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What are the items you need, but always forget to buy at the supermarket? - £200 voucher to be won

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AliceLMumsnet · 14/02/2022 10:09

Created for Zapp

Whether it’s loo roll for the hundredth time or the bottle of wine you were really excited for, we want to know the items you need, but always forget to buy at the supermarket.

  • Post your items in the thread below to be entered into a prize draw
  • One lucky MNer will win a £200 voucher for a store of their choice

    Here’s what Zapp has to say:

    “Run out of nappies at 3 in the morning? Haven’t had time to go to the shops to pick up dinner? Or simply just need a glass of wine after a long day? Zapp is here to save the day.

    Choose from over 2,000 curated items, delivered in 20 minutes or less, with no minimum order value and free delivery over £30. You look after the kids, let Zapp look after you.”

    Thanks and good luck with the prize draw!

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What are the items you need, but always forget to buy at the supermarket? - £200 voucher to be won
OP posts:
Mabelface · 14/02/2022 10:15

Firelighters and kindling. Every time, even though I have a shopping list. Also tinned tomatoes despite them being a staple.

haggistramp · 14/02/2022 10:22

poop bags for the dog. Cue scrambling about the house 3 times a day hunting for a couple and mentally adding them to the shopping list but then forgotting. Its cause we always buy the fragranced nappy bags for poo bags but we dont have any babies in the house so tend not to go down the baby aisle, so dont see it to jog our memory into picking it up.

SausagePourHomme · 14/02/2022 10:26

I used to forget boring staples; bread, milk, packed lunch stuff.
I never forget anymore as i use google shopping list and i can just shout at my phone through the week "hey google add loo rolls to shopping list" as i think of it. Magic!

I would love to be able to get staples and snacks drlivered, provided i feel like the delivery staff are getting a fair wage. It it's the main thing that puts me off delivery services if i feel the staff are being exploited

SilverHairedCat · 14/02/2022 10:30

Milk. Cat food. Dog food. Dentastix. Cat litter.

All things I don't realise have gone until I need them.

I live in Cornwall - I note this is only available in London, Bristol, Manchester and Cambridge. Is this likely to be rolled out further in the UK?

HopingForMyRainbowBaby · 14/02/2022 10:38

Toilet rolls
Bin liners
Kitchen rolls
Soap powder

Nadjahomesoil · 14/02/2022 10:41

It's always things that aren't the main ingredient but important, like baking powder or suet.

Somehow always remember wine.

SuperLoudPoppingAction · 14/02/2022 10:44

Bin bags because they're always hard to find.

Milk because we often have some in the fridge that is gently mouldering past its natural life span, but visually when I check the fridge in a rush to make a list, it's there.

BigGreyEagle · 14/02/2022 10:44

For us its lunchbox items like raisins, yogurt sticks, crisps.
A quick look in the cupboard before we go shopping and it looks like we have plenty but with 4 kids we go through 20 of each item a week so we are always running out.

Jammallama · 14/02/2022 10:49

Dog treats and things in the cleaning aisle! I have to remember to go down there or clean out my cleaning cupboard so I know what's in there!

Indoorcamping · 14/02/2022 10:52

Milk, i always think we have enough in already. We never do.

Cat litter.

Salt, been meaning to pick up some for weeks. Onto the stash of McDonalds sachets in the drawer now.

LovelyLupins · 14/02/2022 10:55

Binliners and macaroni. Don’t know why, but always these 2 things, even if they’re on my list!

Twinstudy · 14/02/2022 10:56

Bin bags, always sodding bin bags. On the rare occasion I do remember I seem to get the wrong size!

DoucheCanoe · 14/02/2022 10:56

Herbs and spices - I never realise I'm out until I go to grab a tub from the tin. I then make a mental note to put it on the shopping list and ultimately forget which ones I need in the store 🤦‍♀️

WithASpider · 14/02/2022 10:59

Batteries - always bloody batteries!

Usually forgotten just as all the wireless mice in the house die.

OldTinHat · 14/02/2022 11:01

Matches. Constantly. I love lighting candles and incense to relax and wind down and end up angry and wound up instead when I've forgotten to buy matches again!

Ginisatonic · 14/02/2022 11:03

Salt, pepper and spices. Really annoying because they make such a difference and so need another trip to the shops.

SweetFelicityArkright · 14/02/2022 11:08

Usually whatever I went in for!

But mainly -

Toilet Roll
Bin bags
Tea bags
Fabric conditioner

coastergirl · 14/02/2022 11:09

Tinfoil, bin bags and washing powder.

I never forget the wine!

BangingOn · 14/02/2022 11:09

Clingfilm, olive oil, chopped tomatoes.

Shanda5 · 14/02/2022 11:39

Kitchen roll every time.

If I do manage to remember DH uses it all in about 12 hours, mopping up spills, drying the sides etc 🤦‍♀️

Skyeheather · 14/02/2022 12:34

Sauces & side dishes, always remember the main elements of the dishes I'm cooking but often forget things like mango chutney, dipping sauce, naan breads etc.

WaterBottle2 · 14/02/2022 12:37

We forget batteries, nappy sacks and bleach

SilenceOfThePrams · 14/02/2022 12:42

Loo roll. Just got back and yet again I’ve come back without it.

Kitchen roll, bin bags, dishwasher salt and rinse aid.

Basically, everything we don’t buy every shop.

Newchallenge · 14/02/2022 12:43

Milk. We use 16 pints a week, how do I manage to forget it so often?

CELEBRATION67 · 14/02/2022 13:20

Herbs and spices
Tomato ketchup and mayo

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