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Mumsnet users share how good at spotting kitchen hazards they are with Fairy Non Bio

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JustineBMumsnet · 11/12/2018 14:47


It’s no secret that kitchens house potentially dangerous items that are intriguing to a toddler set on exploring. With this in mind, Fairy Non Bio would like to find out how you fare at spotting hazards in the kitchen. Take this quiz to find out and share how you get on below.

Here’s what Fairy Non Bio has to say: “There is nothing more special than watching your little one take their first steps or hearing them say their first words. These incredible moments will stay with us as parents forever but with them come new things to watch out for. As little explorers grow and begin discovering the world, the risks around them change, too. For Fairy Non Bio, we want to spread the word to keep your laundry detergents safely away from little hands. Click close lids, store products up high and be aware of where your child is when you are doing the washing.”

Whether you can spot hazards without thinking or need to brush up on your safety skills, share your score below to be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £300 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!


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Mumsnet users share how good at spotting kitchen hazards they are with Fairy Non Bio
OP posts:
TheSpottedZebra · 11/12/2018 14:51

I got 7. Yay me.

But Fairy/P&G, rather than tell us to close the lid on the capsules, you could just stop making (laundry) products that look edible to children?

BristolMum96 · 11/12/2018 14:53

7/7. Fairly common sense. I'd hope if you couldn't get those you shouldn't be minding a child especially in a danger filled kitchen! I can't take my eyes off my 1 year old for a second these days.

Nesssie · 11/12/2018 14:56

7/7 common sense when looking at a small picture but easy to put the wine glass on the counter and turn away for a second, or be in the middle of your laundry (hence the open detergent) when one of your child screams for help and you quickly rush away.

beenandgoneandbackagain · 11/12/2018 15:06

Five - bad momma!

MargoLovebutter · 11/12/2018 15:12

Six for me - but I in the last photo, there were two potential hazards, the pan and the wine glass. I thought a pan over the edge of the counter was more dangerous than a wine glass that was properly on the counter - so I contest my score!

HannahLI · 11/12/2018 20:54

I got 7, all things I already think about

PashleyB · 11/12/2018 22:07

6 out of 7 though I was stabbing at my phone a bit to click properly!

Justmuddlingalong · 11/12/2018 22:11

7/7. Kids here are all grown up but I still use the back burner etc. Old but sensible habits.

namechangedyetagain · 11/12/2018 22:13

6 out of 7. Thought the pan on the edge of the counter would be more of as hazard than a glass of wine (which would never be that full in my kitchen!)

Ali1cedowntherabbithole · 11/12/2018 22:18

I only got 6 because I’m too slow!

Would suggest some of the photos had multiple hazards, but a reminder never hurts, and whilst I no longer have toddlers around I do have a pair of curious mutts.

Idontknowwhyinfrench · 11/12/2018 22:18

5 because of fat fingers on my phone!

dancemom · 11/12/2018 22:21

100% preens

diamantegal · 11/12/2018 22:27

I also got 7/7 - might have been more interesting to do less known hazards, but hey, not my quiz.

Knittedfairies · 11/12/2018 22:29

7 out of 7

MrsFrTedCrilly · 11/12/2018 22:30

7/7 Go me
nothing like a totally helicopter approach to parenting Grin

Mammatron · 11/12/2018 22:40

7/7 nailed it! But they’re fairly obvious hazards, it’s the ones you’re not expecting that result in a&e trips!

UpOnDown · 12/12/2018 19:51

7/7, but they were quite obvious!

Aubasaurus · 13/12/2018 14:59

Got 5 but I maintain that there were more than one hazard in some of the photos! I clicked on the pan handle for the first one rather than the pan itself as it was sticking over the edge rather than to the side - I've always thought that was a big no-no.

April2020mom · 13/12/2018 18:05

Six out of seven. However all of them are easily recognisable.

Sierra259 · 13/12/2018 18:06

6/7, there were definitely more than one hazard in some of those photos!

BlackeyedPetitsPois · 13/12/2018 18:09

7/7 common sense to be honest.

ShatnersBassoon · 13/12/2018 18:15

7/7. It wasn't the University Challenge picture round.

BrieAndChilli · 13/12/2018 18:21

7/7 would have been better to have a big photo of a kitchen and have all the hazards in one picture. When you resent a close up photo of a hazard it’s pretty obvious what to click on!

WTFIsAGleepglorp · 13/12/2018 18:24

7/7. And I'm not a mummy. Confused

ScreamingValenta · 13/12/2018 18:31

4/7 - I spotted the hazards but was too slow at finding them. I've never had to child-proof a kitchen so I don't have a very finely-tuned hazard-radar.

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