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Your e-liquids

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mawinter · 17/01/2015 08:40

Which are your favourites? Which ones have you tried, but totally dislike?

I still only have a few e-liquids and would like to branch out a little more, so I figured i would create this topic.

My absolute favourite has to be my original Tobacco flavour, from the liquid line of my local vape shop. For me it tastes more like Maple Syrup to be honest than Tobacco. ;) My second fave is Sweet Vanilla, also from the same shop.

Originally I was really liking Blueberry and Apple from the same shop, but now I find them a little on the sour/fake side.

OP posts:
Optimist1 · 17/01/2015 09:23

90% of the time I prefer tobacco flavour, but occasionally use coffee, which I like. Tried a Baileys flavoured one and disliked it intensely - way too sweet for me. I keep meaning to track down a liquorice flavour to try that.

PolterGoose · 17/01/2015 09:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Allergictoironing · 17/01/2015 13:16

I'm mostly on SmartCigs grape at the moment, they've recently changed their apple & though most seem to like it better than the old one I don't. A bit of the Vaping King "Monkey Jizz" that Polter recommended, and their Caramel Latte which I really like. Oh and the occasional vape of the SmartCigs Pineapple too. If you like a sweet Blueberry then do try the SmartCigs or Vaporiz ones, they are both a bit too sweet for my taste.

To be honest I really liked the Hangsen Banana Milkshake too - must get a bit more of that soon Grin.

mawinter · 17/01/2015 15:12

mmm Banana Milkshake sounds Tasty. I will have to look for that one! :) I had wanted to get a Banana flavour of some sort, but could not decide between something more plainish like or mix.

OP posts:
magimedi · 17/01/2015 17:45

I am faithful to the first smoke I ever vaped & still like it better than any other:

"The Sherlock2 (tobacco flavour) from ecigwizard.

(And I do love the name)

Tipsykisses · 17/01/2015 17:59

If you like tobacco with a hint then try
Manabush .

I love their powwow sauce , coyote coconut , Chiricahua sun & nokomis .
I didn't even think i would like tobacco but they are my adv .

Also like colonel booms for fruity flavours .

PolterGoose · 17/01/2015 17:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PolterGoose · 17/01/2015 18:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tipsykisses · 17/01/2015 18:10

Aw Poltergoose that's a shame , it really helped me on the final push to give up completely , I was surprised as I love it & I haven't got on with many other sweetie type flavours , I've a box full now lol .
Not so keen on a few of their others .

I found when I swapped over to naturevape Tanks & coils I got a completely different flavour from a lot of them though .

PlentyOfPubeGardens · 17/01/2015 18:26

I'm a creature of habit too. Most of the time it's Hangsen RY4 and RY6 mixed 50/50. I've taken to bulk-buying them on Fasttech. RY4 is a caramelly vanilla-y tobacco, RY6 is like a harsh, filterless french cigarette. I don't like either much on their own but love them combined.

I also like a good custard, sometimes with a bit of banana in it.

DH likes the fruit flavours and has a drawerful. I like the berry blends but can't vape them as they make my mouth sore.

Tipsykisses · 18/01/2015 08:55

Hope you don't mind me asking on here op instead if starting another thread .
Pouter do you have a link you can post for strawberry fields please ?

Also have any of you tried mothers milk & suicide bunny ?
Are they as good as people say ?

PolterGoose · 18/01/2015 09:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tipsykisses · 18/01/2015 13:18

Thanks poulter , you've probably saved me a costly mistake with those !

I saw the FB page for Sf but was looking for a website , Will try the ones you've recommended as I'm after something new , probably should wait a bit as I finally placed a shiny order with fasttech this week ££££££ lol

PolterGoose · 18/01/2015 14:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tipsykisses · 18/01/2015 14:25

Yes that's true , I've a box that I'm not fussed on but I also found my adv
on recommendation , never would've thought one of my favourites would be a tobacco !

