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Share the things you never thought you’d need to childproof for - £200 voucher to be won

171 replies

GraceEMumsnet · 20/10/2021 09:47

Created for Duracell

What unexpected things have you child-proofed in your home? Whatever measures you’ve employed (however surprising!) we’d like to hear about them.

  • Post your stories in the thread below to be entered into a prize draw
  • One lucky MNer will win a £200 voucher for a store of their choice

Here’s what Duracell has to say:
“Every year, hundreds of children accidentally ingest lithium coin cell batteries, which can have devastating and even fatal consequences if they do not receive medical attention immediately. Duracell is calling on parents across the country to #Take10 minutes to search their house for the 10 most common devices that take coin cell batteries and check those batteries are secure and not able to be accessed by children.”

Thanks and good luck!


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Share the things you never thought you’d need to childproof for - £200 voucher to be won
OP posts:
BristolMum96 · 20/10/2021 14:53

The cat litter tray...

Iveputmyselfonthenaughtystep · 20/10/2021 15:33

The cat food! Eww.

Also had the 6 year in hysterics this week because she dropped her electric toothbrush in the loo "and i hasn't flushed yet so it was all full of weeeeeeeee"

Also vomit from a top bunk, roadkill being brought home to try and "save its life, mummy" and boting their own fingers because they were gobbling so fast.

StillNoFuckingEyeDeer · 20/10/2021 15:45

Never thought I'd have to hide the sudocrem. Wish I'd known before the carpets and tv got covered.

MargosKaftan · 20/10/2021 16:28

The 2kg bag of rice.

My make up bag. (Its never the Boots own brand stuff they go for is it? Toddlers seem to know the Chanel lippy will be more upsetting to find smeared over all the walls.)

The DVDs. Obviously most people don't even have them anymore. Its been 9 years since dc1 was playing with them when I was on the phone to someone, but last weekend DH went to offer a friend the James Bond Dr No film, and found it had the Italian Job in the box. And no, Dr No wasn't in the Italian Job box. (I think we are at the stage of flinging them all rather than go through and trying and sort.)

ImJustMum · 20/10/2021 16:37

Everything... i have door catches on every cupboard right down to the TV unit. Foam guards on the doors because she slams them, back door had to be locked because she can reach it now. I find her on windowsills regularly because shes a climber too, and sat on top the breakfast counter watching the fish several times a day🙄 shes much harder work than ds was

Beefmeupscotty · 20/10/2021 16:40


Doorstops (the springy kind that stops the door smacking the wall behind).

The toy box.

The high up windows that 2yos can only reach if they stand on top of said toy box, to climb onto the window ledge, jump and hang onto the window handle (glad I was in the room for that one!)

Clothes horse.

Outside plants.


Toilet paper.


The tuperware cupboard.



My glasses.


There's more. This is just off the topof my head.

Ashhead24 · 20/10/2021 18:04

Cat litter here too Envy

lenajane26 · 20/10/2021 18:40

His own nappy!!! What is the obsession of taking that off?! Oh and then peeing all over your cot, Can I get a little lock for it? 😂😂

OnPaper · 20/10/2021 20:15

The downstairs bathroom taps. It's a low sink and he can reach them and keeps turning them on leaving the water to run. The bathroom door is getting an outside lock...

Intercity225 · 20/10/2021 20:28

The cat scratching post!

FTEngineerM · 20/10/2021 21:37

Cheese plant.

The late dog Sad.

The stock cubes.

The main water shut off.

He is a tike😂

Cotswoldmama · 20/10/2021 22:37

The garden! I hasn't realised how much stuff we had that wasn't suitable for children or that children would be quite so adventurous and want to climb and jump off if everything. I don't think there's a way of child proofing a garden you just don't take your eyes off them!

MrTumblesSpottyHag · 20/10/2021 22:44

Shaving cream! I obviously put the razors well out of reach but only realised about the cream when I followed the trail through the house. I don't know why I didn't learn the first time 😬

ShowerOfShite · 20/10/2021 22:46

Another climber here, I swear she could scale a smooth wall.
Also the garden, many snails and assorted insects were eaten.
A nappy lock would have been great as she used it as a storage unit.
It was like having a chimpanzee sometimes.
Her older brother was much more reserved Smile

HappyTimeTunnelDinosaur · 20/10/2021 22:49

My sock drawer.

Syeknom · 21/10/2021 05:52

Spare toilet rolls! They don't like using them after they have been rewound either 🙄

Amazingblossoms · 21/10/2021 09:49

The stair gate.

Mine learned to open a three point stairgate age 2 and half. Then proceeded to let themselves downstairs and breakfast.

It was safer to get rid of it!!

Marelle · 21/10/2021 10:16

Honestly I haven’t childproofed anything. I just discipline my child and supervise him adequately. If he does something he’s not supposed to, I see him doing it and stop him.

CatRatSplat · 21/10/2021 10:27

The cats
Any sort of writing implement
Any stickers

awonderfuladventure · 21/10/2021 13:35

Sudocrem and anything else you can smear all over you!

FTEngineerM · 21/10/2021 14:49

I’m curious @Marelle how did you stop them tipping the TV over? Or the chest of drawers? How did you stop them falling down the stairs or burning their hands on the oven?

2under2howscary · 21/10/2021 15:12

Stale toast or cheese that's been in the bin!!

littlecottonbud · 21/10/2021 16:02

My very expensive perfume - used window cleaner 'spray spray spray' were the words I heard - as the fragrance floated through the house.

LittleDeeAndME · 21/10/2021 16:13

My sanitary towels - stuck to the wall in the bathroom Shock

Montydoo · 21/10/2021 16:17

It has to be my husbands hair wax. - DS2 gave DS1 a wonderful mohican hairstyle with it - only to find I could not get the stuff out - after trying EVERYTHING from fairy liquid to lemon juice - trip to the hairdressers was the only choice

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