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penpal · 21/01/2005 20:00

Does anyone have any experience of using 'Creme De La Mer'???? A few friends have aspired to use the moisturiser and/or hand cream but can it really be worth the money? I have heard that using any moisturiser will have a positive affect and if you find one that suits your particular skin all the better, but do you really have to spend all this money?

Any views/experiences much appreciated as have recently noticed my skin is not all that brilliant, I'm guilty of much neglect!!!! Although I blame active 5 and 2 years.........

OP posts:

fairyfly · 23/01/2005 00:24

I think beauty is about how you feel, not how someone else views you. Doesn't really matter if you get called a godess on a daily basis if you dont feel like one.


romantick · 23/01/2005 00:29

well if you are complimented all the time surely you will feel great.and not feel down .beauty does not come from yourself but from the other person looking at you.that person sees the beauty in you.
we all feel ugly at imes. but when someone says you look beautiful your esteem grows to high proportions and you feel on top of the world.
so when you find TRUE LOVE you will never age


Mummyloves · 23/01/2005 00:31

Ahhhhh, am probably of this opinion because I HAVEN'T got a partner and haven't even had a BF for nearly 5 years. I'm just comfortable in my own skin! DS told me this morning that I was a "pretty mummy", told me tonight after a shower that I looked like "Cruella De Ville"!!! Am I running for the beauty counter at Boots?!! Nope. I'm me, and no temporary "fix" will change that!! I make the most of what I have every day. yes of course I take care of myself bUt I just don't believe in these products that cost a fortune. I really do think it's all in the genes and I take after my mum. I'm nearly 39 and I say I look 32, other still say I look in my twenties. A friend of mine is 6 years younger, uses every department store available skin product and looks 10 years older!. If it makes you feel better, use it. If it has an effect, great. Personally I think these products are there to make profit from insecurity.

And no, I don't think I'm stunning, but using one of these creams isn't going to make me stunning either!


nm · 23/01/2005 00:33

A bit of a granny one but it does feel nice is cyclax - might be a bit too rich for some of you young uns out there though - having said that though I am such a flibbetygibbet that I will try most things once but just find myself comig back to Oil of Ulay. Make of it what you will!

PS I have do have a pot of Eve Lom cleanser (rarely used), have used clarins, DDm, Estee Lauder etc in the past. Only one I haven't tried is CDLM - may request for birthday


romantick · 23/01/2005 00:34

so do you have a photo mummyloves .
hAve you a link to a photo site


fairyfly · 23/01/2005 00:34

I have to totally disagree and say beuty does come from within and truelove doesn't solve everything


romantick · 23/01/2005 00:35

then you have never found true love fairyfly


fairyfly · 23/01/2005 00:37

i have my sweet everytime i see the way my parents look at each other


romantick · 23/01/2005 00:40

and are they worried how they look


lou33 · 23/01/2005 00:40

Most people are not showered by compliments every day though, but bombarded by advertising for products to make you slimmer, firmer, younger, blonder, bigger chest etc. This does take it's toll on you , and it easy to get worn down by it, and for your partner to get sucked in as well. One day they start saying nice things that little bit les often til the time comes you may not even remember when they last paid you a compliment, or if they do you don't believe it because you compare yourself with so many others and don't come up to scratch. True love doesn't conquer all.

I use nivea btw and its better than clinique or any expensive cream i have tried.


Mummyloves · 23/01/2005 00:42

I'm confused FF, what are you disagreeing with?


fairyfly · 23/01/2005 00:44

They care about the way they look, of course they do. My mum will get changed a thousand times still, my dad still raises his eyes to heaven and says yes you look lovely come on dear. If people didn't care and it was all about compliments then we'd all be walking around hairy in smocks.


romantick · 23/01/2005 00:45

doctors say these products dont work.which is true it is just the thought that it can work .big companies love you all for buying there products thinking it will work.
can the big companies sell you a romantic anti-ageing partner instead.of course not .
so if oyu want to stay looking young find yourself a true romantic eternal love partner.
plus find that true love and it will cost you nothing.think of all that money you can save.
the things you can buy instead


fairyfly · 23/01/2005 00:46

sorry mummyloves, i disagree with

beauty does not come from yourself but from the other person looking at you.



romantick · 23/01/2005 00:49

so when you go out fairyfly you dress to impress.
your view is to get the attention of others when out.
so the others see the beauty .not you.


fairyfly · 23/01/2005 00:52

I dress how i want to, not to get attention, i get enough of that


lou33 · 23/01/2005 00:54

so say you saw ff one night when she was out and you fell in love with her as she was. Then she stopped washing, stopped taking care of her appearance, got depressed, gained weight, totally changed beyond recognititon from the time you first met, and when you fell in love. WOuld she still be your true love? WOUld you still look at her the same way and shower her with compliments ? Would your true love still last forever?


Mummyloves · 23/01/2005 00:54

Lou33, it comes down to insecurity again doesn't it? The point of this thread though was what creans etc are "Age defying"? I don't want to defy my age because experience offers more! Ooh er!! Believe me, I've done it one time or another with a particular cream before I said "S*d" it what's the point and only because I bought into the advertising not because I needed it. I've bought a cream in the past, used it for two weeks or three, "Yeah, I can see a difference!" But be honest, you've got your face pressed up to the mirror, examining in fine detail what is possibly under the microscope, the difference between a nano millimeter of a wrinkle length/depth! Brilliant, it works!!! Who are we trying to kid while they are making shed loads of money! DH or DP notices absolutely NOTHING!!! There are two arguments, that you do it for yourself or you do it for DP/DH. IMO if you do it solely for yourself, you know these products don't work. If you are that insecure that you do it for DP/DH, then you will continue to buy into the advertising, looking for approval and trying to compete with younger people. You can't change your face without cosmetic surgery like Romantik says, why bother!! Spend the money on counselling sessions instead building up self esteem.


fairyfly · 23/01/2005 00:56

Yes you don't have to defy your age but you certainly dont need someone to build you up, that is your job. Compliments are wonderful but the point where we all find our peace is when we are comfortable in our own bodies. Never rely on anyone to make you feel beautiful is my motto, do it yourslef.


Mummyloves · 23/01/2005 01:00

Absolutelt FF I don't disagree with you innthe slightest, feel good look good etc, but he point was "Age defying", thay don't work and anyway, why do you want to look younger? Why don't you just want to look a good "your age"?


lou33 · 23/01/2005 01:00

I think the only thing counselling does is give you an hour to expose your weaknesses and fears, then leave you with an open wound exposed and vulnerable to infection and no way of fixing it , when they kick you out after your time is up. That is a whole other thread however

I think using the words age defying in a cream are selling to your insecurity in the first place. Only those worried about aging are going to buy them. And we fall for it, yes.


romantick · 23/01/2005 01:03

very good response mummyloves.
the whole subject was about moisturisers etc and think it was misread by few and gone on to other my originally response was about creams and moisturisers.
as this was the subject of the thread.


Mummyloves · 23/01/2005 01:03

So sorry about spelling and typos!!


lou33 · 23/01/2005 01:04

threads evolve, its how discussions occur, it isn't so off the track


romantick · 23/01/2005 01:05

dont worry about spelling or is 1 am

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