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Mumsnet users share their experience of time outdoors during lockdown with Samaritans

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JustineBMumsnet · 14/05/2020 16:04

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Lockdown has meant that we’ve been spending most of our time in our homes, with precious time outdoors for exercise being treasured more than ever. This July, Samaritans are launching their second Samarathon, where you can run, jog or walk 26.2 miles in your own time and pace to help Samaritans save lives.

Now that many restrictions on exercising outdoors have been eased, they’d like to hear your experience of making the most of your time outdoors so far, and what you think that looks like in the weeks to come.

Plus, if you’d like to take part in Samarathon - alone, with a friend or with your family - click here for more information.

Ruth Sutherland, a mum of two, Samaritans listening volunteer and Samaritans CEO, says; “Now more than ever we know getting active works wonders for the whole family’s mental health. Our fitness-fundraising initiative, Samarathon, is focused on feeling good, and doing good! Why not sign up with friends, family or work mates and support each other’s progress wherever you all are?”

Perhaps you’ve been stretching out your daily exercise for as long as possible or ensuring you visit beautiful spaces that help you relax? Perhaps the routine of going for a walk before or after a day working from home helps separate work and home life? Are you looking forward to spending more time in the outdoors with your family now that the rules have been relaxed?

Whatever your experience of making use of time outdoors during lockdown and how that has made you feel, share on the thread below and you’ll be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £200 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!


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Mumsnet users share their experience of time outdoors during lockdown with Samaritans
OP posts:
Sharpandshineyteeth · 22/05/2020 22:55

Exploring my local area instead of driving To well known county parks.

My local golf club has not been having golfers so I’ve explored their greens and it’s beautiful.

bepoliteyoufecker · 22/05/2020 22:56

I've been getting out for a walk with DH and DC most afternoons. We walk through a beautiful forest and along country lanes. It's been my favourite part of most lockdown days. I think it's helped my post natal anxiety too. The only stressful thing has been trying to avoid others coming from the other direction on some of the narrow footpaths. We don't come across many people as we live rurally but on some of the paths it's impossible to social distance if you do encounter others.

Spanz10 · 23/05/2020 01:43

We have walked our way through lockdown by exploring our surrounding area. We have beautiful river walks, woods, parks and allotments to explore in our city. My three year old son has learnt to ride a bike and my nine month old has enjoyed the views from her pushchair. Quality family time at a slower pace.

WarmHugs · 23/05/2020 11:29

I was training for a half marathon before lockdown, and I found it tough to get out to run as well as homeschool. The only way to get out was very early morning, but my sleep has been so bad that I haven’t wanted to get up early. Now that we can exercise more than once a day, I’m aiming to get out more!

Realitea · 23/05/2020 11:32

I dusted off my bike and finally got it out for a ride the other day. I can't believe how unfit I am! I'm sticking to it though. I'm hoping by the end of all this, I will emerge fitter and more aware of my health and the health and fitness of my family. I'm making sure we have a walk once a day as it really helps to get some fresh air and take a break from working at home.

TellMeItsNotTrue · 23/05/2020 13:25

We have just been using our garden, and appreciating that we have one, as I'm in the most at risk group, and I can't walk very far anyway, my DM/DD/DSs would normally help with getting out and about and obviously they can't at the moment

We are getting plenty of fresh air though and spending lots of time in the garden

Quietvoiceplease · 23/05/2020 23:39

I'm isolating due to an underlying condition, so the extent of my outdoor space is our garden (which I am so very grateful for). We have set up a badminton net, have a netball hoop and arrange all sort of fun sports day types games. That and gardening and some reading in the sunshine all help me feel connected to nature, enjoy some fresh air and feel less confined. How I'd love to go for a proper walk though.

Teaformeplease · 24/05/2020 23:17

I've spent a lot of time in the garden with dd and ddog. Playing games, planting, paddling pool when it's been warm and just relaxing and watching the birds on the feeder. I would have gone mad without outside space to potter about in. We go on daily walks which dd moans about but does actually enjoy and look for butterflies and wild flowers. We are lucky to live about a mile from a beach and have cycled there a couple of times.

Serin · 25/05/2020 00:25

We have been watching the birds more than ever. DH is a proper birder and knows all their calls. This can be annoying when I'm busy and he rushes in to tell me to come and listen to a skylark, however I find I have more patience now, somehow.
Maybe it's because I've seen so much suffering at work (NHS) but this whole pandemic been a wake up call to me and taught me to appreciate the little things more.

