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penpal · 21/01/2005 20:00

Does anyone have any experience of using 'Creme De La Mer'???? A few friends have aspired to use the moisturiser and/or hand cream but can it really be worth the money? I have heard that using any moisturiser will have a positive affect and if you find one that suits your particular skin all the better, but do you really have to spend all this money?

Any views/experiences much appreciated as have recently noticed my skin is not all that brilliant, I'm guilty of much neglect!!!! Although I blame active 5 and 2 years.........

OP posts:

Mummyloves · 23/01/2005 01:11

I think the problem is that we all start thinking this is a "young" world. What is wrong with being a good looking 43 /52 37/39 year old? Why do we all have to try to make ourselves look younger than we are? Just look at photo's that we all have of our parents at our age, we all look younger anyway at the same age!! Is it something about being a mum, and that in a certain age group we don't want to look in photo's like our mum's did? We won't! We are still capable are we not of being glamorous, sexy, spirited, fun, cheeky, flirtatious, etc!! "Young" is a state of mind, different if you are 40, desperate to "look young" to be able to "pull" a 20 year old!


romantick · 23/01/2005 01:11

well it is time i drift off to the sleep world and dream of finding my eternal love


lou33 · 23/01/2005 01:12

chance would be a fine thing ml


fairyfly · 23/01/2005 01:13

Ok Barry White


Mummyloves · 23/01/2005 01:15

Ah Lou33 but they have a limited shelf life!!!


marthamoo · 23/01/2005 01:15

You've either got crap skin or great skin. Can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear and all that. It's all in the genes, you know.


Mummyloves · 23/01/2005 01:16

What about Barry White!!!


lou33 · 23/01/2005 01:17

who cares ml

helo moo



marthamoo · 23/01/2005 01:18

helo lou

Barry White...erm...what are you all on about?


Mummyloves · 23/01/2005 01:20

Well there you go, finally put in a nutshell Marthamoo, the "voice of reason". I totally agree with you. Anyway, we are what we are. We get a wrinkle free face with "Wondercream". What am I going to do about the squint, the wart on my nose and the developing hunchback!! Give me unlimited funds for unlimited surgery!! Ok . next problem. I'm now gorgeous, but as dull as ditchwater. Now what!!!!!!!


lou33 · 23/01/2005 01:26

why cant you be both gorgeous and interesting ? Are they mutually exclusive?


fairyfly · 23/01/2005 01:30

Yeh do you not remember at school you were either academic or practical, i.e. intelligent or thick, you can never have both


Mummyloves · 23/01/2005 01:33

Yes, I'm interesting, my warty nose starts many a conversation, a very dull one though! Am I missing something here?!!


lou33 · 23/01/2005 01:33

why not?


lou33 · 23/01/2005 01:34

no ml i was wondering why you would say gorgeous but dull as ditchwater, like you couldn't be gorgeous and intersting? You make it sound like the two togetehr can never meet.


Mummyloves · 23/01/2005 01:41

Oooh, this is going over my head now. Going back to the srart of the thread, take this as a scenario, Someone, for whatever reason feels the need to look younger or stop their face looking old. I questioned, why? Ok, They stop their face looking old, turn back the clock age/appearance wise, but what is the point if they have no personality, no confidence , no Va, va voom, or whatever. Youthful looks are nothing on their own. This will no doubt go back to, ah yes, but self confidence, but then I question why, does someone feel that they can only get this by looking youthful.


paolosgirl · 23/01/2005 13:18

Speaking as someone who is perfectly happy with her lot, confident in herself, loved and loving, I'm on this thread to find out if there is anything that can help get rid of these pesky lines. There's no deep confidence or poor self esteem issue! I just chose not to have grey hairs and lines if I can (although mother nature and I are currently in negotiations!)


LipstickMum · 23/01/2005 13:50

Great thread! I spent loads on something from Prescriptives yesterday; was completely seduced by the sales man

But what I have really come on here to post is, that I met Charleypops yesterday. When she says to you her face looks like a dead pizza, she's lying/wrong, she had about 1 maybe 2, very small, old spots on her chin and that was it !!! Apart from that her complexion was blooming and even-toned, she looked about 10 years younger than she actually is - hah! It was all very depressing for the rest of us

Just winding you up Charley !!! We all moan and groan about our skin, I think we're just so used to seeing 'perfect' (i.e. not real) skin on adverts, we're brainwashed to believe that nothing else will do!!

~slinks away, now she has uncovered Charley as a fraud !!~


charleypops · 23/01/2005 15:54

Hey Lippy!

(or should that be Halle Berry?) I know - I wish there was some kind of personal lighting contraption we could strap to our shoulders and bath us in a healthy golden glow and a soft flattering chiaroscuro whilst we go about our daily business - we all look perfect then!


LipstickMum · 23/01/2005 15:59

Oh gawwwwd, I wish!


charleypops · 23/01/2005 16:02

Gosh romantik - you certainly chose your nickname well If only.......

Mummyloves - good for you! Beauty isn't age-related (apart from babies I suppose who are ALL beautiful). There are plenty of ugly 20 year olds around

BUT I'd rather be beautiful and dull over being ugly and dull any day

Lou - so agree with you about the counselling!


charleypops · 23/01/2005 16:05

Hi Hot Lips!


charleypops · 23/01/2005 16:08

Just a quick recap on recommended moisturisers on this thread so far...

Guerlain Issima Midnight Secret £50 for 30ml

Eve Lom cleanser and cloths - £40 (a similar one though from M&S apparently)

Nutriv - Estee Lauder


Clinique - Anti-Gravity

Jean Louis Sebagh (Space NK only)

Liz Earl - hot cloth cleanser

Clarins cleanser and moisturiser

Body Shop - oatmeal scrub mask
Virgin Vie
Olay - Total Effects

and I'd like to add Roc to the cheaper end - I used this quite happily for ages, but in the end I think my skin got too used to it and started to react. Also

Bio-oil, which I'm currently using as a stop-gap as it contain the (essential imo) vits A and E.

Hey penpal - have you made up your mind yet?


LipstickMum · 23/01/2005 16:31

I quite fancy using the Liz Earl range, it doesn't look too expensive and I've heard good things about it.

Does anybody know a good website where one can buy some of these products at a slightly reduced rate? Is there one called 'powder puff' or something..?


LipstickMum · 23/01/2005 17:42

I found it, haven't ever used it, but saw it recommended on here ages ago.

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