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WWW's six week 10year younger boot camp, Feb to April, WEEK THREE (slightly delayed)

90 replies

WideWebWitch · 05/03/2007 19:46

Hello everyone, sorry, I forgot to start the thread this morning/last night, anyway, I'm here, who else is still in? Come on, where are you all? Or AM I ALONE? Hmm? Hmm?

Yes yes batters, you can have a badge, just remember, we're not older or wise or sexier...

Right well, terrible but very pleasurable weekend I must say, roast beef, roast potatoes, parsnips, peas, carrots, broccoli, cookies and cream ice cream, an early night with dh though and only one glass of red wine with dinner. And no exercise. But today:

meeting with LOADS of pastries and I didn't touch them
went out for lunch and had a Greek salad (again) and got bored so didn't finish it
a few dried cranberries I found in my drawer at work, vile
an apple
a packet of wotsits (went to Tesco and was STARVING, still haven't eaten supper although it's imminent)
Didn't walk or use sunscreen
but feeling very happy and someone at work told me I'd lost weight today so that's nice (and makes a bloody change)
Having mussels
and cod with green beans and proscuitto and garlic and lemon for supper
will have an early night, I'm knackered
may drink some wine but won't have much, long day at work tomorrow
although I need to get good again about not drinking in the week, I'm doing about a B- on this and I was A++

Reports please everyone! I have noticed some good things:

I'm quite antsy if I DON'T do my lunchtime walk so I reckon it's a habit and
I automatically DON'T pick/buy chocolate/crisps/accept cakes if I'm offered them so I think I've changed my mindset a bit about food
My skin is still quite good

So it's all good. If no-one joins me I will witter on to myself here all week

OP posts:
sunnywong · 07/03/2007 04:48

Gazpacho for lunch, well itis 106 degrees

lamb kebabs, juummous and sweet potato mash and veg for dinner. My diet book advocates tinned fruit and frozen yogurt for puddinngs and actually .... it's VERY nice

Too hot to exercise

Arfy aren't you going back to blightly soon? Do make room for al the baond and sausages you are duty bound to consume.

sunnywong · 07/03/2007 08:03

can I just ask
are we cooler than or in direct competition with the somewhat ascetic F&Z vegetable thread? I'm awfully fickle so I need to know.TIA

CAM · 07/03/2007 08:42

No contest sunnywong, obv we're the cool thread

www hope the work change is successful

I'm skiving off today as my throat thing has now developed into laryngitis and I literally have no voice, its very frustrating not being able to speak for one such as myself

I am drinking enough water to float the navy and popping vit c pills.

Appetite diminished considerably (silver lining)

batters · 07/03/2007 09:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

puddle · 07/03/2007 14:52

ahem www it was not a hangover thank you as my dd now has it. Well done on your hours - I wfh two days a week and it's lovely being able to do the after school thing with my ds. I think it's important to fight for these things as a working parent.

My eyes are looking much better but not sure how much is the early nights and how much the eye cream - have a v busy weekend with parties and boozing so will report back on Monday.

I am feeling super virtuous this week so far, yesterday's menu:

Porridge and banana
Spinach and lentil soup
Quorn chilli with rice and salad
One glass of red wine
Loads of water...and my new discovery green tea with jasmine which is totally lovely.

Have just been out for work lunch but had very virtuous salad nicoise with no dressing (polishes halo)

Sunny we are way cooler than the 10/10 thread (which I flirted with but only so much hoummous and crudites I can eat in a day).

I am tring to do ww alongside this and have lost another two lbs so happy about that too.

WideWebWitch · 07/03/2007 19:20

Thank you everyone

Batters, oo err, that sounds lovely, a kitchen full of fizz and you're resisting during the week, well done.

Arfy, hmm and at your non exercise excuses: "I never can on Mondays" and "couldn't as had to go to the office" Yeah, right, we all have other things to do you know Respect on the spirulina bar and swimming

sunnywong, I simply cannot believe you had to ask Gosh, this is the cool place to be and if you stay here you will look 10 years younger whereas over there you'll merely have a satsuma in the toe of your stocking or something, big wupp.

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 07/03/2007 19:25

Old thread, slim people, what do you eat all day?!

OP posts:
Iota · 07/03/2007 20:23

hmmm that is an interesting thread WWW.

I know I put on weight in my 30's because of my dh's rich home cooking and a high wine consumption.

Middle aged spread and having kids didn't help too much either.

