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Boots for a summer wedding

59 replies

LaCerbiatta · 07/02/2007 12:35

I'm going to a wedding in th end of June in Granada (very hot) and don't know what to wear. My problem is that I hate my legs (with a passion) they're too skinny from the knee down, completely shapeless, with calves not defined iyswim. They're not in proportion wih my thighs and I think I just look horrible in skirts unless.... I'm wearing boots. Are there summer boots acceptable for a wedding or should I just think of an alternative outfit? Last year went to a wedding and wore a knee length dress with sandals, but looking at the pictures am not happy with it at all...

OP posts:
JackieNo · 07/02/2007 12:37

I think you'll look strange in a summery dress with boots at a formal thing. Can you not find something with a longer skirt. Or some linen trousers?

LaCerbiatta · 07/02/2007 12:40

Don't realy like long skirts / dresses tbh. Aren't linen trousers too casual for a wedding?

OP posts:
marymillington · 07/02/2007 12:40

you will be far too hot in boots and look a bit funny as well unless you are 22 and doing some kind of elfin thing.

the trick will be to get the skirt length right and go for a shoe that is delicate enough. trinny and susannah would know. and so will mrs badger i bet.

JackieNo · 07/02/2007 12:41

Not if it's a smart trouser suit, I don't think, though there is the problem that it will crease - a linen mix might be better, linen and silk, or something.

LaCerbiatta · 07/02/2007 12:46

Trinny and Susannah are useless for my body shape. They always only address their body issues, don't they? Very large boobs or flat chested, nice legs or fat ankles, nice bum or large bum (Trinny, large bum????????). I love their programs and books and think they're very good at what they do but never found any useful information for me specifically. As for Mrs Badger, maybe she will be able to help!

OP posts:
marymillington · 07/02/2007 12:49

i'm sure they say something about skinny legs in one of their books....

i reckon you can get away with pretty, delicate, strappy, heeled sandals which would make more rounded calves look monstrous.

but linen trousers could also look chic and elegant

LawdyMissTutter · 07/02/2007 12:51

agree - if you hate your legs so much that you can't bear for them to be seen, then go for trousers. of course you can get smart summery trousers - i have a pair of lightweight tailored cream trousers.

in fact i'll never fit them again. if you're a 12 you can have them. they're from coast i think

nailpolish · 07/02/2007 12:52

i agree. i have a sky blue trouser suit i wore to a wedding once

LawdyMissTutter · 07/02/2007 12:54

ps i would avoid linen, actually - even a linen mix

won't look smart once you've sat down for any length of time - esp in a hot country

purplemonkeydishwasher · 07/02/2007 12:59

what about htis?

LawdyMissTutter · 07/02/2007 13:02

pps your alternative is a maxi-dress - very in this summer apparently

miss selfridge has one of those wierdy sites that i can't link to, but they have a 'LA Ditsy Maxi Dress' that looks perfect for a wedding

i know miss selfridge sounds a bit teenager-y, but trust me

LawdyMissTutter · 07/02/2007 13:02

pps your alternative is a maxi-dress - very in this summer apparently

miss selfridge has one of those wierdy sites that i can't link to, but they have a 'LA Ditsy Maxi Dress' that looks perfect for a wedding

i know miss selfridge sounds a bit teenager-y, but trust me

nailpolish · 07/02/2007 13:04

oh no not linen

you will be sitting in the church and get creased

LaCerbiatta · 07/02/2007 14:40

thanks girls! I think I'll go for trousers. They can be really smart as well I suppose. I try to go for dress or skirt because dh thinks I never wear them and that I never make an effort, blah blah blah.
Miss Tutter, you're so kind! I'm a size 10, in most shops. I never bought anything from coast though, what are their sizes like?

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 07/02/2007 14:48

how formal is it?

if it's actually on the beach then linen trousers and a camisole or floaty tunic type top would be comfortable and look great

if it's somewhere more formal a linen suit is a very good idea (I have one from Primark that was an absolute bargain) - if you can find one with a slightly more relaxed cut that looks better a little crumpled rather than ironed razor-sharp you're made. this one might be worth a bash if the colours suit you.

I wouldn't ever wear a bustier somewhere that hot, especially not a polyester one - so tight! think of the sweat! - you're better off in something looser.

MrsBadger · 07/02/2007 14:49

alright perhaps not the white jeans but you get the idea

MrsBadger · 07/02/2007 14:55

or even a dress over trousers like the woman second from right here

marymillington · 07/02/2007 15:26

LOL I was thinking Granada as in the Alhambra, in Spain.....

JackieNo · 07/02/2007 15:27

The OP definitely says Granada, not Grenada, but not sure now....

MrsBadger · 07/02/2007 15:28

oh dear - I misread it as Grenada and thought it was in the Caribbean!

Tugamommy - Spain or the W.Indies? Or somewhere else?

LaCerbiatta · 07/02/2007 15:40

spain! i should be so lucky going to the caribbean!
I don't know how formal it is, I don't even know the bride, she's a colleague of dh. The only thing I know is that oddly it starts at 8h30 pm (must be a spannish thing...). I think the dress over trousers could look realy pretty, it's something I haven't done before so out of my confort zone, but nothing like a wedding where you don't know anyone to be daring!
When does the summer sale starts, does anyone know? Will I be able to wait for a bargain or should I start shopping now? Wedding is on 29th of June.

OP posts:
marymillington · 07/02/2007 15:44

oh, it will be gorgeous.

(have you been to granada, its wonderful, buy your tickets for the alhambra in advance, and go early morning at that time of year to escape the heat)

i think spanish city weddings tend to be very very chic and glamorous. people dress UP.

MrsBadger · 07/02/2007 15:45

oh lord, Spanish evening weddings can be ultra-formal - it might even be black tie.

what did the invitation look like? gold-edged engrave type jobbie?

nailpolish · 07/02/2007 15:47

i guess it will be quite formal too

i think the next trouser suit is ok that you linked MrsB, but with fabulous bag and shoes

(i still think no for linen but thats me, i hate even slight crushing)

MrsBadger · 07/02/2007 15:48

anyway, for an evening wedding you can wear a beautiful slinky full length dress, and no-one will see your calves at all!

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