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New mumsnet clique- do you qualify to join?

97 replies

ScummyMummy · 19/08/2006 12:09

Dinosaur, emsiewill and I have started an exclusive clique based on our mutual credentials of recently sustaining slide-related minor injuries. See here to see the birth of the clique, if desired . Post here with details of your qualifications and we will consider whether to allow you entry to our clique. Please note- injuries inflicted from swings or roundabouts will NOT be considered.

OP posts:
SaintGeorgeMarple · 19/08/2006 18:05

Don't think I should admit what I did on a slide.

Squarer · 19/08/2006 18:06

That would come under injury to self esteem (having to beg). It's definitely a contender. Yet done so willingly........

Where is Scummy for a decision. Her kitchen can;t have been that messy, surely?

Squarer · 19/08/2006 18:07

Oh, go on SG.
Go on go on go on go on go on.

SaintGeorgeMarple · 19/08/2006 18:08

Enough to say it was late, I'd had too much to drink and I wasn't alone.

Tortington · 19/08/2006 18:09

no i didn't injure my arm...i injured my pride dignity and self worth.!

it was great fun!

Cam · 19/08/2006 18:10

How many other people were there SaintG

SaintGeorgeMarple · 19/08/2006 18:14


just dh

TambaTheDragonSlayer · 19/08/2006 18:22


SaintGeorgeMarple · 19/08/2006 18:23
TambaTheDragonSlayer · 19/08/2006 18:24

So you should missy!

Squarer · 19/08/2006 18:32

So not an injury as such... more of a slight gash?

ScummyMummy · 19/08/2006 20:48

Wow- 62 posts discussing a slide injury clique! Fantastico! In a rush of emotion at everyone's enthusiasm I declare you ALL in. However, from this point on we'll all have to get really tough on who meets criteria or just anyone will think they can join.

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 19/08/2006 20:50

My arse is far too large to be considered for slide related injuries but can I join anyway? I have been to a park, more times than I care to remember, in fact, I've spent YEARS in parks, I tell you!

sammac · 19/08/2006 20:57

I broke my leg and crushed my knee in a park when I slid under a boat thingy I was pushing. Had to spend months in hospital AND had to learn to walk again. Had a wheelchair and was off school for 6 months( now I've given the timing away ) But it was traumatic at the time and I had my birthday in hospital and on that day they made me walk with crutches , okay I was 8, but the memory lives on!!!
Retrospective admittance please!

kimi · 19/08/2006 22:27

yay im in

PinkTulips · 20/08/2006 12:53

woo hoo, i'm in a clique!

i never thought my slide incident would be good for anything other than an amusing story and extremely painful ribs when preg!

sis · 20/08/2006 13:08

well, everytime I manage to go on a slide that will cope with my girth, I feel sick - as if my stomach has moved upwards - does that qualify as an injury?

CaptainCavemansMummy · 20/08/2006 13:15

I went down a slide at Twin lakes earlier this year and flew off the end in a most undignified manner (much to everyones amusement!) and bruised my arse! I declined a cold compress though....
Can I join??!!

MegaLegs · 20/08/2006 21:16

Can't believe I've finally mannaged to get into an MN clique and was then madly busy all weekend and missed the whole thing.

Hi emsiewill - yep I was on the drinking thread having just started using my new non mummy name.

Slide wedge occured sometime ago now but my cheeks still burn with shame at the very mention of a slippery dip.

Sustained some bruising to lower back as small child following me down gave me a hefty kick in the kidneys.

CountTo10 · 20/08/2006 21:18

I have 4 grazes on my right elbow of various ages from going down a bouncy castle slide and the slide at our local play centre - does that count????

LieselVonTrapp · 20/08/2006 21:43

Sorry but that probably the most boring thread title ever - saves me reading the rest of the posts.

Molesworth · 20/08/2006 21:44

Would a see-saw injury be of any use?

Angeliz · 20/08/2006 21:47

Well i nearly vomitted when i got off the tea cups the other day.
I had to go on as dd2 would've felt left out and really wanted to join her sister but is too little. I swear the guy was deliberately spinning us fast and i'm sure he didn't miss the fact that i am due to give Birth soon.

Do i qualify?

(I also got wrong off my Mam and i'm 32)

ScummyMummy · 20/08/2006 21:48

Ah-ha. Ms Von Trapp is not an injured slider, I see. Get her, clique. She is not one of us. Liesel, Liesel, Liesel, Out, Out, Out.

Sis, ccm and CT10- fantastic injuries! Welcome.

OP posts:
ScummyMummy · 20/08/2006 21:49

see saws and teacups are affiliated to slides in the book of playground ettiquette. You two are in!

OP posts:
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