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Mumsnet users share with Moonlite how they get their child relaxed before bedtime

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EllieMumsnet · 28/09/2018 12:18

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As parents, it’s almost a right of passage to have at least a few nights where your child just won’t settle down for bed. They’re either still a little hyper from the day’s events, they don’t feel like sleeping or they’re just restless. That’s why Moonlite would love to know how you get your child to relax and calm down before bedtime.

Here’s what Moonlite have to say: “Moonlite makes bedtime stories come to life, with full HD story images and in-app sound effects to make the reading experience immersive and magical for children. Feed and fuel children's imaginations and bring back the love of reading through a creative, immersive storytelling and bonding experience.”

Watch this video all about how the Moonlite Storytime Projector can help you at bedtime:

Is it a classic bedtime story coupled with cosying up in bed that does the trick? Perhaps you find having quiet music playing in the background helps them calm down and feel sleepy? Do you try to get them into the same bedtime routine every night so they know when it’s time to wind down? Have you managed to find the blackest of black-out blinds? Or maybe a nice relaxing bath and getting into their cosy PJs tends to help?

However you get your child to relax before bedtime, post on the thread below to be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £300 voucher of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!

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Mumsnet users share with Moonlite how they get their child relaxed before bedtime
Mumsnet users share with Moonlite how they get their child relaxed before bedtime
OP posts:
blueskiesandforests · 28/09/2018 12:24

I still read to mine although they're older and also read to themselves afterwards. I've always read to them at bedtime, except for dc1 under the age of 3, when she found stories and books too exciting and would become too wide awake - books had to be daytime things til that passed.

A fully immersive experience with HD pictures and sound effects is too stimulating for bedtime. Even a new story CD is - the youngest listens to story CDs after I've read, to fall asleep. It has to be one he's heard at least 5 times before though, otherwise he listens too intently and remsins too alert.

BristolMum96 · 28/09/2018 15:10

Mine is 10 months and she's happy as long as she can tuck up with me in the 'big bed' before going to sleep for the night in her own cot.

Headfullofdreams · 28/09/2018 15:27

Get them to read for 15 minutes. Calms them down massively. Also no sugar before bed.

DeanImpala67 · 28/09/2018 16:10

We still read to them every night, and also have no devices for an hour before lights out as it tends to make the youngest hyper. My oldest used to have a lullaby album she listened to but now prefers to read and then go to sleep.

Pascha · 28/09/2018 16:36

Same routine at bedtime as much as possible - bath/shower, teeth, stories then Ds2 (5) likes total darkness and quiet and is asleep quite quickly.

Ds1 (8) reads beast quest or other terrible kids book to himself for half an hour before settling down with night sky projector, fairy lights, lamp and story cd on for comfort Hmm. Frankly at this age I do whatever gets him to stay in his room til he falls asleep.

WitWicky · 28/09/2018 17:01

Bath, book, cuddle and kiss. Nice and simple!

VictoriaBun · 28/09/2018 17:49

Give them some 'down time'. No exciting games, no running about, just a gentle calm down and relax. Might be a bath and getting into warm pjs, a cuddle and a story, a quiet conversation about the day, just a letting to of the day. And even this works - as your ' bringing them didn't lots of yawning brings on their yawning and relaxation.

VictoriaBun · 28/09/2018 17:49

* ' bringing them down *

JC4PMPLZ · 28/09/2018 18:00

A bath and then a bedtime story, some soothing music and a soft toy. All very traditional.

CaptainCaptain · 28/09/2018 19:05

DS is 6, DD is 2 And I’ve never found it necessary to do anything at all. Usually they have a bath before dinner, then a play, milk, story and teeth and then bed. But sometimes they skip the bath, sometimes they are running around with friends children for hours in their pjs before being thrown into bed. Sometime if we are away from home they skip milk. It doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference to them. The only thing we always always do is hold their hand for a minute or so before we leave the room.

sarat1 · 28/09/2018 19:16

We've had a routine since very young of dinner, quiet play, then up for bathtime and a nice relaxed boobing and a comforter for bed.

NerrSnerr · 28/09/2018 19:24

My one year old goes to sleep with milk and listening to songs. My four year old loves listening to stories before she goes to sleep.

ItsJuneDad · 28/09/2018 20:04

For my 9 month old it's milk and playing a lullaby/projector thingy for 10 mins. My 7 year old tells himself stories by torchlight under the duvet!

Mollywobbles82 · 28/09/2018 20:09

We use white noise (2 different sorts for the 2 dc!), I put it on as soon as we come upstairs for bath time. I also diffuse lavender oil through one of those misting machines. It sounds crazy but my 9 week old calms right down as soon as we come upstairs, after what has usually been a cranky final hour of the day. Then baths, pjs and stories. Nothing unusual there I guess!

SnowdropFox · 28/09/2018 20:19

Early days atm but we snuggle dd up in a sleepsuit and play Brahms's Lullaby, Op.49, No.4 as part of our bedtime routine. To help settle her we also read as she enjoys the sound of our voices. Simple yet effective!

starlight36 · 28/09/2018 20:26

Definitely calm time for at least 30 minutes before actual bedtime. Usually into PJs before this starts. Youngest (5) still has bedtime story, older one usually reads whilst this going on. Kiss and cuddle for both and nightlight left on - mainly for youngest but oldest likes it too.

magentastardust · 28/09/2018 20:44

We try and make sure they are calming down as bed time approaches so there is wind down time. Bath and pjs and then a bed time story or the older ones sometimes listen to music or an audio book. The traditional bedtime routine seems to work for us.

ButterflyOfFreedom · 28/09/2018 20:50

We stick to the same routine every night, no matter what we've been doing / where we are.
So always- pjs on, teeth brushed, stories, kisses, tucked into bed, say goodnight, lights off!

StillNoFuckingEyeDeer · 28/09/2018 20:52

Always a bedtime story. It's the only part of the evening routine that we can't get away with skipping. They usually get to watch a little tv after tea and have a snack then teeth, stories and sleep. If we've been out late, we still have to have a story.

Miracular · 28/09/2018 21:01

We always have the same bedtime routine every day, a bath, followed by reading a story together and milk.

Kaykay06 · 28/09/2018 21:07

My youngest son really struggles with bed time. He couldn’t enjoy a story with his brother as he said he couldn’t imagine what was happening so after his bath and milk we put on some guided mediation for kids. He loves it and it’s really helped him settle down at night, he’s asleep quicker and more relaxed and it’s also helped his imagination with books as he was desperate to enjoy a story but just found it frustrating. It’s so nice to see him respond so well

leasedaudi · 28/09/2018 21:10

We do the following for our six month old

  1. bath
  2. feed
  3. cuddle and read a book
  4. upstairs to bed, where a gentle nose stroke or head pats usually lull him off. It doesn't take long, but someone always needs to be there to provide the inevitable dummy replacement service!

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Jeffingandeffing · 28/09/2018 21:20

Routine is crucial so it becomes a habit. Bath, bed, story, peace and quiet, low light and off to sleep. Works for me still!

purplepandas · 28/09/2018 21:27

Lavender spray helps as does a relaxing CD (meditation for kids). No screens and routine all the way with stories.

Backhometothenorth · 28/09/2018 21:28

Story and singing then snuggle down for the night.

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