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Sick of the 'Pob' please re-style my hair before I weep with boredom.

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Clownsarescary · 26/03/2012 21:35

I'm a woman of a certain age :(

My hair is drab, it's in a bob, oh stylish ones, what can I dooooo???

I colour it chestnut brown which suits me.

OP posts:
Liveinthepresent · 26/03/2012 21:43

Watching with interest similar hair crisis here

Clownsarescary · 26/03/2012 21:50

Live I was trying to grow mine so I could clip it up and stuff in the summer and look all sophisticated, but its just not nice enough its just awful right now and I'm prepared to cut.


OP posts:
drywhiteplease · 26/03/2012 21:52

What sort of bob? Is it v angled at back...a good structured bob looks amazing.....a boring mum bob is hideous and boring.

Clownsarescary · 26/03/2012 22:05

Dry yes it is angled and longer at the front sort of thing. Grin at mum-bob. Love it.

OP posts:
Missielovelie · 26/03/2012 22:14

Im fed up with my hair too, its long and brunette coloured, i wish i had the guts to get it cropped short i think it would suit me as i have a short fringe and when i tie my hair up it looks like a cropped haircut from the front. Maybe one day i will do it, but part of me thinks i will regret having it all cut off if i actually do it.

StopSwearingNagoo · 26/03/2012 22:20

Missie you'll only regret it for 5 years, max.


BreakOutTheKaraoke · 26/03/2012 22:21

Just go for it and chop it off! Best thing I ever did with my hair. When it was long, or even bob length, it always just got put in a bobble anyway. Short hair is much lower maintenence than you would think, and I wear lots of headbands and accessories now- with long hair I never bothered as I felt like a kid again. I think I have a pic of me on profile, it's even shorter now though!

A cut like Michelle Williams, perhaps with a bit more fringe to soften the front, is a nice length- short, but still something to hide behind if you feel the need.

polyhymnia · 26/03/2012 22:24

Yay to (good) short cut.

JasperJohns · 26/03/2012 22:27
drywhiteplease · 26/03/2012 22:59

Mum bob goes with mum boots and mum bag and mum jeans....I am a "bob snob" said that as a joke to my hairdressers the other day, he was impressed!

drywhiteplease · 26/03/2012 23:01

Btw I think bobs are elegant,chic and timeless...also ageless. (Anna wintour..scary but ace bob!)

CervixWithASmile · 26/03/2012 23:05

Can we see picture examples of mum bob please?

drywhiteplease · 26/03/2012 23:18

Have been looking for one but all hairstyle websites are trendy.
Mum bob (in my opinion only) is just above the shoulder (safe) ,cut straight all the way round with no real angles or structure,just safe with or without fringe.
I just like bobs with oomph! Think Vidal Sassoon ,Mary quant, flappers,posh becks,Katie Holmes,Jessie j,Anna wintor.........think angles,shine,volume


Liveinthepresent · 26/03/2012 23:21

drywhite I sort of agree I used to love mine ( for years) just recently it is not working ... Mind you am feeling pretty frumpy right now hard to know if hair is cause or not! Confused

drywhiteplease · 26/03/2012 23:23

Posh beck 9th row down at the end is exactly what I have and love......

CervixWithASmile · 26/03/2012 23:31

Thank you, have been considering something like this girl's but not sure. Think my screen is displaying differently to yours. No Posh on 9th row down, is it the blonde style?

drywhiteplease · 26/03/2012 23:32

clowns here are some shorter styles

Clownsarescary · 26/03/2012 23:33

Thanks for all the posts. Oh I'm not alone!

Mine is a posh beck too but I had a bit of a choppy fringe the last time I went which just doesn't work! Hate it hate it need it off.

I've done the choppy short bob before, but I so wanted to clip it up in the summer might look crap anyway.

It is just non elegante nor trendy at the minute :(

I have a youngish image for my age (not mutton) so just don't know where to take it :(

I like stylish....

OP posts:
drywhiteplease · 26/03/2012 23:34

cervixlove it,softer,nice

It's a pic of back of her hair when brown,you can see a tattoo up her neck

CervixWithASmile · 26/03/2012 23:36

I've been growing mine for the same reason but just never seem to like it. It's long enough to put up now but really faffy as bits fall down and just can't be bothered!

CervixWithASmile · 26/03/2012 23:37

Oh yes, really nice shape at back.


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drywhiteplease · 26/03/2012 23:37

clowns bet you're not that seems to me on MN anyone past 30 thinks they're 45 (eek) but think numbers are wrong,can't be past 35! Will not think or get old and frumpy!

drywhiteplease · 26/03/2012 23:38

Falling asleep...will look in morning to see if you have found any styles you like!

AwkwardMary · 26/03/2012 23:40

Bleach it and cut it into a shorter, sharper bob. Bleeeaaaach iiiiit!

(I am only saying this because I so want to do it to my own long brown hair!)

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