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New mumsnet clique- do you qualify to join?

97 replies

ScummyMummy · 19/08/2006 12:09

Dinosaur, emsiewill and I have started an exclusive clique based on our mutual credentials of recently sustaining slide-related minor injuries. See here to see the birth of the clique, if desired . Post here with details of your qualifications and we will consider whether to allow you entry to our clique. Please note- injuries inflicted from swings or roundabouts will NOT be considered.

OP posts:
Enid · 19/08/2006 12:11

I got hit in the side by the swing only yesterday (trying to push dd2 whilst holding dd3)!

go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on

let slides in

Enid · 19/08/2006 12:12

i mean swings

MegaLegs · 19/08/2006 12:13

Does getting wedged (due to large child bearing hips) half way down a slippery dip make me eligible to join the clique?

Tutter · 19/08/2006 12:15

damn, i miss out on the 'recently sustained' element of your clique credentials. i fell off a slide and knocked myself out...

("oooh!" say clique members, sitting up in interest)

...but it was about 30 years ago.

emsiewill · 19/08/2006 12:15

Personally I think it's slides only. But as a non-founder member, I am willing to bow to the Scummy one's decision.

emsiewill · 19/08/2006 12:17

Oh, and hello again Megalegs (didn't I talk to you the other night when I was drinking?).

Were you injured when you got wedged?

ScummyMummy · 19/08/2006 12:17

Megalegs- you're in!

Enid, Enid, Enid... Was there at least a slide in the playground?

Wish i didn't have to log off and tidy the kitchen- fancy being silly all day now.

See you later cliquettes.

OP posts:
Enid · 19/08/2006 12:18

it was in my garden! And yes we have a slide too! (I can't go on it though as my arse gets stuck)

ScummyMummy · 19/08/2006 12:19

Being wedged sounds rather painful so must qualify, surely? Really must go!

OP posts:
Greensleeves · 19/08/2006 12:19

I got blisters - burns [whock] from sliding down one of those damn vertical slides at a play centre, trying to show ds1 that it was safe.

ScummyMummy · 19/08/2006 12:20

Hmm- having slide sounds hopeful. Will ponder as i wash up. bye all.

OP posts:
Greensleeves · 19/08/2006 12:20

Oh, and a couple of weeks ago I tried to take ds2 down a slide and got stuck the thing was built for children - but ds1 hasn't stopped telling people "we went to Watermouth Castle and there was a playground and the big fat mumbum got stuck on the slide!!"

ScummyMummy · 19/08/2006 12:21

Greenie- you are definitely in. See ya later guys.

OP posts:
hunkermunker · 19/08/2006 12:22

I had an embarrassing moment on a spiral slide the other day with DS1 on my lap...turns out it was quite fast. I recovered well, I thought - only staggered about ten paces trying to regain my balance after exiting said slide at light speed clutching DS1 to me!

(I broke my front teeth off in a see-saw-related accident when I was about 8 though )

Tommy · 19/08/2006 12:24

I managed a coccyx (sp?) injury coming down a slide at a soft play place (not soft enough obviously) with DS1 on my lap.
Had to have physio and everything
Does that qualify?

emsiewill · 19/08/2006 12:26

Tommy, when did it happen?

hunkermunker · 19/08/2006 12:27
Squarer · 19/08/2006 12:27

I embarrased myself on one of those spiral slides at an indoor play centre whilst on a mumsnet meetup if that counts?
I was going down headfirst holding on to my sons arms and my skirt slid down .
I didn't fess up at the meetup, I just stayed there for a while until they all looked away.
Am I in? Possible fanjo burns.. it could have been nasty....

emsiewill · 19/08/2006 12:32

Hunker and squarer, I think injuries to pride are allowed, in the absence of Scummy, I am allowing you in.

pointydog · 19/08/2006 12:33

I went down a flume at a local pool with dd2 but went out of control and ended up with a 'flume burn' on my elbow.

I put this down to the fact I am very short sighted and don't wear specs in the pool! Affects my balance, ahem.

emsiewill · 19/08/2006 12:36

Pointy, no doubt about yours - you qualify to join. Welcome to you all.

TambaTheDragonSlayer · 19/08/2006 12:37

I went on the slide at the wakey warehouse and got friction burns on my arm and hand. Had to fill in the accident book and have a cold compress. I still have the scar! (It was this year too)

emsiewill · 19/08/2006 12:39

Isn't it amazing how many of us qualify for this? I do find slides quite irresistable, actually. Especially ones that are big enough to take my arse.

pointydog · 19/08/2006 12:41

Wow. I have never been in a clique. I might react badly.

emsiewill · 19/08/2006 12:43

You just need to try and keep a level head. Don't start to think you are better than the other people who have never sustained a slide-related injury. Perhaps they have had an embarrassing incident with a tin opener, and think themselves a cut above because of that. You just can't tell by looking...

I have never been in a clique, either, by the way, so not really qualified to give advice.

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