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Can we have to option to ignore certain posters?

71 replies

SofaQueen · 28/11/2009 13:52

I belong to another forum where there is an option to filter out posts by particular posters. I'd LOVE it if there was that option here because whilst I find most posts interesting and/amusing, there are a very small handful of posters whose posts consistently annoy or offend me. I usually just skim over what they have to say and try and ignore, but sometimes I find myself unnecessarily irritated, and causes me to stop following the thread.

Also, this option might also tone down some of the vitriol on some controversial threads.

Just an idea, but would be welcome.

OP posts:
Disenchanted3 · 28/11/2009 13:55

But its usually the offensive/controversial posters that get the most responses so surely most of the threads would make absolutly no sense to you?

You have the option to hide a thread if you don't like whats going on in there.

southeastastra · 28/11/2009 13:57

well that's a lovely attitude to take isn't it?

ShowOfHands · 28/11/2009 14:02

It wouldn't work surely? Threads just wouldn't make sense.

I have to say there was a poster when I first joined that I found I disagreed with over almost every subject. I used to see her name and my hackles would rise. But, actually over time I've found I really like reading her posts/chatting to her because her opinions and outlook might be polar opposite to mine but she's interesting and she challenges what I think and I think it makes MN more interesting to have a mix of people.

If you're becoming very riled or annoyed then that's perhaps something to tackle in yourself by either engaging with those posters or just clicking 'hide' or 'back' or realising it doesn't matter really. I mean this in a non smug or annoying way.

comewhinewithme · 28/11/2009 14:03

I can't see the point it wouldn't work because of namechanging anyway.

Bucharest · 28/11/2009 14:11

What are we, huh? Babycentre?

I just scroll past the one poster I can't be did with on here. (I know the sort of threads she's going to be talking bollox on anyway, so have just learned to lalalala at them)

Bucharest · 28/11/2009 14:12

PS CWWM- how is dd getting on at school now?

BitOfFun · 28/11/2009 14:17

I would love the option in Real Life

Ronaldinhio · 28/11/2009 14:17

awwww sofaqueen surely if you don't like what someone writes you just ignore them, as others have said otherwise you will miss or lose the jist of threads
it seems very childish to block people rather than disagree or ignore them doesn't it?
agree that some of the people I immediately hated I now activily look forward to seeing

OracleInaCoracle · 28/11/2009 14:18

um, no. what a horrible idea! i agree with SOH, when i first started i was flamed a LOT, but a lot of the flamers are now people that i really respect and like. hiding posters will just make mn elitist and cliquey, not good imvho

JustAnotherManicMummy · 28/11/2009 14:24

This is an option already. It is called personal discretion.

I find I often use it a lot on a thread with one poster one day, and then don't need to the next.

There is, as Disenchanted3 said, an option to hide a thread if it's all just too much for me which I have used occasionally.

BitOfFun · 28/11/2009 14:26

I think if we had that option on here, can youi imagine how paranoid you'd feel if somebody didn't reply to something you'd said? Or you got NO REPLIES to a thread?

If I suspected YOU had me on "ignore", I would start to feel mischievous quite quickly too, and make sarky comments about you on a thread just because I knew you couldn't hear me. Then you would see reams of posts ssaying and Arf, and you would wonder what was going on. After a while, some prig would show up and say "Oh BOF, that really isn't on, talking about Sofaqueen like that, you meanie", and you would be insensed with rage, rush to unhide me to see what I'd said despite your avowed intention not to (so you hate yourself a little bit by this point too), read it and then combust with vitriol like a Cyber Rumpelstiltskin.

And nobody wants that to happen

comewhinewithme · 28/11/2009 14:28

Hi Bucharest she is doing really well thankyou the school bully moved onto another girl and school seem to be keeping an eye on it.

I have my smiley dd back I really hope it lasts.

heartofgold · 28/11/2009 14:29

much further up the to-do list surely is showing the op of a thread in active convos/topic view. then you could choose not to view certain threads if you were aware they were started by someone who always riles you.

OracleInaCoracle · 28/11/2009 14:31

pmsl BoF

BitOfFun · 28/11/2009 14:31

JustAnotherManicMummy's personal discretion, tempered with a sprinkling of passive aggression (like this>>>) is the best way to go.

ImSoNotTelling · 28/11/2009 14:37

We had this exact same question a while back.

I hid the person who asked it

TheHeathenOfSuburbia · 28/11/2009 14:39

SofaQueen, this has come up before, everyone was very anti-it... Me, I'm in favour, like you, from other forums where it is very good for the blood pressure just to read, say:

This post has been hidden because the poster is on your ignore list.

instead of having to try and skim past the actual post, accidentally reading it, wondering how anyone can be so stupid/irritating, getting annoyed, and then having to hide the whole thread. Which you might have been interested in.

But having said that, even the annoying posters on MN are generally less barking than those you find wandering the wildernesses of the Internet, with their conspiracy theories and txtspk and whatever. So could be a bit of a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Plus all the regulars seem opposed (worried they might go on someone's Ignore list!? I couldn't possibly comment )

scottishmummy · 28/11/2009 14:39

no, why do you personalise it that much. you need to unclench a bit if other posters annoy you so.

how do you keep track of who annoys you,i never recall who said what.

and maybe we all dont consider it to be vitriol,maybe it is witty riposte

DippyFarquhar · 28/11/2009 14:40

I was just thinking of this option the other day. It's not the content so much as some posting styles. What I would really like is for all posts to be automatically filtered to get rid of annoying signatures and extra full stops, lols, smilies, brackets and everything else that I find mildly irritating.

I'm only a bit joking.

Ronaldinhio · 28/11/2009 14:42

"a bit joking"?....shurely not

hides poster

JustAnotherManicMummy · 28/11/2009 14:43

The OP's not been back.

Do you think we're all on her list?

ImSoNotTelling · 28/11/2009 14:44

Thing is if you blocked posters wouldn't it be really irritating trying to read threads where they were contributing?

Have to say I can only think of a couple of people who really wind me up. I just avoid them til I've calmed down a bit.

TrillianAstra · 28/11/2009 14:47

Stupid idea. For all the reasons cited above.

Name of OP as well as last poster on a thread: that's something I'd like to see.

Bucharest · 28/11/2009 14:47

And anyway, on Babycentre, it defeats its whole object, because (I believe, I've never actually blocked anyone on there) you get a hoooge white blank box, so you think,ooooh it's that narsty so and so I blocked, I wonder what she's said, and so you have to unblock her to go and look and then you get all mad at yourself.

CWMM- good news, not that the bully is still bullying of course, but that dd is fine now x

scottishmummy · 28/11/2009 14:51

says more about person wishing to ignore folk than the allegedly annoying posters. an inability to engage with posts and posters without personalising it

i dont dislike anyone on mn. might dislike pots never disliked posters

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