Cotswoldmama · 25/05/2020 08:19

We've discovered local walks we never knew about despite living here nearly our whole lives! I've also started running which was on my to do list and I never got around to.

lillypopdaisyduke · 25/05/2020 08:30

My OH and me got the WD40 out of the garage, and rejuvenated the rusty cogs on our bikes, and with DS1 and 2 have had our hours exercise around out local moorland which has a bike track, to feel the air on our faces, and look of total happiness on our children's faces that they were seeing mom and dad on bikes is priceless. I feel fitter than I have for yours and this is something I will keep up to when the lockdown is finally over. I will invest in a bike rack and take our bikes far and wide.

JulesJules · 25/05/2020 21:22

Glad of the good weather, am able to go out into the garden. Unfortunately I'm shielding so apart from hospital appts, haven't been out at all.

Thistly · 26/05/2020 00:06

Walking to the allotment and gardening has been a total lifesaver for me. Just getting out of the house and focussing on something concrete, gardening is great because you observe the progression.

lfoatw2 · 26/05/2020 07:58

I live alone in a London flat and from day 1 made it a priority to get outside every day to have a break from screens and get some exercise. To start with I wouldn't venture far but challenged myself to walk a different road or path each time I went out to keep me interested. Over time my walks (and some runs) have become longer and i have discovered so many green spaces in my local area. I have lived here for 5 years and had no idea so many little, and indeed huge, woods and parks were around. I now actively looks forward to finding out what I will discover each day. Sometimes I listen to music or a podcast, sometimes I call a friend for a chat and others I just listen to the birds. I was petrified of being on my own for so long but getting out and making new discoveries like an abandoned train station and looking for new things has given me purpose.

MakingMemoriesVeryBlessed · 26/05/2020 08:04

We've explored new ways locally - some are magical and remind me of fairytales. Also started playing tennis again - we are lucky to have local free courts.

CheeryCherry · 26/05/2020 08:35

I’ve been working from home with a highly stressful job, and even more do at the moment- I work for a hospice in bereavement support. I have genuinely been exhausted by the end of a 9 hour shift and I’ve virtually done no exercise at all. I have however spent time in an evening in the garden, which I am really appreciating. One day all this will end!

GooodMythicalMorning · 26/05/2020 10:48

Longer dog walks, luckily we live in the south west of england near lots of beautiful places suitable for dog walking, Occasionally it's too hot for the dog but that doesn't stop us from going out.

lolly2010 · 26/05/2020 11:39

We have spent a lot more time in the garden, bbq's. den building. virtual camp with the Beavers and Scouts also making a cardboard pizza oven, we've planted vegetables and go for regular walks also had a movie under the stars, and sat in the garden star gazing together trying to catch a glimpse of a shooting star or the meteor shower. We also participated in the Scouts Hike to the Moon challenge. We try to make the most of the time we have whilst we are together. I am enjoying the opportunity to spend time with my family and experience things we would not necessarily have time to do. I am very lucky to have great Scout and Beaver Leaders to who continue to set challenges and host virtual meet ups.

StillNoFuckingEyeDeer · 26/05/2020 12:33

I was a regular runner before lockdown and I've kept it up, but unfortunately not been able to do it as often as I'd like due to children being at home - I used to be able to run sometimes during the school day.
It's been hard to find safe routes sometimes. Initially it was ok to run in the road and leave pavements for walkers, but pretty soon there were lots of cars again. I'm still running on the roads, avoiding narrow paths and keeping my distance from other people, but I'm aware it's not as safe as it was.
We've been for a lot of long walks with the children, which they've actually enjoyed.
We live by the sea, but haven't been to the beach to sit or swim, which has been very hard, especially when we see how busy it is.

FurloughedFedUp · 27/05/2020 00:07

We've walked every day and being outside feels like a very positive thing.

We've talked to neighbours that we've never really spoken to before and see some of the same faces every day. Lots of cheery 'hellos' and waves from people that would otherwise still be strangers.

My daily walk is the one thing that I intend to keep going when all of this is over.

evespudding · 27/05/2020 06:34

Have enjoyed finding new running routes to my usual ones pre lockdown.

boptanana · 27/05/2020 09:15

I have been outdoors in the garden growing vegetables which I haven’t done for a few years. It has really helped to have something to focus on!

MerlinsBeard87 · 27/05/2020 21:10

Lots of walks in the woods. My boys always grumble but they love it when we are out. It's so good to get them off screens. They've got so good at climbing trees and identifying birds

minceandpotatoes · 28/05/2020 08:53

I've been enjoying taking walks by the local ponds. It's lovely to watch all the different ducks, geese, and swans with their growing families.

grannybiker · 28/05/2020 16:43

As I'm shielding and only allowed out for hospital treatment, I really struggled that first week when the weather was grey and gloomy. It didn't help that we should have been in the Canaries catching some late winter sun...
After a chat with my team, they decided it was OK to walk near our home as we're quite isolated. The weight must have already been creeping on then as I felt really out of condition. Determined not to spend all day lying in the sunshine in case I seize up!

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