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penpal · 21/01/2005 20:00

Does anyone have any experience of using 'Creme De La Mer'???? A few friends have aspired to use the moisturiser and/or hand cream but can it really be worth the money? I have heard that using any moisturiser will have a positive affect and if you find one that suits your particular skin all the better, but do you really have to spend all this money?

Any views/experiences much appreciated as have recently noticed my skin is not all that brilliant, I'm guilty of much neglect!!!! Although I blame active 5 and 2 years.........

OP posts:

charleypops · 23/01/2005 17:46

thanks, I'll bookmark that one. Also ebay can be a good resource if you know what you're looking for.


LipstickMum · 23/01/2005 17:48

Actually I just looked on powder puff and they dont do Liz Earl. I went onto her website tho and might get the starter pack of hot face wash and muslins or whatever it's called!!


crunchie · 24/01/2005 12:04

We have just done a feature on anti ageing creams at work and our editor tried Creme de la Mer. She wasn't that impressed!! I tested L'Oreal micro dermabrasion kit - IT WAS BRILLIANT. If you don'thave sensitive skin that is. I loved it as I like exfoliating my skin anyway, but I found my skin was defineatly brighter, clearer and more 'glowing'. I also tried the L'Oreal anti ageing creams I think they were great. Prfeviosuly i used the Boots Time Delay cream, but the L'Oreal is much better (for me that is). I loved the smell - very 'cold creamy' and I liked the texture even though it was thick cream it soaked in quickly. Can't recommend it enough, although I haven't used posher brands except Clinique which I don't much like.


MancMum · 24/01/2005 12:29

which magazine will that bein crunchie - would be interested to read it..

loved the way the editor got the CDLM but did not like it!!


Ameriscot2005 · 24/01/2005 12:53

CDLM is fairly rubbish as a formulation. It shouldn't be any more expensive to make that something like basic Olay, which gives you an idea of the rip-off factor.

Olay Total Effects is very good.


DillyDally · 24/01/2005 12:55

Vitaroma by decleor is one i feels very firming after applying


LipstickMum · 24/01/2005 13:08

I have used the L'Oreal micro-dermabrasion kit. I liked it to start with, great results, but, although I wasn't aware of it, I must have sensitive skin. I had to really reduce the frequency with which I use it, now about once every 3 weeks. Plus, I'm pregnant so maybe that affected the way it felt.


grumpyfrumpy · 24/01/2005 13:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

crunchie · 24/01/2005 17:21

REAL magazine issue on sale 18th Feb


SouthernMother · 30/01/2005 14:35

The majortiy of the beauty industry should not be trusted. Most face creams are called anti-aging because they contain a small amount of sunscreen. You need a SPF15 even on a winter day to stop further skin damage from the sun's rays.

If you don't use a cream with at least this level of SPF all year round then not even £150 a pot Creme De La Mer cream can actually reverse the signs of aging.

Creams with the current trendy ingrediants such as AHAs and Retinol often cause sensitivity and reactions and don't miraculously take years off your face.

Some of the higher priced ones smell beautiful and have a luxurious texture but don't really improve the skin any more than a cream with good quality ingrediants (ie not cheap petrochemical bases and cheap synthetic perfumes which can trigger allergies).

My daughter used to spend a fortune on the expensive spa and salon brands but has just started doing Body Shop at home parties as she thinks the products are just as good as the exclusive brands (we've both also used dept store names such as Clinique and found it disappointing and overpriced).

She hadn't bought Body Shop stuff in years but went to a party and bought some to be polite and was so impressed she does it herself now. If money's not an object the only luxury brands she recommends are Molton Brown for pure luxury and Liz Earle stuff is good quality but thinks you can get just a good as result with the body shop. She now has more money to spend on clothes and shoes as she has cut her cosmetic and toiletry spending right down.

If anyone is in Surrey, Hants or Berks area and wants a Body Shop at home party, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at [email protected] and I'll put you in touch with her.

You get a visit in your own home so no childminding worries, and you get a free mini facial and makeover, and a night in with your friends.

Plus if your friends / colleagues/family spend a toal of £100 at the party (even if only 5 of you that's just £20 each), you get £16 of products of your choice free! If more is spent then there are additional hostess benefits. Plus you get to try out the prodocts in privacy and convenience of own home, no hassle going out to the shops with pushchairs e.t.c...


lou33 · 30/01/2005 15:19

can you please email [email protected], and talk to them about putting your advert in the correct place, they will do this for a small fee. I will email them on your behalf as well.

best wishes.


noddyholder · 30/01/2005 15:35

you are born with good skin and you can maintain it with spf moisturiser but you can't make a silk purse out of a pigs ear although I have spent years and pounds trying!Having said that liz earle is excellent and gives a real young glow

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