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Musmnet users pick their favourite clothing/accessory items from Lighthouse

213 replies

EllieMumsnet · 17/09/2018 10:32

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For many people the changing of seasons from summer to winter can be a great excuse for a little wardrobe revamp...bring on the cosy clothes! Lighthouse Clothing would love you to share your favourite pieces from their site, as well as telling us a special memory you have of the outdoors.

Here’s what Lighthouse Clothing has to say: “Lighthouse Clothing is a purpose led brand, committed to creating well crafted clothing with a strong sense of style. Our coastal leisurewear collections give a strong nod to the nautical, as we celebrate our love for the coast and simple island living.

^Based in Belfast and born from the philosophy that the most memorable moments in life are often the simplest ones. We encourage the wanderer and sea lover in us all to step outside and embrace those unhurried moments, shared with those who matter.
Our design team research everything from new materials to trending styles. New fabrics are tested and developed to improve style and function. Each design is refined, each colour palette is considered and in the end when each garment has been perfected, it is added to our collection.”^

Which items do you love the look of and why? Take a look at their website and post the link of your favourites on the thread below.

We would also love you to share a special memory and/or moment you experienced in the outdoors. Did you have a special first date strolling along the beach? Perhaps you and your family had a great day out exploring the outdoors? Or maybe it’s simply that you have great memories of going for a walk on your own to help you relax?

Whichever your favourite items are, post them on the thread below and tell us a special outdoor memory and you’ll be entered into a prize draw where two MNers will win a £150 Lighthouse voucher and one MNer will win a £300 voucher of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!

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Musmnet users pick their favourite clothing/accessory items from Lighthouse
OP posts:
m0jit0 · 17/09/2018 11:57
I love this! It looks so cozy and I love the colour (I have boots this colour which would go perfectly).This would be perfect for autumn walks along the beach with my little girl!

m0jit0 · 17/09/2018 11:58

Oops missed this bit- My special outdoor memory is my first date with my husband which was at the seaside!

BristolMum96 · 17/09/2018 12:24

Love this kids coat, so bright and fun and would keep my daughter warm for chilly walks.

My favourite outdoor memory is meeting my now husband for the first time, and taking a walk along the breezy cliffs of Yorkshire. Now our daughter can join us too!

JC4PMPLZ · 17/09/2018 12:40

Love this

Great colour and it is full length. So many waterproofs are jackety and I just want something to over my legs.

I have so many outdoor memories - a recent favourite one would be climbing up a beautiful; mountain in Snowdonia with DD and DS and other relatives and reaching the top after 3 hours, taking in the air and the landscape and resting before making the descent. So much wind and cloud!

OfIceAndFire · 17/09/2018 12:52
Montydoo · 17/09/2018 12:56

I love this as the colour is so current, the style is flattering, and would go with most colour trousers, brown, black or grey. Thank you.

jacqui5366 · 17/09/2018 12:59

This is the coat for me and it is waterproof, which is something I don't have at the moment, its is a great length to keep me dry on the school run, an the inner drawstring will give the coat a warming flattering fit. The drawstring hood is an added bonus keeping my head warm and dry when walking the dog in the evening.

Olinguito · 17/09/2018 13:01

I love this parka:


It looks warm and cosy, and a flattering shape.

I have some great memories of walking in Snowdonia too. Climbing Snowdon when I was a child, and a more recent walk with my family around the foothills in incredibly windy weather.

daniel1996 · 17/09/2018 13:03

I think this dress is lovely I like it because of the practical design, it's smart yet casual at the same time, and would great with leggings or thick tights. The frilled neckline is so pretty and makes the dress so eyecatching,

LuckyDiamond · 17/09/2018 13:06

I love this

My favourite outdoor memory is the time DH and I were walking home after the pub and saw the Northern Lights so ended up taking a walk along the coast instead. They were magical.

lovemyflipflops · 17/09/2018 13:07

My favourite item is this full length coat as it is fully waterproof, with double seams and shoulder coverings which add to the quality of the coat, the deep back vent is practical, and adds to the style. I would love this to wear to work as it would keep my clothes dry, keep me warm - whatever the winter has up his sleeve for us this year !

