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Mumsnet users share with Tangle Teezer their tips for styling their children's hair

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LucyBMumsnet · 09/11/2020 09:08

This discussion is now closed. Thank you to everyone who took part.

When your children wake up in the morning, it can be a challenge to get them out of bed, let alone find the time to get their unruly hair in order. Whether you’re doing a Ponytail or French braids, pinning back their fringe, or just making their hair look presentable, it all starts with detangling. So you don't feel like pulling your own hair out while detangling your children's, Tangle Teezer has designed a new detangling spray for children that helps you tame your child’s unruly hair without tears or tantrums. With this in mind, Tangle Teezer would like to hear your tips on how you style your children’s hair.

Here’s what Tangle Teezer has to say: “Getting ready to detangle your kid’s hair can make you feel sick to your stomach – the screaming, the crying, the tantrums. Who can relate? Tangle Teezer can, which is why they’ve created a Detangling Spray for Kids. It’s an easy-to-use spray that helps to moisturise hair, making it more manageable. Hair feels smoother and softer. 81% of parents said it makes detangling easier and quicker without weighing hair down.*”

“Buddying up with your favourite Tangle Teezer detangling hairbrush, the spray has a fresh and fruity fragrance with notes of mango, passion fruit and apricot, and has been certified with PETA as being animal-test free and Vegan Society certified. We just know detangling your kid’s hair will make your life that little bit easier now! Available in larger Boots stores and on”

Is brushing through your children’s hair a daily challenge? And if so, how do you tame their unruly hair? Perhaps you've mastered a go-to everyday hairstyle or maybe on a particularly bad hair day you make do with a quick brush and let it be? Was the DIY haircut that you gave your children during lockdown a success, or are you still waiting for that bit that you trimmed too short to grow back? What would make styling your children’s hair easier for you as a parent?

Whether it’s keeping their hair short or plaits every bedtime, share the styling tips that have helped you and you’ll be entered into a prize draw where one lucky MNer will win a £100 voucher for a store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!


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*Self-assessment of 106 children after 2 weeks of use

Mumsnet users share with Tangle Teezer their tips for styling their children's hair
Mumsnet users share with Tangle Teezer their tips for styling their children's hair
Mumsnet users share with Tangle Teezer their tips for styling their children's hair
OP posts:
HobNobAddict · 09/11/2020 09:18

I put some conditioner on my hands whilst the hair is damp and not try and rub through, them comb and leave to dry. I find less knots this way.

Mysa74 · 09/11/2020 10:32

My DD3 has shoulder length curls. I find leave in conditioner and bedtime plaits a godsend otherwise she wakes up with half formed dreadlocks in the morning and even the tangle teezer struggles.

laudete · 09/11/2020 10:55

Always use a detangling brush - even very short hair gets tangled, the way my kids sleep. When hair starts to grow rather long, plaits at bedtime are the way to go whenever you're short on time in the mornings. My kids don't mind too much about hairstyles but they absolutely mind tangles being brushed out. Easiest hairstyles are ponytail for girls and hairspray for boys.

ohdannyboy · 09/11/2020 12:18

I would say loose plaits for bed, not too tight, and use a good leave in conditioner.

CordeliaScott · 09/11/2020 12:22

I'm generally happy if I manage to brush their hair. Anything beyond that is a bonus. I use a tangle teezer on them which seems better at getting the knots out without them moaning at me

Asuwere · 09/11/2020 12:37

Silk pillowcases help reduce tangles in the morning. Also use tangle teezer brush which is fairly gentle.

BristolMum96 · 09/11/2020 12:55

Always plait hair for bed to stop the morning mess. Never have problems with brushing but always got side fringe in the eye, clips always slide out

IWouldBeSuperb · 09/11/2020 12:57

Our tangle teezer brush is nice and gentle, which prevents rows!

And I've found an extra squirt of conditioner added to our usual 2in1 shampoo and conditioner has helped smooth out the back of the head rats nest!

BellaVida · 09/11/2020 13:03

My DD’s both have long, thick, wavy hair. They always use shampoo and conditioner just down the length of the hair avoiding the roots. My older DD styles her own hair, but I do younger DD’s. She prefers to brush her hair first, then I style it how she asks (subject to how late we are running!) I think children have a tendency to just brush the ‘top’ of their hair, so If they have long hair it’s important to teach them to also brush underneath. We have several Tangle Teasers- the only downside for me is no handle to wrap the hairbands around, so we can find them quickly.

