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Fill in the glue ear survey and have a chance of winning £250 of vouchers

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carriemumsnet · 16/01/2009 14:41

Please take a minute to take our survey on glue ear. The survey is open to everyone with a child aged eighteen months to ten years old and everyone who takes part will be entered into a prize draw to win £250 of vouchers for either Boden, SpaceNK or The White Company.

Fill in the survey here

Thanks and good luck


OP posts:
spicemonster · 16/01/2009 19:05

Aha buckbuck - very perceptive. I've done it. If I fit within their target group and there's a chance of winning something, I do the surveys. Nothing is beneath me

pointydog · 16/01/2009 19:10

buck, you are sharp tonight.

BuckBuckMcFate · 16/01/2009 19:29

Why thank you [coy]

Reasonably sure that I've just used up my sharp quota for the day though!

spicemonster, me too

coppertop · 16/01/2009 19:31

Done it but I didn't like the options for the final question about what you did if your child had glue ear. There was nowhere to put "Nothing - treatment wasn't needed". The wording of the "Nothing - wait to see if it clears up by itself" made it sound as though you couldn't be bothered to get it checked out by anyone.

Dozymare · 16/01/2009 19:40


DrNortherner · 16/01/2009 19:47

Am I correct in thining you can't do those careers if you have a perforated ear drum (which you are likely to have if you had glue ear)?

Sawyer64 · 16/01/2009 19:55


gigglewitch · 16/01/2009 21:24

some questions would have been better to allow more than one answer - or is that just me bein fussy

KingCanuteIAm · 16/01/2009 21:27

SO, MNHQ, are these entires being put into the same draw as the one for these vouchers the other day or do you have two sets of vouchers up for grabs?

(just worried about my chances of having nice stuff being diluted!)

scrooged · 16/01/2009 21:46


Thomcat · 16/01/2009 21:59

Done it, but really odd questions.

carriemumsnet · 16/01/2009 22:30

Sorry probably our mistake in misleading you with the glue ear title. The survey has been commissioned by a company that makes an "alternative" treatment for glue ear. They've already got lots of data on glue ear itself, this is more about what treatments folks have tried and the careers question is about when you plan your career and whether you think about the future impact of grommets. I think that's what it's about anyway. Hope that helps.
Oh and each survey where we offer a chance to win vouchers offers a new chance to win new vouchers, if that makes sense.
By the way we usually tell companies to offer these vouchers as an incentive. If there are other vouchers you'd prefer, do let us know.

Thanks all who've completed the survey so far.


OP posts:
pointydog · 16/01/2009 22:34

hmm, I did wonder. There was a slightly anti-medical intervention tone to it all, which - as someone whose dd had four sets of grommets - I wasn't too taken with.

KingCanuteIAm · 16/01/2009 22:42

Thanks Carrie!

(I would like GLTC vouchers btw )

saint2shoes · 16/01/2009 23:13

ok so I won't feel it in, even though I have had 17 years of this

pointydog · 16/01/2009 23:17

thinking about the future impact of grommets is a bit if a bummer when your child has had four (possibly five, I lost count) sets.

nicsnigsnags · 16/01/2009 23:31

I don't see how it could have an impact on being a nurse, am I missing something with that one? The pilot etc I can understand but not change of pressure in nursing??

BexieID · 17/01/2009 06:37

Just completed. Not sure if Tom has glue ear, but he's having his tonsils/adenoids out soon and they are doing a hearing test under anaesthtic.

LilRedWG · 17/01/2009 10:09


edam · 17/01/2009 12:59

Good question, nicnac, my sister had terrible glue ear as a child and is now a nurse. Don't think anyone's ever questioned her about childhood hearing problems.

Reallytired · 17/01/2009 13:10

I don't think there is a lot that a history of childhood glue ear or even permament deafness can stop you doing. The disablity discrimination act stops unreasonable discrimination.

My son has had horrendous glue ear. His ears have perforated nine times and he had grommets and hearing aids for 18 months. Infact he still has a very slight hearing loss due to scarring although he is coping without hearing aids.

My son was under the community paediattian for several years. He took out his hearing aids so that he could play with a toy stethoscope. Our community paediatrian told my son that she knew of several doctors with mild deafness. Apparentely they use special stethoscopes that interface with their hearing aids. If its possible to become a doctor with hearing problems/ ear drum problems then I am sure its possible to become a nurse.

I can see no reason why its not possible to be a lorry or a train driver or even an air hostess or commerical air pilot.

I could see problems with being a test pilot or a deep sea diver, but then lots of people are ruled out of those careers on things like height, eyesight, obsesity or other strange reasons.

flossie64 · 17/01/2009 17:24

Done. I did think some questions were a bit random though.

tribpot · 17/01/2009 17:48

Have I missed the part about the future impact of grommets? I had glue ear as a child and my my heart goes out to my mum and every other mum who has to deal with it in a little one, I would be beside myself.

When I was 4 or 5, I had my adenoids out in the (Victorian) Children's Hospital. They gave you the pre-med, then wheeled you down to some big old room where you watched cartoons on the ceiling, and then one by one your fellow children were wheeled through a big doorway, never to return. No explanation as to where they were going. When it was your turn you were taken through and a gas mask clamped to your face. In retrospect probably one of the most terrifying moments of my life. Thank goodness treatment at least is somewhat more humane these days.

moodlumhohohoodlum · 17/01/2009 20:57

Done. Lets hope the PR company doing this one don't email everyone's email address out to the world

MrsSanta · 18/01/2009 11:22

done agree some questions odd.

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