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Mumsnet users share with Tangle Teezer their tips for styling their children's hair

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LucyBMumsnet · 09/11/2020 09:08

This discussion is now closed. Thank you to everyone who took part.

When your children wake up in the morning, it can be a challenge to get them out of bed, let alone find the time to get their unruly hair in order. Whether you’re doing a Ponytail or French braids, pinning back their fringe, or just making their hair look presentable, it all starts with detangling. So you don't feel like pulling your own hair out while detangling your children's, Tangle Teezer has designed a new detangling spray for children that helps you tame your child’s unruly hair without tears or tantrums. With this in mind, Tangle Teezer would like to hear your tips on how you style your children’s hair.

Here’s what Tangle Teezer has to say: “Getting ready to detangle your kid’s hair can make you feel sick to your stomach – the screaming, the crying, the tantrums. Who can relate? Tangle Teezer can, which is why they’ve created a Detangling Spray for Kids. It’s an easy-to-use spray that helps to moisturise hair, making it more manageable. Hair feels smoother and softer. 81% of parents said it makes detangling easier and quicker without weighing hair down.*”

“Buddying up with your favourite Tangle Teezer detangling hairbrush, the spray has a fresh and fruity fragrance with notes of mango, passion fruit and apricot, and has been certified with PETA as being animal-test free and Vegan Society certified. We just know detangling your kid’s hair will make your life that little bit easier now! Available in larger Boots stores and on”

Is brushing through your children’s hair a daily challenge? And if so, how do you tame their unruly hair? Perhaps you've mastered a go-to everyday hairstyle or maybe on a particularly bad hair day you make do with a quick brush and let it be? Was the DIY haircut that you gave your children during lockdown a success, or are you still waiting for that bit that you trimmed too short to grow back? What would make styling your children’s hair easier for you as a parent?

Whether it’s keeping their hair short or plaits every bedtime, share the styling tips that have helped you and you’ll be entered into a prize draw where one lucky MNer will win a £100 voucher for a store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!


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*Self-assessment of 106 children after 2 weeks of use

Mumsnet users share with Tangle Teezer their tips for styling their children's hair
Mumsnet users share with Tangle Teezer their tips for styling their children's hair
Mumsnet users share with Tangle Teezer their tips for styling their children's hair
OP posts:
OrangeIsTheNewTwat · 13/11/2020 12:19

I usually wash & detangle DD's hair at night before bed, it's very thick & slightly curly. I tried a TT on her when she was little but she's got stupidly thick hair & the TT just smoothed out the top layers but didn't touch the underneath. I plait it for bed so it's fairly easy to sort out for school in the morning. I use a silicone & alcohol free detangling spray & a wide toothed comb with no rough edges caused by moulding marks. She's always had long hair (her choice) so she's pretty good at sitting still, I always told her she sits still or it gets cut short. In the shower is the best time for any really bad tangles, with a wet brush a a generous handful of conditioner.

There was the time she accidentally dreadlocked a section with a handheld fan. Had to resort to scissors for the bottom couple of inches as it was locked around the mechanism...

Bez33 · 13/11/2020 12:20

Generally leave it alone over night but in the morning I use child’s farm grapefruit detangling spray and a unicorn tangle teezer to get it into a plait/bun.

kitkat463 · 13/11/2020 16:43

My daughter has really thick hair. I found that putting conditioner in first, combing it through with a tangle teezer to get the tugs out! then rinsing, shampooing and conditioning again was the best way to detangle. I'd brush it out whilst she was still in the bath then pleat it wet to give lovely waves in the morning.

nevernotstruggling · 13/11/2020 16:44

The tangle teezer is alright. Wet brush is better and that Denman tangle tamer brush is the best yet.

However they are all rubbish if they are used without Aussie spray conditioner. Detangler any brand is sticky and gross. Aussie first conditioner any type think there are 2/3 is a staple in our house. Dd1 has wavy hair that sticks to itself.

I got the Aussie tip from mums at the school gate and mn. I can't fault it.

SmileyShazza · 13/11/2020 21:33

Our daughters hair is a nightmare - super fine, never holds any kind of shape and she hates having it brushed. The morning hair brushing often sounded like we were torturing her until we got a Tangle Teaser brush!

We try to minimise the screaming and moaning by spraying her hair with a detangler before using a Tangle Teaser to get any knots out of it. I find these brushes so great at getting out tangles and knots with the minimum amount of pulling and effort.

julieandertoninthewarehouse · 13/11/2020 22:12

My LO's hair is short & fine but I always uae a tangle teezer as I know it eob't tug or pull,plus the bristles are soft enough nit to scratch her head. she axtually enjoys having her hair brushed and brushing mine!! I'm always grateful for the tangle teezer as I know it won't pull my hair either.

starlight36 · 13/11/2020 23:19

DDs hair is waist length and very easy to maintain. All one layer, fine and just needs a good brush and easily goes into plaits, buns, ponytails etc. DS's hair is thick and wavy and is much harder to look after. Either has to be very short or quite long - otherwise has a real life of its own!

Dangermouse80 · 14/11/2020 07:53

Always a heavy duty conditioner on daughters very unruly curly hair. Then after washing conditioner out a detangling spray applied and a tangle teaser used. Always plaits before bedtime. In fact a simple plait at any time is the best defence against knots.
A detangling brush has been our best purchase!

jellybeanpopper · 14/11/2020 15:15

I have to be honest and say I'm not the best at hair styling! It's not so much the tangle but the fine nature of my DDs hair. I tend to keep it long enough to pullback into a pony tail. I look at other children's hairstyles and DD often asks for plaits etc. I do try but I can never get them neat enough. I find applying hair oil makes styling easier and neater but it's not ideal to send her to nursery with oiled hair... although this is the norm in places like India.