Tissima · 09/11/2020 13:40

Love the tangle teezer and range of colours. Do find those without a handle keep falling out of my hand though. Agree teaching children to brush UNDER their hair is an ongoing process.

ErinSophia · 09/11/2020 15:16

I use a leave in conditioner on my daughters hair, makes it a lot more manageable.

AJS2019 · 09/11/2020 15:59

Fine flyaways are the bane of my daughters and my own hair, we both get matted hair so our morning and evening rituals are a good spray of leave in conditioner, tangle teasing and plaits or loose bun.

lucyrobinson · 09/11/2020 16:16

My daughter has really curly hair which gets very knotty. She washes her hair once a week. When it is wet I run argan oil through it. Then brush it. Finally I part it and make two French plaits. Midweek I will re plait it. Gone are the daily arguments about brushing and styling her hair.

MrsFrTedCrilly · 09/11/2020 16:20

We use a detangling brush and spray although struggle as DDs hair is fine, flyaway and curly. I find it difficult to get products that don’t weigh her hair down.
May give this a try Smile

PeaceAndHarmoneeee · 09/11/2020 18:36

We use a tangle teezer and a good conditioner

NeverTwerkNaked · 09/11/2020 18:51

Decent conditioner is definitely the key. And regular brushing.
She doesn't like having it tied back but I do try and tie it into plaits at night.
I wish I was good at hair styles! I am terrible. if she wants french plaits her dad has to do them Blush

TheGriffle · 09/11/2020 19:01

My daughter recently asked for her long curly hair to be cut and she now has a chin length bob. It is a million times easier to brush through.

When it was still long I used to leave a little bit of conditioner in after we’d washed it and in the morning would spray it with watered down conditioner to detangle and brush through with a tangle teaser.

Osquito · 09/11/2020 19:47

DS has ‘long’ (above shoulders, though) hair that is fine with a tendency to curl in the ends. Unfortunately he tosses all night so come the morning its both tangled and flat, amazing feat. I comb it out and give it a good spritzing with water. Other than that it looks its best after a long day or freshly air drying out of shower, when it forms tight ringlets (until he wakes up the next day 🙄).

sharond101 · 09/11/2020 19:54

We have fine wipsy hair and it's hard to manage. The tangle teezer is great for tugs and knots and i am trying to perfect a French braid (trying is an understatement!)

NerrSnerr · 09/11/2020 20:18

My daughter has very curly hair which is cut above her shoulders. I brush it through with water or leave in conditioner every morning. She has a head of crazy ringlets and doesn't need any styling.

MumC2141 · 09/11/2020 20:31

We use a tangle teezer. They have a go first and then I get out the remaining tangles.

LoungeLizardLhama · 09/11/2020 20:42

I can’t believe that I was foolish enough to spend £12 on a wet brush when tangle teezers are clearly the best!
I’ve got caster oil on dd’s hair tonight to try and improve the dryness but usually use frizz ease, olaplex oil or similar. I won’t use anything tested on animals if can help it.


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LoungeLizardLhama · 09/11/2020 20:44

.... so I’ll definitely be buying some of this!

Hopezibah · 09/11/2020 22:13

So the best tip ever from our hairdresser was to USE CONDITIONER FIRST rather than shampoo - totally blew my mind as it's always seemed the only logic is to shampoo then condition but it made washing tangled hair so much easier. Then after washing, we will often put my daughters hair in either two or 4 plaits for bed to stop the knots - she loves the wavy hair look that gives too when it dries. In the winter months we prefer hair to be dried before bed so will sometimes plait then dry with hairdryer. Our tangle teezer brush is a MUST and I'm so pleased to hear about their detangling spray too!

flimple · 09/11/2020 22:19

My DD's hair quite often resembles a birds nest when she wakes up! She hates me brushing her hair but we've found a combination of brushing before bed as well as in the morning and using a spray conditioner/detangler helps with the knots. We've also swapped to a tangle teezer as it's the only brush that doesn't result in tears and arguments!

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