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Mumsnet users share with Tangle Teezer their tips for styling their children's hair

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LucyBMumsnet · 09/11/2020 09:08

This discussion is now closed. Thank you to everyone who took part.

When your children wake up in the morning, it can be a challenge to get them out of bed, let alone find the time to get their unruly hair in order. Whether you’re doing a Ponytail or French braids, pinning back their fringe, or just making their hair look presentable, it all starts with detangling. So you don't feel like pulling your own hair out while detangling your children's, Tangle Teezer has designed a new detangling spray for children that helps you tame your child’s unruly hair without tears or tantrums. With this in mind, Tangle Teezer would like to hear your tips on how you style your children’s hair.

Here’s what Tangle Teezer has to say: “Getting ready to detangle your kid’s hair can make you feel sick to your stomach – the screaming, the crying, the tantrums. Who can relate? Tangle Teezer can, which is why they’ve created a Detangling Spray for Kids. It’s an easy-to-use spray that helps to moisturise hair, making it more manageable. Hair feels smoother and softer. 81% of parents said it makes detangling easier and quicker without weighing hair down.*”

“Buddying up with your favourite Tangle Teezer detangling hairbrush, the spray has a fresh and fruity fragrance with notes of mango, passion fruit and apricot, and has been certified with PETA as being animal-test free and Vegan Society certified. We just know detangling your kid’s hair will make your life that little bit easier now! Available in larger Boots stores and on”

Is brushing through your children’s hair a daily challenge? And if so, how do you tame their unruly hair? Perhaps you've mastered a go-to everyday hairstyle or maybe on a particularly bad hair day you make do with a quick brush and let it be? Was the DIY haircut that you gave your children during lockdown a success, or are you still waiting for that bit that you trimmed too short to grow back? What would make styling your children’s hair easier for you as a parent?

Whether it’s keeping their hair short or plaits every bedtime, share the styling tips that have helped you and you’ll be entered into a prize draw where one lucky MNer will win a £100 voucher for a store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!


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*Self-assessment of 106 children after 2 weeks of use

Mumsnet users share with Tangle Teezer their tips for styling their children's hair
Mumsnet users share with Tangle Teezer their tips for styling their children's hair
Mumsnet users share with Tangle Teezer their tips for styling their children's hair
OP posts:
pushchairprincess · 24/11/2020 15:28

I tried long hair - but after the daily battle of brushing before school, I asked DD if she would like a trip to the hairdressers with mummy - she agreed feeling very grown up, and had s long bob with a cut in fringe and loved it - so. now after a conditioning after washing we no longer have the battle - and with Alice bands and hair slides we can change the style too- shorter hair is the way to go

mummytonicekidz · 24/11/2020 17:26

My eldest wears a loose plait to bed at night. It works well for us.
My littlest never lets me brush her hair Grin

I make our own detangler spray and also a 'refresher' spray but a tiny bit of 🥥 oil is also good for removing tangles.

mummytonicekidz · 24/11/2020 17:27

Also I use a grown up shampoo or baby shampoo on my children's hair.
We did try child's farm but they are surprisingly harsh on the scalp/ hair. Even the baby shampoo ( in my opinion anyway)

RunningKatie · 25/11/2020 20:37

We plait dd's hair before bed when I remember and then she has what she calls bushy hair the next day.
Failing that then thanks to YouTube I learnt how to do dutch plaits over lockdown 1, although she wasn't a particular patient model Grin
I do have to remind her to do her hair in a morning as she would happily skip off to school looking like she has slept in a hedge all night!

Elpheba · 25/11/2020 22:42

Do absolutely nothing bar using the tangle teezer. It’s works a treat and means we don’t need spray and she doesn’t wash her hair more than once a week either. My DD has very fine wispy hair and so I plait it for school and I’ve found that going under each turn of hair when I plait, rather than over which is the traditional method, it stays in better for some reason... plait based witch craft!

Joanna1009 · 26/11/2020 10:46

My children are mixed race and their hair represents that. I only ever comb their hair wet when it's full of conditioner with a tangle teaser brush. Then let it dry naturally or if we are in a hurry I'll use a diffuser.

Rapunzel91 · 27/11/2020 15:54

My daughter has curly blonde hair that often get's tangled. I've used tangle teasers for years as I have hair that easily gets tangled and it's so good on my daughters hair too. I often spray it with some detangling spray to no ruin her curls and so they become more defined and brush through them. Bonus that tangle teasers don't pull on the hair so she really like having her hair done, even though she's only 18 months!

SnowyMouse · 27/11/2020 18:15

We use a french plait to keep the knots at bay.

