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Fill in the glue ear survey and have a chance of winning £250 of vouchers

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carriemumsnet · 16/01/2009 14:41

Please take a minute to take our survey on glue ear. The survey is open to everyone with a child aged eighteen months to ten years old and everyone who takes part will be entered into a prize draw to win £250 of vouchers for either Boden, SpaceNK or The White Company.

Fill in the survey here

Thanks and good luck


OP posts:
Mercy · 16/01/2009 14:49


mrsmaidamess · 16/01/2009 14:52

first ever survey done. One of the joys of being off sick.

Tamarto · 16/01/2009 15:05

Not sure what i wanted to be as a child has to do with glue ear

KerryMumbles · 16/01/2009 15:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

norksinmywaistband · 16/01/2009 15:28

Tamarto- I agree very odd question, because I chose a certain job, my ds has glue ear

belgo · 16/01/2009 15:41

done it

Saggarmakersbottomknocker · 16/01/2009 15:49

All my 3 had glue ear but are teens now.

LIZS · 16/01/2009 15:54


Ingles2 · 16/01/2009 15:56


uberalice · 16/01/2009 16:01


HuwEdwards · 16/01/2009 16:19

Done and ditto tamarto...

peanutbear · 16/01/2009 16:26

maybe these are the jobs you cant do if you have glue ear ??/

its not true DH had glue ear as a child and hes a pilot

Yorkiegirl · 16/01/2009 16:44

Message withdrawn

Amapoleon · 16/01/2009 16:50

Done it.

Lizzylou · 16/01/2009 17:03

I win a comp one day, Oh yes sirree bob

Lizzylou · 16/01/2009 17:03

I Will win...obv

RiaParkinson · 16/01/2009 17:14

must be my turn soon - surely!

psychomum5 · 16/01/2009 18:07

bit of a vague survey on glue ear.......why ask me what I wanted to be, whether I day dreamed etc.

done it tho, and I will win, I will, I will, I will

RealityIsMyOnlyDelusion · 16/01/2009 18:08

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

DisasterArea · 16/01/2009 18:21

v unfair. DD1 had nasty glue ear but is 12. can i do it for DD2 who is 10 instead and pretend?

Reallytired · 16/01/2009 18:32

It would be intersting to know who is commisioning that questionaire. Many of the questions seem totally and utterly irrelevent to glue ear. There are questions that I think would have been more appriopate to ask if the researchers were seriously interested in glue ear.

Either the researchers are pretty ignorant about glue ear or they are actually trying to find out something else.

I have not done the questionaire even though I wouldn't mind the chance of winning £250.

EldonAve · 16/01/2009 18:38

Why do the surveys now ask for your MN name?

Tortoise · 16/01/2009 18:49


pointydog · 16/01/2009 19:00


Isn't that odd, asking about my dream jobs as a child. I don't think they want to know about glue ear at all.

BuckBuckMcFate · 16/01/2009 19:02

i think that the professions listed are all ones where you could expect to experience a change of pressure which could affect your ears??

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