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Do you like padded bras?

56 replies

emkana · 28/08/2005 19:28

I've recently bought some new bras after having breastfed forever and a day. Am very pleased how much nicer I look with a decent underwired bra! But I'm really surprised that the majority of bras in the shops seem to be padded. Do you wear padded or unpadded bras? Is it worth buying padded?

OP posts:
nutcracker · 28/08/2005 19:30

I don't buy padded cos my boobs are big enough as it is but i agree that it can be hard to find unpadded sometimes.

janeybops · 28/08/2005 19:32

no need with my mosobs!

donnie · 28/08/2005 19:55

I am not a fan of padded. I have fairly small ones but as I am short they are in proportion, 34 or 36 A sometimes B, but as far as Im concerned that is fine - I do NOT want to look elike Jordan or some other huge titted freak!!!! I cannot understand this fascination some women have with gigantic boobs - weird!

Twiglett · 28/08/2005 19:56


I don't understand them TBH .. but then I'v never been below a C cup and have fab norks

Miaou · 28/08/2005 19:58

I wear padded bras when not bfing, partly because of my small cupsize, and partly because otherwise my nips are visible from about 20 feet away!!

jessicaandbumpsmummy · 28/08/2005 19:58

im a padded girl - need to enhance it somehow!

Pinotmum · 28/08/2005 20:04

Yes I like padded bras but do also wear unpadded. I have been cheated in the breast department and every little helps

Miaou · 28/08/2005 20:05


Twiglett · 28/08/2005 20:11

don't be you should see the size of my ass and thighs

Socci · 28/08/2005 20:27

Message withdrawn

Branster · 28/08/2005 20:29

yep, make great use of them since i've been left with not much after breastfeeding forever and ever. but i take the removable sponge pads out as i find the actual bras give plenty of volume. t-shirt bras are less padded. i find plain unpadded but still underwired bras are no good for me unless they have very good straps for added lift.

Hulababy · 28/08/2005 20:31

I do wear them quite a lot. I only have a couple of unpadded bras. But then I do need the enhancement Mind you, in this hot weather and with strappy tops I do get away with neither

emkana · 28/08/2005 20:33

I fear that I will never ever be able to go bra-less again, even though I loved doing that pre-dd's. Four and a half years of continuous b/feeding have taken their toll. Am still feeding dd2, so will have to see what they will look like when I stop. But then again I'm planning to have another baby, so that will probably finish them off completely.

OP posts:
Hulababy · 28/08/2005 20:35

I guess the advantage of them not being so big does mean they remain where they should be IYSWIM!

BunnyBoo · 28/08/2005 20:45

I don't wear them as i do not need them, but if i felt a bit cheated in that area like someone else has said then yes i would buy them.

rummum · 28/08/2005 20:48

I'm a Gel Gal...

Branster · 28/08/2005 21:05

Hulababy that's not always true. unfortunately in my case although they did return to their original size, they've gone down . which means i can never leave the house without a bra on, unless i wear one of those intregral bra vest tops.

Hulababy · 28/08/2005 21:07

Noooo Branster, don't tell me that! I am planning baby #2 at mo, don't want that to happen afterwards Oh well, best make most of it while I can I guess.

Branster · 28/08/2005 21:11

oh dear! maybe you're one of the lucky ones? strat saving for some implants. and deffinetly make the most of it now
i long for the pre DD days when I possessed nly 2 pairs of bras, rarely worn. I have at least 40 now.

sansouci · 28/08/2005 21:13

i've never worn a padded bra but wish i needed one. the laws of gravity, etc.

incidentally, dh & i call each other "db" - dangle boobs & dangle balls.

Hulababy · 28/08/2005 21:13

LOL! Will do!

JoolsToo · 28/08/2005 21:16

t-shirt bras - can't live without them!

Pruni · 28/08/2005 21:44

Message withdrawn

rummum · 28/08/2005 21:46

Pruni... have you tried the Gel bra's

Pruni · 28/08/2005 21:50

Message withdrawn

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