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Do you spend more than 10 mins a week on maintaining your appearance?

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robinpud · 06/03/2006 17:30

Just wondered, the mirror seems to indicate I am not doing enough.. how long do you spend cleansing, applying and removing making up, dealing with unwanted hairs erc, hiding grey/white hairs... more than 10 mins a week anyone?

OP posts:
cod · 06/03/2006 17:32

10 mins mornign and night

moonshine · 06/03/2006 17:33

I need more than 10 mins a day to paper over the cracks...

NotQuiteCockney · 06/03/2006 17:33

Way less than 10 minutes per week. Oh, unless you count moisturising, in which case it might be 10 minutes per week. And if you count exercise, more like 30 minutes per day.

cod · 06/03/2006 17:33

sorry there is NO wasy you are too busy to do that

NomDePlume · 06/03/2006 17:33

More than 10 mins a week.

I use a skin system thingy that means I have to put a face pack on twice a week (10mins each time),
Immac/Veet takes 10 mins once a fortnight,
Leg shaving done in the bath, every other night (about 5 mins a time)
Cleansing etc takes about 5 mins (twice a day)

robinpud · 06/03/2006 17:34

god - no don't even start on exercise. Lotions, potion time only.

OP posts:
robinpud · 06/03/2006 17:35

It's just so BORING. Can you guarnatee to me that thses creams wil really eradicate fine lines then Cod?

OP posts:
NomDePlume · 06/03/2006 17:35

Guesstimate at 2 hours

CountessDracula · 06/03/2006 17:36

10 mins a day here I would say

cod · 06/03/2006 17:37

no but its got to help you looking grim - i have very dry skin

look at 10 years younger

jac34 · 06/03/2006 17:38

I was going to have a pampering session tonight.
Face pack,bath,de-hair legs/armpits/down below,clip and paint toe nails(bought new shade of nail varnish today).

MrsBadger · 06/03/2006 17:39

1 min twice a day I guess, so 14 min a week?

morning: shave pits Blush and scrub face in shower, moisturise
evening: wash face at sink, moisturise

No makeup unless acually going Out, no grey hair (yet)

expatinscotland · 06/03/2006 17:40

HELL YES! When I'm not on mat leave, I exercise nearly 2 hours/day walking to and from work.

NomDePlume · 06/03/2006 17:40

I combine lots of those things though, eg, I'll put the face pack and the veet on at the same time, so it's 10 mins and not 20 mins, etc.

NotQuiteCockney · 06/03/2006 17:43

cod, it's not that I'm too busy, I just find it dull and don't care enough.

I am out for drinks with the girls tonight, and am contemplating changing out of my current outfit (jeans and t-shirt) to something with a skirt, as haven't worn one for 2 years I think. Probably can't be bothered though.

expatinscotland · 06/03/2006 17:45

Daily shower: at least 10 minutes. I always dry brush before my shower. Then I put on body lotion and Perfect Slim on my thighs and tummy.

At night before bed, I smooth on Johnson's Holiday Skin during the Spring and Summer.

Oh, then there's pedicures and manicures. I do my own once a week.

I also pluck my eyebrows every other day.

Enid · 06/03/2006 17:46

10 mins a week Shock

more like 20 mins a day

lucykate · 06/03/2006 17:47

only takes me a few minutes every day to make sure my thong is poking out from the top of my trousers at the back. needs to be showing at least 4" or its just not worth wearing Wink

NotQuiteCockney · 06/03/2006 17:50

I get out the clippers and shave my head every few months. That takes a fair while.

Kelly1978 · 06/03/2006 17:50

I've been thinkign about this. If you also consider the time spent getting nails done and hair cut, and then make up, hair styling, shaving, etc. it really adds up. I've jsut worked out I spend about 22 hours a month on my appearence and I don't even do creams or potions!!

Feistybird · 06/03/2006 17:51

10 mins morning and anything from 10 mins to zero at night depending upon wine intake.

Northerner · 06/03/2006 18:00

I'd say 10 minutes day and night, then I have 1 night a week where I soak in the bath, intensive conditioner on hair, shave arm pits and legs, do bikini line, exfoliate body, moisturise body and apply fake tan.

TambaTheDragonSlayer · 06/03/2006 18:16

I shave legs and armpits every day and wash hair. Dont always dry or style hair though.

Use evian face cream stuff - it is fab for dry skin

and vasaline on lips.

fastasleep · 06/03/2006 18:18

I shave somewhere (there are various places lol) every time I have a bath, I pluck my eyebrows every two(ish) weeks... I moisturise after a bath...that's about it really, but I don't need make up because I'm so heavenly Grin

fastasleep · 06/03/2006 18:18

Ooh and I always put hairspray on and ruffle my hair up before going out!

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