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 11/03/2007 08:43

lol at one closed eye, is everything dancing about if you use both? Drink LOTS of water before you go to bed won't you?

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 11/03/2007 08:43

My sis is fine but too busy to post here I think.

OP posts:
CAM · 11/03/2007 08:50

I never knew you had a posting sis www

WideWebWitch · 11/03/2007 08:52

Yes Cam, she has 2 children, one the same age as my dd and another who is about 15 months. She's called Ragtaggle here.

OP posts:
CAM · 11/03/2007 08:57


WideWebWitch · 11/03/2007 09:21

Suzy, you have surpassed yourself with your post on this thread, ha ha ha

OP posts:
sunnywong · 11/03/2007 09:23

I'm only doing it to get MP's attention

rings the changes though

sunnywong · 11/03/2007 09:24

I have to go and lie down in a darkened room and it's only 6.25pm

arfishy · 11/03/2007 09:41

ROFL!!!! Came in to post sheepish thread about drinking champagne and am completely sidetracked by SW and her other threads. So, this is what life is like living with your MIL eh?

Leaving SW's perversions aside, I've run out of Goji juice, have lost another 3lb, and have had a rubbish week of exercise. I think after 3 months of extreme algae eating I needed a week off.

Oooh Oooh !!!!! I forgot to tell you about the sleb haircut!!!!!. It is so good I actually cried when I left the salon. The salon was a nightmare (no loos, all designer chairs & chandeliers) but every single person I've seen since has just been gobsmacked at my 'do'. The girl who did my hair (who I prefer to call 'skeletor') mananged to give me the haircut I've been trying for for the last 10 years after I said to her 'curtains, layers, NOT TOO SHORT TOOK YEARS LENGTH, condition.

It is so good that the night after my 'do' I went out for my wine appreciation course dinner. I staggered back in at something blurry o'clock, got up 3 hours later to go to work and everybody said 'OH MY GOD YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!'. That's genuis.

WideWebWitch · 11/03/2007 09:43

3lbs, Arfy, well done. And the haircut, oh I long for one like that.
Suzy, drink some water before you go for that lie down, there's a love

OP posts:
batters · 11/03/2007 10:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WideWebWitch · 11/03/2007 19:38

We can indeed guess batters!

Breakfast was TWO bacon sandwiches, lunch was chickpeas and cous cous and panini with austrian smoked cheese, proscuitto and french mustard. And I had a fairy cake as we made them yesterday. No idea what I'll eat tonight but I'm not hungry really. Definitely won't drink and have already made my lunch for tomorrow, which is lentils with capers, chillis and a teaspoon of olive oil.

Tomorrow is another week, week 4, will start the thread in a bit.

No exercise today either but it's been a lovely lazy day.

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 11/03/2007 22:02


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