Polar81 · 17/09/2018 13:09

I love the colour of this top - bright but also perfect for autumn 🍂 My favourite seaside memory is rockpooling down in Robin Hoods Bay with the kids - we go each year and never tire of finding crabs, sea snails and all kinds of sealife.

Creasey31 · 17/09/2018 13:12

Every Sunday is now Rugby practise for our little man so i choose a selection of jackets for the whole family! Watching his confidence grow whilst getting some fresh air is what we love to do as a family!

For me this jacket , love the colour and would go with everything

For my handsome man

For my gorgeous boy

NewModelArmyMayhem18 · 17/09/2018 13:30

Loving this one - reminds me of a Driza-Bone. Ideal for rainy days and looks as if it would be cosy too.

Favourite family outdoor memory a very wet (but enjoyable nevertheless) summer holiday on the Hartland Peninsula. I love the rain.

MrsPMT · 17/09/2018 13:46

My favourite item is this mens jacket. Like the styling of it.

My favourite outdoor memory is taking my my son and his friend to a local woodland walk where they played in the stream with our collie and carried a huge log for most of the walk (for no reason whatsoever Grin)

PhilomenaButterfly · 17/09/2018 14:04

This is my favourite! The colour's very me!

My favourite day outdoors was Saturday 8th September just gone. We went to a music festival, the DC played football most of the day, DS2 totally wrecked his clothes and trainers! 😂

MTBMummy · 17/09/2018 14:13

I really like this one, would be great for our National Trust days out, where despite wanting to explore the lovely houses, I typically spend them chasing my kids about the gardens.

and my daughter has asked me to add that she loves this

One of my favourite outdoors memories pre dates my children, I'd left South Africa to move to the UK, and having been here for the better part of a year, my mom flew out to celebrate my birthday, we were walking a stretch of the Thames between Maidenhead and Windsor, marvelling at the lovely red leaves, clear blue sky and crisp air and we didn't see another person, it was just a perfect day out for us.

biffyboom · 17/09/2018 14:35
This coat is gorgeous!

My favourite outdoor memories are the ones we are making now with our children, going on nature walks and picnics, as I know they won't want to do these things with us as they get older.

ButterflyOfFreedom · 17/09/2018 15:21

I like this:

Seems really reasonably priced & looks good quality / stylish

One of my favourite outdoor moments was playing on a (deserted) beach in Wales with DH & the DC Smile

rupert23 · 17/09/2018 15:25
i love this coat its perfect for school runs and walking the dog.
My favourite outdoor memories are my autistic son now 11 playing in the woods with his puppy. It is lovely to watch him and makes me smile.

asuwere · 17/09/2018 16:05

I like this coat:
Perfect for the school run as means none of me gets wet!

My favourite outdoor memory is sitting at the beach at home watching dolphins jumping in the distance (in the sea obviously)

Temerity123 · 17/09/2018 17:19

I like the Raven raincoat. I’m a teacher and it looks like the perfect playground duty coat and I love the colour:

My favourite outdoor memory is Boxing Day on the beach in Cornwall many years ago. There was a Christmas tree and everything and the sun was shining. Beautiful winters day.


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BitOfAKerfuffle · 17/09/2018 17:20

I am in love with this coat, have been eyeing it up for weeks, just impatiently waiting for Christmas so i can get OH to treat me to it !
My favourite outdoor memories are walking home from school runs on really wet days whenever theres lots of puddles to splash in.
Days spent on the beach as well with extended family and dipping little ones toes in the water for the very first time

NeverTwerkNaked · 17/09/2018 17:36

I really like this top:

Favourite outdoor memory- playing on the beach near our house with the children. It’s a pebbly beach but they love throwing pebbles in and collecting shells

ARiverInEgypt · 17/09/2018 17:53

I rather like the sky blue parka here.
Cheerful, practical and not a colour that’s around in the shops much at the moment.

My favourite outdoor moments are just random bits of nature in the city - cutting through the park and saying hallo to random birds, dogs, trees and insects.

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