The thinnest person (non-dieting) I know in real life doesn't eat very much, smokes a lot and hates sweet food.

swedishmum · 07/03/2007 20:26

www, great about the hours. I'm sure you'll show them just what a fantastic idea it is!
I've had another of my "days" - having done voluntary teaching this am, was phoned at lunchtime - ds has broken his arm. Hours waiting for x ray while dd (3) asks interesting questions about whether bags of wee by trolleys of other patients are apple juice.... think they were all too old/asleep to hear. Then have to leave 10 yo ds alone while walking for 5 mins to find mobile-friendly zone to sort out pick-ups from school for dds 1 and 2. I know it's low level, but am bored with it all. Moan over. At least I didn't eat - no time! The whole purpose of my drivel is to excuse the fact I'm drinking red wine. After 3 hours at our local hosp, you'd be drinking too!

lilibet · 08/03/2007 08:39

Not going badly so far. I've been body brushing before my morning shower and slathering myself with body butter after. Only takes a few minutes but makes me feel very good.

My food is very boring, I always have a mix of meusli (which I can never spell) and pure bran for breakfast. At the moment my lunch is a can of soup, usually the baxters veggie ot healthy eating ones, followed by fruit, and my evening meals have been, pasta with mussles in a tomato sauce, butternut squash roast with salad, and I can't remember what I had on Monday

Need to increase the exercise, usually go for a walk at lunchtimes but Debenhams near work is closing down to relocate so at the moment they have at least 70% off all clothes and my feet take me there every lunchtime Yesterday I got £340 worth of Eastex clothes for my mum for £99

Can I ask do you wear 'proper' sunscreen or jsut a moisturiser with sunscreen built in. Mine is a spf 15.

batters · 08/03/2007 08:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CAMdenPalace1981 · 08/03/2007 08:57

Good Morning all,

swedishmum, for your poor boy, did he break it at school in games?

My biggest weight gain was getting pregnant at 39 and giving birth at 40 and breastfeeding for 6 months (I was hungry all the time)

Before that I was skinny, slightly underweight if anything.

Batters that programme last night was scary, she looked size 0 to me before she started and at the end looked dreadful. I know that was the message of it though.

My throat is much less sore, still feel yuck and can't exercise but am eating v.healthily and not drinking alcohol.

sunnywong · 08/03/2007 09:04

I'm staying here, I don 't want any citrus in my hosiery and I am not entirely sure the author of that thread does not wear hair shirts.

Am tucking in to thai beef salad with sweet potato and hummous mash

still farrrrrrrrrrrrr too hot to exercise

batters · 08/03/2007 09:10

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Caribbeanqueen · 08/03/2007 09:31

Hi everyone, after a food- and alcohol-filled weekend, I am slowly dragging myself back on track this week. The scales are back up where they started but I had a pretty good day yesterday and have just had porridge with lots of fruit in it for breakfast today.

Bought loads of fruit and veg yesterday, so will be making smoothies this afternoon.

Iota · 08/03/2007 09:52

I can't believe it - I am really trying hard this week and I appear to have out on 3lb ovenight - I must be retaining those gallons of water that I've been drinking.

This is so not fair

I had better be skinny tomorrow or I'm having a strop

lilibet · 08/03/2007 11:35

I think that one of the main differences between fat and thin people is how they react in times of stress. All my thin friends, if they are under any stress at all, immediatley stop eating. One of them says that it feels as if her throat has closed up, whereas I head for the bread bin with a vengence.

I know some one who put on two stone in a month when her husband died

Anyhow in 18 weeks I will be in Frnace and while I am there I am meeting up with a frend and her family for a week. This friend is 6 years younger, 3 stone lighter and 5 inches taller, I get very just thinking about 'fun times by the pool'

How can I fatten her up, shrink her and age her between now and then?

And she's good looking!!

CAMdenPalace1981 · 08/03/2007 11:53

oh my god lilibet you've just reminded me that I will be in France in 11 weeks time by pool and on beach - must really focus now

Luckily I haven't arranged to meet up with any younger slimmer good looking friends, phew

batters · 08/03/2007 15:17

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WideWebWitch · 08/03/2007 18:30

Yes, me too on middle aged spread Iota.

Swedishmum, yes, we would indeed be drinking if that had been our day, what a mare, poor you.

lilibet, that food sounds good. I use Clinique super city block so it's only spf15 and I think I need higher actually snce I'm fairly pale but it's only half an hour at lunchtime and so better than nothing I think. Next time it runs out I'll buy spf 30 I think.