Stargirl84 · 14/11/2020 17:24

We use a conditioning spray before drying, that and a tangle teaser of course!

MakeTeaNotWar · 14/11/2020 18:10

I use spray leave in conditioner and a tangle teezer, even though she has fine straight hair, it gets very knotty as she always sleeps under her duvet

TheEndisCummings · 14/11/2020 18:31

Tangle Teezer was a life saver for us. Children's hair git so tangled and I could patiently detangle it with this and save the tears. Imitators did not cut it. We still use ours.

mummyuk86 · 14/11/2020 21:24

I did give both my boys a DIY haircut during lockdown. It wasn't a total disaster considering i had no clue what i was doing! I did trim both their hair a little shorter than they normally would have had it but it didn't look too bad and it's last quite a while.

StrikeItLuckyShuffle · 15/11/2020 01:01

My 9yr old daughter has waist length hair that has to be washed every two days as gets greasy very fast . She doesn’t enjoy having her hair brushed and to make it easier When getting ready for school the night before I wash her hair & once shampooed i add loads of conditioner through the hair leave for 2 mins and use a comb to detangle any knots concentrating more on the ends than the roots of the hair Before rinsing . Conditioner is the key . This then makes her hair smooth and tangle free the next morning.

TrueNorthStrong · 15/11/2020 08:11

I love tangleteezer brushes - my girls call ours the magic brush! We do a lot of plaits and bunches, often using the same parting as the day before. I often manage to make progress by asking if they want to look like Anna (two plaits), Elsa (one) or jasmine (one ponytail, many baubles.)

PickledChicory · 15/11/2020 14:56

I condition dds hair and comb through before washing conditioner off. I also convinced my daughter to get her hair cut shorter- soo much easier to look after.

ChoccyJules · 15/11/2020 16:53

We can’t use anything but a tangle teezer on DD and it’s much better wet with conditioner so any kind of detangler which actually works on dry hair is a bonus for us.

Welliesandpyjamas · 15/11/2020 17:02

Tangle teezer brush with johnson's detanglet spray.
Rush morning - ponytail with a clip on bow.
On time morning - plaits or pigtails
Leisurely morning - french plait(s) but only if the hair is wet and I don't have PMT (patience goes out the window!).
I won't let mine watch tv before school so I can't rely on the wonderful sit-still magic it supplies. But on a weekend it's a great way to do a nice tidy hairdo.

frankiefirstyear · 15/11/2020 18:02

I requested a unicorn Tangle Teezer for my 3 year old daughters third birthday. She was THRILLED with it and immediately began to brush her own hair from that day on.
Unfortunately she rocks during the night causing a bird nest effect; since having the Tangle Teezer she's not complained about it hurting when we brush it out together. I have recommended several times since her birthday and will be buying as a gift for others in the future too! Thank you for this fabulous product, can't wait to try the new spray too.

ItsClemFandangoCanYouHearMe1 · 15/11/2020 19:31

I had to cut my daughters hair to her shoulders after a particularly bad knot so now I brush through in the bath, use a leave in conditioner and plait when wet and moved to a boars hair hairbrush which really helped to cut through the knots.

I'm definitely going to have a good look through everyone's responses for tips!

Shehz21 · 15/11/2020 19:40

DD hair is very thick and curly. I have replaced all cotton pillowcases for satin ones as they cause friction as your hair rubs against the material during the night; this can draw out moisture and leave hair dry and tangled and also put her in a loose bun in a satin bonnet. I used to love the Wet Brush but am a convert now since I tried the Tangle Teezer. Been using quite a few different leave in conditioners but none seemed to make much difference.

buckley1983 · 15/11/2020 23:53

My son has what I lovingly refer to as 'Harry Potter Hair' - no matter what I do to it, it insists on sticking up & out in every direction!
He has a very cute cowlick at the front & a double crown at the back - I've tried it all, burshing with TT straight after washing, wet spray & TT in the morning - but it has a mind of it's own!
I see so many boys in school with their neat, co-operative hair & start to feel slightly envious - but my son's wild mop suits his personality!

Angiemum24 · 16/11/2020 08:14

I have four children. The two youngest I wash as the others are adults.
My daughter who is 9 has shoulder length hair (was very long but cut because the knots were a nightmare). I only was her hair twice a week (more if it gets dirty etc). I use shampoo and conditioner and pat her hair dry with a towel. After I use a wide toothed comb and spray a conditioner and water spray, the braid for bed. Every morning I spray the conditioner spray and style.

My son who is two has curly long-ish hair for a boy (he’s never had a hair cut) I was his hair more often as he tends to wipe his hands in his hair 😔🙄.
I shampoo and condition his hair at the same time. Rinse and pat dry. The a wide tooth comb. After dressing I use a baby brush and style. In the mornings I use the conditioner and water spray if needed.

shrill · 16/11/2020 08:22

Leave in conditioner, lots and with a shake of the head we're good to go. Leqve the tantrums for wash day when favourite tv programme and tangle tease comb and brush help aling with the distraction.

pinkpetal2 · 16/11/2020 09:34

I've never found the tangle teezer to work for us. My daughter is mixed race and has the most beautiful golden curls, however they are a nightmare to maintain. We've found the banana food range of hair care products I think by Garnier to be brilliant, we use the leave in conditioner. It smells great and it's good.

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