I like strong flavours & I have seen a few people rate strawberry fields so I'm eager to try it .

I'd not heard of LiQuid but for £1 I'm not bothered if they end up in the not fussed pile Wink

Allergictoironing · 18/01/2015 15:57

I've just put in an order at LiQuid to try some of theirs - at £1 for 10ml it's worth it & the postage wasn't bad either.
Tipsy LiQuid are comparatively new to the juice market, had a cig-a-like brand for ages & decided to move into liquids. They supply their own, and they also wholesale to others including batches labelled for smaller shops branded with the retailer's name or sell them "white labelled" for the retailers to label themselves - there's a reasonable chance some of us have vaped their juices without realising.

nhsworker15 · 18/01/2015 16:03

My all day vape is vamp vape from t juice, I buy the concentrate and make up my own, it's a caramelly coconut juice. Also love their quintessence, which is more aniseed/absinthe/grassy juice. Also like cocomel from grizwalds, if only they did a concentrate!

Hate coffee flavours, strange as I drink the stuff constantly!

Desperate to try gins addiction, but can't bring myself to pay so much for juice! Again, illogical given I was paying so much for cigs

mawinter · 18/01/2015 17:48

I keep seeing mention of RY4 around and it seems like something i have to have! Can someone point me in the direction of the best tasting one? :)))

OP posts:
ineedausername · 18/01/2015 18:46

I'm a triphammer girl, i cannot abide tobacco flavours!
My favourites right now are Bitty (strawberry milkshakey flavour) and Yellow snow (creamy, lemony, biscuity)

Mrsstevejones · 18/01/2015 19:11

Love cherry, apple, raspberry and strawberry. Didnt like tobacco, menthol (even though thats what i smoked weird eh?) and pomegranate but mainly as it had very little flavour.

I am keen to branch out but i have plenty to keep me going. I bought a load from eliquids at £1 a bottle.

PlentyOfPubeGardens · 18/01/2015 20:29

My favourite is Hangsen RY4 which you can get here - lots of brands do their own take on it though. If you want to try lots of different ones you could get a Smoke Rainbow sample pack.

mawinter · 20/01/2015 06:36

Anyone ever order from here? They have plenty of liquids i would like to try.

OP posts:
Sallystyle · 01/02/2015 08:35

My favourite juice I have ever tried is called Polusion from Big Juice!

I have been vaping for two years and this is the best I have found.

It has so many layers of taste to it I can't really describe it. You can order a sample bottle

I also love Black Cat and Krazy Karamel from VapeEscape, but Polusion is my new all day vape.

unlucky83 · 01/02/2015 09:03

I make my own too from concentrate and it is dead easy! Concentrated Nicotine (VG) diluted 50% with PG and concentrated flavour - I now only use coffee espresso flavour. I hate the creamy, sweet flavours. I used to quite like mint ones but have gone off it. I make up about 30ml a time in one bottle - it takes me about 5 mins and saves me having lots of small bottles hanging around.
The thing I really hate about juices is colours -I started making my own when the supplier of my favourite coffee juice started adding dark colouring and I couldn't seem to find unsweetened black coffee flavour without colour. IME the colour kills coils. I make my own coils too and found with the dark juices I was replacing them every day or so -the coil I'm using now I've been using for 3+ weeks with my homemade clear juice...

Hamiltoes · 01/02/2015 23:13

Absolute favourite right now is Venus by Space Jam. American import which I got from The Vape Club. Its toasted marshmallows drizzled in peanut butter and caramel with some cream thrown in for good measure. Don't think I have touched anything sweet/ treat like since I got this and goes amazingly well with coffee in the evenings.

Seconded by Caramel Cappuccino from Chefs Vapour UK. They have some really good quality flavours and are definitely worth a look.

Vape Escape also do a nice toffee popcorn flavour.

Can you tell I have a sweet tooth Wink when I first quit it definitely stopped the dreaded weight gain though Grin

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