Batters, well done on the being out of the habit things, (but have a lovely time tonight) ikwym, I wouldn't contemplate warm wine/cava/anything, yuk. I didn't drink last night and won't drink tonight although I will do tomorrow and Sat. And then next week I HAVE to leave the house at 7.30am to start my new hours so will have to get up half an hour earlier so really cannot afford to be even slightly groggy so will definitely go back to not drinking in the week at all and give myself an A+ again.

Batters, that thread is interesting isn't it? I think thin people also have good habits like always taking the stairs instead of the lift, parking further away, that kind of stuff. I have started taking the stairs at work too where possible. My colleague told me aobut the size zero prog, which I didn't see, it sounds depressing, well the bit about 12yo girls being anorexic anyway.

Cam, glad you feel a bit better.

lol at hair shirts and hosiery sw, thai beef sounds yummy.

CaribQ, don't get too hung up on the scales, just keep going and remind yourself of how much better you feel (if you do, I hope you do). I won't weigh myself for another few weeks because I'd rather see a monthly result which is the result of all the ups and downs and, I hope, will be that I've lost a bit of weight.

Goodness Iota. Premenstrual do you think? Comments as above too.

lilibet, I think if you keep at this for 18 weeks (I will be starting another every six weeks) you will be lighter and look better and it won't worry you at all about your friend, you'll just be pleased for her. Well, that's my offer anyway

batters lol at excitement never ending

an apple
a few walnuts, pine nuts and brazil nuts
half a small avocado
a yellow pepper
100g reduced fat hummus (245 cal)
another apple
lots of water
walked half an hour at lunchtime
and having salad and chicken breasts wrapped in proscuitto with lemon and garlic in a minute
and am feeling VERY happy, lovely early night with dh last night and he is out tonight so it's my night for being in bed with a magazine and laptop by 8pm, bliss

and work made me laugh. Lovely.

OP posts:
yoyo · 08/03/2007 19:40

Am lapsing at the moment. Feeling flat (not literally unfortunately) and that always sends me towards larger portions and an inability to refuse a glass of wine. DS is waking every night at about 3 am and is then getting up at 6.15 so am also feeling tired (another reason for the slice of cake).

Today I have had:
Weetabix and a banana
Bean and Bacon casserole and a banana
Ham salad with a baked potato
Also a few of the children's chips and a small piece of sponge cake.
Grapes and loads of water.

Have also walked to and from school and done an hour of Pilates.

Need a good laugh and a good sleep.

swedishmum · 08/03/2007 22:02

Ds seems a bit better today - he has a huge backslab cast on till the clinic on Mon. All he did was trip in wet playground and fall on his wrist. I've just explained that as ds is sleeping on the sofa (high bunk bed) dh can't watch Snakes on a Plane at this time of night. He really doesn't seem to get this parenting thing! I'm feeling so put upon at the moment. Might go for a walk on the beach if the weather's good again tomorrow - with lots of sunblock of course!
Had a horrible food doctor steam thing from Waitrose for dinner - bought for youth club run night when I drive 40 miles and don't have time to eat. Tasted like cardboard shavings. Grilled veg for lunch - red onions, aubergine and tomatoes on spinach with lovely (!) Tesco low calorie yoghurt and mint dressing. Think I need nice seafood tomorrow.

sunnywong · 09/03/2007 04:09

I was just wondering how your early mornings were going yoyo, we had a moan about the little blighters waking before dawn a while back. Mine's kicked the habit now, is yours still giving you gip?

I have been VERY good but was forced to eat 1.5 packs of 2 minute noodles ( with beef stock and sesame oil I might add) as I 'm working later and will only get chance to stuff my face with scraps at the end of my shift.

Food Doctor ready meal sounds rank. Is that Gilliian thingy spreading her talons of asceticsim into my beloved Waitrose now? Tut.

swedishmum · 09/03/2007 07:54

Wouldn't have touched it if it was the Gillian woman - did you read the scathing article in the Guardian a couple of weeks ago?) Seems to be a bloke. Still tastes vile.

lilibet · 09/03/2007 08:37

Good Morning!

Yesterday I ate;

Usual breakfast
Boots pepper and soft cheese roll for lunch
(whispers very quietly) a piece of carrot cake
Salmon with spicy lentils
a small box of sushi

Had no alcohol - 4th night in a row, which for me is almost unheard of - I have decided jsut to drink on Saturdays and 'special' days for the next few weeks. My drinking was getting a bit out of control, one non drinking day a week tended to be the norm, rather than the other way round.

If I just drink on Saturdays and the same amounts that I usually drink I will save a massive 2000 calories a week!!

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