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penpal · 21/01/2005 20:00

Does anyone have any experience of using 'Creme De La Mer'???? A few friends have aspired to use the moisturiser and/or hand cream but can it really be worth the money? I have heard that using any moisturiser will have a positive affect and if you find one that suits your particular skin all the better, but do you really have to spend all this money?

Any views/experiences much appreciated as have recently noticed my skin is not all that brilliant, I'm guilty of much neglect!!!! Although I blame active 5 and 2 years.........

OP posts:

Satine · 22/01/2005 16:16

Eve Lom cleanser is fantastic - expensive (£65 for the biggest pot) but it lasts me about 6 or 7 months, used every day. It comes with these brilliant face cloths and exfoliates just enough. I used to use Lancome moisturiser every day but now we're on a major economy drive so I believed Joanna Lumley and tried Astral - fine for a month or so but now I've got such dry scaly patches (yep, I'm a real vision of loveliness, what with my recent disastrous haircut which makes me look like a German lesbian from the 1980s) that I've had to resort to 8 hr cream. So my little experiment has taught me that not any cream will do!


romilly · 22/01/2005 16:25

LOL Satine - Astral sucks

(why do you think joanna lumley has to wear so much slap?)


charleypops · 22/01/2005 18:29

Satine you sound gorgeous at the moment! I thought Astral was exclusively for grannies hands?? (my gran ALWAYS has a pot on her kitchen window ledge)

Romilly - you should check out ebay for fab jeans bargains, Earl, Paper, Seven etc, less than half the price

I've just purchased skin illuminating Stila foundation and compact. Not used it before, hope it does what it's meant to. I look a bit like a dead pizza at the moment! Fingers crossed....


charleypops · 22/01/2005 18:33

Branster, Edam. What's a girl to do - exfoliate or not exfoliate?


PuffTheMagicDragon · 22/01/2005 18:55

I've tried creme de la mer and didn't find it suited my skin, although I know people who swear by it.

The best moisturiser I have ever used and keep going back to is Guerlain Issima Midnight Secret - £50 for a 30ml bottle. Whenever I use it, I'm always told I look well. A really good investment IMO.


HeyEnidYouveLostWeight · 22/01/2005 19:21

I swear by Eve Lom cleanser and cloths. I usually use an Aesop moisturiser but its a bit heavy for me ATM so have just bought Estee Lauder Daywear and will give it a go.


Branster · 22/01/2005 21:09

Well CP, that is the question!
I personally exfoliate my face very rarely and use something from Origins. Apart from that I use the Eve Lom cleanser. It is very, very, very good. I paid about £40 for a normal size pot and only use it a couple of times a week or after I've been to London say (any city makes your skin sooo dirty!) or if I've been wearing foundation. It's been over a year since I bought the last one and it's still a lot in it. I keep mine in the fridge, BTW. Don't know if it helps or not , but I knew I'd have it for a long time so figured it might be a good idea to keep it there. It is so good because it comes with a set of instructions whcih describe a facial massage and I think it is a useful information. Apparently the M&S version of it is just as good but I've never tried it so can't say if this is the case.

So for your birthday, ask for an Eve Loom cleanser from DP!

Just a note on the Guerlain moisturizer. I am really sad and have to confess to having read @My friend's secrets' by Joan Collins. No, I didn't buy the book, only borrowed it from the library and DH laughed at me for reading such stuff! Anyway, Jerry Hall swears by this Guerlain stuff and says she doesn't use any other miracle creams so that's a pretty good endorsment here. I've never used any Guerlain products but my impression is that they are really good.

Re-Nutriv range from Estee Lauder (not cheap and not available at all their counters) is supposed to be fanatastic. Again, I've never used it but I would try it and expect good results if it was a present.


mintenz · 22/01/2005 21:30

Eve Lom cleanser - isn't life too short for all that faffing with muslins and facial massage? Especially once the bairns arrive. Now don't get me wrong - I do love a posh pot of cosmetics (current fav: REN) but just didn't last more than a week with the Eve lom. Too damn tired at the end of the day. Think I threw it out in the end. Is that a hanging offece?


MancMum · 22/01/2005 21:33

throwing out Eve Lom cos kids are wearing you out too much to use it? Course it is not a hanging offence - just modify parenting skills and ignore kids for anhour inevening to rest in order to use Eve Lom...remember teh kids will eventually leaev home but you will be stuck with your face!!


ChicPea · 22/01/2005 22:31

I bought a small pot of Creme de la Mer and hated it. So I used it for my hands to get something from it. Even my hands hated it! I can honestly say I don't know what the fuss is all about. Over hyped and over here.

Love Clinique's Anti-Gravity cream as a great moisturiser without being sticky. Jean Louis Sebagh has started a great range of skin care sold only at Space NK.


Demented · 22/01/2005 22:37

I have been very impressed with Olay Total Effects and having read some of the comments here I think I'll stick with it.


mummytummy · 22/01/2005 23:26

As the HV always recommends Aqueious creme for any of my toddler's/baby's skin complaints, I'm thinking of using that!! It's about £2.99 for a bucket full!


Mummyloves · 22/01/2005 23:37

My mum is 80 in March, looks about 57 and washes her face every morning in..........!.. the leftover water from her handwashing.... Ariel!


romantick · 22/01/2005 23:48

they do not work.only thing that does work is botox but then again do you want to be involved in having needles forever stuck in your face etc.
the only person who thinks they are aging is yourself so get that out of your head.
who is the person who says you are beautiful.
not yourself but your partner .
your part ner sees you all the time and forever sees a godess in front of himself.he will never see you age as in his eyes you are beautiful for eternity.
so when i find love again my angel will be always beautiful


Mummyloves · 22/01/2005 23:50

romantik, PLEASE can you take me with you to France!?


fairyfly · 22/01/2005 23:52

Romantick, do you write for Disney?


romantick · 22/01/2005 23:53

do i write for disney?
no just write honesty and from the heart.


lou33 · 23/01/2005 00:02

you sound like barbara cartland romantick


romantick · 23/01/2005 00:06

hope dont sound like babara cartland.
im happy to be a man


lou33 · 23/01/2005 00:10

actually , more like the one in little britain, but can't think of her name


romantick · 23/01/2005 00:14



Mummyloves · 23/01/2005 00:16

Romantik, I don't think you sound like Barbara Cartland, you really can take me to France with you if you like! I agree with you (prepared for the backlash!). In my experience, men WHO LOVE YOU never see why we get so het up over wrinkles and dull skin etc. I do think we're susceptible to a lot of what magazines make us fret about. Different I know if you've experienced a relationship where "he" always compared you to another and critised etc. On the other hand, and it's only my philosophy I STRESS, I don't feel the need to compete with younger looking women on the "younger looks" stakes. I'm not younger and that's that!


romantick · 23/01/2005 00:16

all i did was offer advice on what i think is correct but if you want to have a laugh be my guess.


romantick · 23/01/2005 00:18

mummyloves i bet you are stunning and your partner thinks you are his goddess.a very lucky put down the mags and just listen to what your partner says


lou33 · 23/01/2005 00:22

am just a cynical old bag

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