Dipi79 · 27/11/2020 22:03

I use a tangle teezer brush and detangling spray on my daughter's wet, wild mane. I don't use shampoo, only a poo free conditioner and I never brush it when dry. She has awesome bed head!

princesspeppax · 27/11/2020 22:37

My daughter has unruly thick wavy hair, and we use our tangle teezer with a detangling spray after her bath to keep her hair knot free, we also french plait when wet! Keeps her hair neat, tidy & tangle free!

Fortunefavours1 · 27/11/2020 23:13

Olive is great for making ds hair look glossy and healthy, just few drops massaged into hair and scalp is enough, massaging the scalp is very important to us, both for the sense of touch as well as nourishment for for hair at it's roots.

Naz2009 · 28/11/2020 10:57

2 go to hairstyles to avoid tangles for my 4 year old.
2 French plaits and 2 buns on top of her head.

BigBadBox · 28/11/2020 12:22

Low pony tail

pointythings · 28/11/2020 13:50

Well, mine are teenagers, but my 17yo DD has a number 5 all over, which is dyed dark blue. No tangles.

MargosKaftan · 28/11/2020 17:07

Pony tail. Accepting curls aren't great to brush daily so just grab and put up.

If I'm feeling like I've got time, she'll get plaits.

It doesn't matter what I do, she looks like she's been dragged through a bush backwards by the time I pick her up...

Squar · 28/11/2020 19:12

Getting my son in the hairdressers chair is a nightmare! During lockdown we did try a home cut with the electric razor but it looked horrendous on him so let it grow out. After lockdown we did find an amazing female barber who played with him and her razors were monster trucks which he loved and he sat the best he ever has! His fringe needs a trim now and he won't let me touch it.
My daughter still has short baby hair but I probably won't do anything other than brush it gently in the morning and evening. My hair is long and thick and have tried tangle teezer, wet brush and just ordered a Thick and Curly tangle teezer for myself which hopefully will touch my scalp unlike the original. I plan to purchase a pretty and gentle hairbrush for my daughter when the time comes but the thought of having it up during the night makes my scalp sore. Would be more likely to do some loose plaits

MadisonErin · 28/11/2020 19:41

I do pleats in my girls hair, if keeps their hair out of their faces and it's neat and tidy.

Unsurechicken · 29/11/2020 00:29

For the baby who’s one I use a pin tail comb and hair elastics to put it in bunches or a tellytubby style top knot. She looks like Boo from Monsters Inc!

For my boy who’s 5 we use some gel and give him cool dude hair

And for my girl at 6 who’s currently wearing a neck brace 24/7 for at least the next 12 weeks we wash and conditioner her hair using TiGI - we only condition the ears downwards. When she’s out the bath we use UNIQ1 de tangle spray (it’s magic) and then use a tangle teaser to get the knots out, her hair is currently styled in either bunches, french plaites or ‘moon buns’ which are high bunches styled in to buns- we during school holidays use coloured conditions to add a tint to her hair we have used pink, purple and blue a few times - she loves loves loves this and she also adores her clip in coloured extensions- I feel w child should be able to express themselves and by allowing her to have a choice in her looks I feel we are promoting body positivity and hopefully fingers crossed avoiding dodgy dye jobs when she hits her teens.

My top tip tho: is to brush from the bottom of them and in sections- primark and the like do sectioning clips. Also own a pin tail comb they work a dream for getting that straight parting!

We also have a brilliant gel styling spray that we use to hold back all the fly away baby hairs! That keeps her hair looking smart and sleek all day long without looking dishevelled!

emphasisofmatter · 29/11/2020 06:49

I really enjoy braiding so we do lots of different braiding styles, depending on how much time we have in the morning! I use a detangle spray to prep her hair first. Fave style is five strand Dutch braid.

IslaMann · 29/11/2020 19:14

My 4yr old DD has waist length fine hair but lots of it. Conditioner only. No shampoo. Brush through with conditioner on, leave in for length of her bath. Rinse off then brush through and plait overnight. Fishtail braid is my favourite for school when I have time.

foxessocks · 30/11/2020 09:21

My daughters hair is hard to style, its very fly away! I usually do a pony tail or a bun because that's what she prefers, she also likes it down with a hair band in. I'm definitely going to look into some other products to help though!!

LucyBMumsnet · 01/12/2020 14:00

Thank you to everyone who shared their tips on this thread. The winner of the prize draw is @TikTakTikTak - congratulations! Smile

OP posts:
stressfullday · 04/12/2020 11:30

My girls don't have the patience to sit still for a French plait. Maybe in a few years though......

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