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Fill in the glue ear survey and have a chance of winning £250 of vouchers

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carriemumsnet · 16/01/2009 14:41

Please take a minute to take our survey on glue ear. The survey is open to everyone with a child aged eighteen months to ten years old and everyone who takes part will be entered into a prize draw to win £250 of vouchers for either Boden, SpaceNK or The White Company.

Fill in the survey here

Thanks and good luck


OP posts:
MoreSpamThanGlam · 18/01/2009 11:56

I would have thought there would have been more questions about the childs behaviour. My dds behaviour change significantly once she had grommets.

Hulababy · 18/01/2009 19:33


bosch · 18/01/2009 22:38

Done it

Does anyone ever wonder how many people enter these comps? Or who commissions them and why?

tatt · 19/01/2009 15:48

yes I wonder. Disappointed not to be eligible for this one.

carriemumsnet · 19/01/2009 16:04

The PR have said I can say who the survey is for - it's otovent - and alternative treatment to grommets for glue ear.

For some reason we've had a bit of a slower response to this than normal - do you think folks are getting tired of the incentives, or have we phrased it so you think you can only answer if you have experience of glue ear? Just curious really.


OP posts:
Mercy · 19/01/2009 16:32

Carrie, yes I think the title probably made people think it was a somewhat more indepth/ medical type survey.

I entered because I suspect ds has/has had glue ear (of course the prize helped too!)

Reallytired · 19/01/2009 17:15

We tried Otovent and my son just found blowing a ballon up with his nose far too difficult at the age of five. My FIL who is seventy has some sucess with Otovent though.

I think I might do the survey now as I know who is wanting the results.

fruitshootsandheaves · 19/01/2009 18:04

I do hope its not £250 of Woolworth vouchers

Mercy · 19/01/2009 18:45


ThingOne · 19/01/2009 19:53

I was hesitant about responding as I have no experience of glue ear. Maybe a different title inviting all?

no5 · 19/01/2009 21:42

done this one,too

bosch · 19/01/2009 22:25

Thanks for answer Carrie!

IAteMakkaPakka · 19/01/2009 22:45

I think the way this is worded in the title might lead people to think it's aimed only at those with experience of glue ear. I was chuffed to realise I qualified [rubs hands at prospect of freebies]

ronshar · 20/01/2009 09:15

I had glue ear as a child as did my sister. I have since become a nurse!!!

My DD1 had glue ear, 2 sets of gromits & adenoids out she is good as new. Not sure she could blow up a balloon with her nose at 4years old though. If that is the product they are developing.

Can I have vouchers to Champneys please

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