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Is it acceptable to go knickerless?

63 replies

Sparklegeek · 24/02/2012 20:56

:) OK, it's a serious question!

I have my 40th birthday party next week.

This is what I'll be wearing, with leopard print shoes. Tis very flattering on, but I don't think I can wear any knickers with it! I tried on my thinnest microfibre ones today, but they are a short shape & showed slightly. I HATE thongs & think even the outline of one will show too. Tried a cycling-shorts style hold-in mega pair but think I will be so hot I'll end up ditching them half way through the evening! Plus DH said they didn't make enough of a difference to how the dress looked to warrant wearing them. So I ended up wearing no knickers whilst modelling it for DH. He of course thinks this is brilliant, but he would wouldn't he?

Is this acceptable or a big no-no? The dress is a decent length so that's not an issue, I dunno, it just doesn't feel quite right at my age Arrrgghh!

Yay or nay (in which case, solution please!)

OP posts:
QED · 24/02/2012 20:59

I think it would be fine with no knickers.

mrsmartin · 24/02/2012 21:02

totally fine so long as only you and DH know....I personally would let him think I was wearing them until half way through the night...discrete whisper in the ear...Wink

Have a great birthday Grin

Msarsebiscuit · 24/02/2012 21:03

At the risk of answering every thread this evening - yes.

I am a woman of a certain age and I have err gone knickerless both for reasons of sauciness ( cough ) and for reasons of sartorial expediency.

Ps not at the garden party

cornsilkakaka · 24/02/2012 21:04

that is looovely....I quite fancy one. Is it true to size?

cornsilkakaka · 24/02/2012 21:05

what about pants that go up to your waist? I like big pants.

Msarsebiscuit · 24/02/2012 21:05

I have that dress in two colours now, it's vey nice and pretty much true to size.

Loveleopardprint · 24/02/2012 21:06

You should check out the thread with the "c" thongs!!

cornsilkakaka · 24/02/2012 21:06

I fancy getting it in red then Smile

Msarsebiscuit · 24/02/2012 21:08

You should, Cornsilkaka, I've got the blue and then eventually gave in to the lure of the rust.

Bibbo · 24/02/2012 21:09

Beautiful dress. Do it! I frequently go without knicks when wearing something they'd show through

cornsilkakaka · 24/02/2012 21:12

I would usually go for blue every time but they don't have it in my size. What's the rust like?

toddlerama · 24/02/2012 21:15

Totally fine. It's not like it's short. Lovely dress, have a great birthday! Smile

Msarsebiscuit · 24/02/2012 21:15

CSK, I don't know, they're redelivering it tomorrow, never bought anything orange before but I've been thinking about that dress for months and was seduced by the price reduction. My blue one has been much admired.

MMQC · 24/02/2012 21:15

How does the knickerless thing work at this time of year? Doesn't it get chilly?

Strictly a tights and knicks girl normally but can see the merits of the no-knicks policy, but how do you keep your legs warm?

JasperJohns · 24/02/2012 21:17

Fine to go without - I often do.

Lovely dress btw

Msarsebiscuit · 24/02/2012 21:52

Not chilly at all and my stockings keep/kept my legs warm

Sparklegeek · 24/02/2012 22:07

Thanks everyone, looks like commando it is then :) I plan on keeping warm by dancing all night! Oh & I also have the very similar dress that Asos do in blue, it has ruching to one side, also v nice - but I wanted the wowser red dress, statement shoes & red lips combination for my big 4-oh!

DH is going to think it's HIS birthday Wink I've told him under no circumstances am I having the bumps!

OP posts:
OlympicEater · 24/02/2012 22:12

Grin at the bumps - you'd make someone's day for sure

fabwoman · 24/02/2012 22:15

That is a very nice dress.

MrsSchadenfreude · 24/02/2012 22:31

As long as you don't have a huge bush, fine. Grin

Oh and wipe your fanjo carefully when you have a wee. Drips might spoil the look.

madammecholet · 24/02/2012 22:33

Ive got this dress in black and berry red - tis lovely. I wear with a Flexees onesie - no knicker line and takes you down a size :)


allthequeensmen · 24/02/2012 22:35

AAARGH OP i have that exact dress in two colours. I wore one (knickerless) to my friend's fancy birthday meal with loads of people I'd never met... and half way through the night realised there was a hole in the back flashing my sexy little tush to all and sundry!!!! I could have died. Beware there is a seam running right down the middle of the back!


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Sparklegeek · 24/02/2012 22:45

Oh lordy I'm going to be so paranoid now about that seam AND wee drips Shock I'm going to need to let someone else in on the (no)knickers secret despite advice upthread as my DH can't be relied on to monitor such things. Trouble is, all my friends and my sister would blab it to the whole party I'm sure of it Grin Especially after Wine

OP posts:
CardgamesFTW · 24/02/2012 22:49

Uuuh what about discharge? Sounds risky for many reasons

Freshlettice · 24/02/2012 22:55

Gosh, how do you stay cool with the onesie thingy on? I'd be dying of heat exhaustion.

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