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New mumsnet clique- do you qualify to join?

97 replies

ScummyMummy · 19/08/2006 12:09

Dinosaur, emsiewill and I have started an exclusive clique based on our mutual credentials of recently sustaining slide-related minor injuries. See here to see the birth of the clique, if desired . Post here with details of your qualifications and we will consider whether to allow you entry to our clique. Please note- injuries inflicted from swings or roundabouts will NOT be considered.

OP posts:
iota · 20/08/2006 21:49

I got my leg trapped under a roundabout when I was a kid - does that count?

Molesworth · 20/08/2006 21:50


My front tooth is chipped from a see-saw session with an overly violent person on the other end

iota · 20/08/2006 21:55

have just remembered a more recent slide realted injury

my dh persuaded me to go down an enormous vertical drop slide in Wet and Wild in Orlando

My swimsuit disappeared up my backside and gave me a severe wedgie.

and I scraped my elbow

dh laughed hysterically

CountTo10 · 20/08/2006 21:56

The thing is no matter how many signs I see saying keep your arms in etc, for some reason I just don't think this applies to me!!!!

LVT - are you jel-oire??????

MegaLegs · 20/08/2006 21:58

yeoowch iota - some people actually employ that wedgy tactic to go really fast - there was a thread about it once.

iota · 20/08/2006 22:00

MegaLEgs really

well I have never been down it again nor am I likely to

MegaLegs · 20/08/2006 22:01

There is a photo of me taken at Fishers Farm two summers ago coming down the slide with ds2. My skirt has ridden up, my knickers are clearly visible and so are (gulp) my 'wings'

I know, I know go get a mooncup!

LieselVonTrapp · 20/08/2006 22:06

PMSL @ Megalegs

MegaLegs · 20/08/2006 22:08
Cam · 21/08/2006 11:58

Gosh Megalegs with those kind of "slide-confessions" I'm in mind to call a vote for you to become Chairman of this clique (not President, obv, that's Scummymummy)

pointydog · 21/08/2006 13:35


At least it was your wings and not your flaps!

YeahBut · 21/08/2006 13:44

Came down a slide with dd2 last summer, didn't really appreciate how fast it was, came flying off and whacked my noggin, grazed my knees etc. Also severely injured my pride. Am I in?

Cam · 21/08/2006 13:48

Only if you tell us what happened to dd2?

Iklboo · 21/08/2006 13:51

We used to grease the slide with the inside of Warburton's bread wrappers (they were waxed) and several of us used to grease it at one time so it was really slippy.
Summer of 76 (showing my age) I went on the slide in my new satin shortie shorts. Contact of satin on super-slidey slide meant extra "vroom". I shot off the end of the slide and skidded about 20 yards on my bare legs and barely covered bum along tarmac & gravel! [ouch emoticon]

Cam · 21/08/2006 13:57

No soft wood chips in those days, you didn't know you were born unless you had no skin left on your knees

anorak · 21/08/2006 14:02

Can I join if I promise to go out and injure myself on a slide later today?

Iklboo · 21/08/2006 14:03

Oh yes - our version of Top Trumps was who had the biggest knee scabs!

yeahinaminute · 21/08/2006 14:56

Can I join although I had a "slid" accident and it was on the way home from the park - is the "e" missing going to make a massive difference??!
I slid ... badly ...flip - flops and wet weather do NOT go ... now nursing a cracked ankle and a scabby knee .... the shame of it !!

shewhoneverdusts · 21/08/2006 17:18

Can I join? My slide was a tad different. I was walking in the forest with kids and dh, when we happened upon a fallen tree. Couldn't go under, so decided to climb over, there I was straddled the tree trunk when I said "oh I think this is gonna be like those cartoons", I then promptly slid around the tree trunk to find myself hanging upside down and then fell flat on my back!! Oh and I also fell downstairs and broke my elbow when a rather dishy builder started working across the road from me, and I couldn't concentrate.

YeahBut · 21/08/2006 18:32

Actually, dd2 was OK - guess she was so light she just shot off the end and bounced on the sand. I declined her offer to "lets do that again, Mummy!" and limped off to the nearest bench avoiding eye contact with any other adult at the playground.

MegaLegs · 22/08/2006 10:46

PMSL pointydog - you're right it could have been worse!!

Wow Cam - it's good to see that you feel my slide related shananigans are worthy of such an honourable position in said clique.

Cam · 22/08/2006 20:21

well I just feel that anyone who is that "open" deserves soemthing

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