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Your e-liquids

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mawinter · 17/01/2015 08:40

Which are your favourites? Which ones have you tried, but totally dislike?

I still only have a few e-liquids and would like to branch out a little more, so I figured i would create this topic.

My absolute favourite has to be my original Tobacco flavour, from the liquid line of my local vape shop. For me it tastes more like Maple Syrup to be honest than Tobacco. ;) My second fave is Sweet Vanilla, also from the same shop.

Originally I was really liking Blueberry and Apple from the same shop, but now I find them a little on the sour/fake side.

OP posts:
crispandfruity · 11/04/2015 17:29

So far I've tried:


tobacco ones - meh. Ice mint - Nice. Menthol - ok. Tutti Fruiti - very nice. Blackcurrent - in week 1 my all day vape, Strawberry - week 2 my all day vape, Mango - week 3's all day vape, Melon - yuk. Coffee - just odd, very nutty. Bubblegum - ok as a one off.

Suicide Bunny:

Mother's Milk - it was alright but not all that.


Passion now that is a vape. It's bloody lovely.

Space Jam

Andromeda smells great in the bottle, I've fiddled with VV VW on my eleaf but I'm not feeling it.

Vampire Vape:

strawberry milkshake - up there with Obsession's Passion, it's my current ADV.

I bought some strawberry stuff from a newsagent in an emergency recently - smoketastic's strawberry. It was utter rubbish. Like vaping from the hot tap in the bathroom with a slightly off fruity whiff.

Boutonneux · 12/04/2015 20:41

It's so true about taste being such a personal thing. I bought 4 from One Pound LiQuid after reading lots of rave reviews and 3 of them are (to me) vile! I'm loving Custard Kiss from Vape Escape but H had a taste of it and declared it "horrible" so it really is each to his/her own isn't it?

Allergictoironing · 13/04/2015 07:20

I wouldn't say OnePoundLiquid are as good as most boutique liquids, but they DO make it cheaper when you're still trying to work out what type of flavours you like.

BotoxBitch · 24/04/2015 20:56

Which shops sell it magi x

Vapermatt · 30/03/2021 17:21

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Wheresmybiscuit3 · 10/05/2021 03:18

Doozy Tropical Nic Salts. Haven’t tried one I didn’t like in the range

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