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Moses basket - yes or no

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Nimme · 25/09/2004 09:47

I am thinking of buying a moses basket for having downstairs the first 3 months or so. I don't want to spend too much money (Daisy and Tom do lovely plain and simple one but costs £100 - without stand). Where can I get nice second hand one - and should I buy or is it waste of money???

OP posts:
MTS · 25/09/2004 09:49

I had one from Mothercare which was OK - I don't think it's worth spending £100 on something you will only use for 3 - 4 months - I would go for one a bit cheaper.

TracyK · 25/09/2004 09:50

we never had one - we used our second hand pram as it was large and flat. but he was only in it for 10 weeks and then into a big cot as he was feeling cramped by then.

taramac · 25/09/2004 09:51

I used an old fashioned style pram - bought for a fiver from second hand shop - Mamas & Papas one. Just washed everything before using it. Then I could lift it off the base to carry about but could also wheel it from room to room which was handy. It was also a bit bigger than a moses basket so lasted longer. I do think they are a bit of a rip off. If you can't find one secondhand do you know anyone who could lend you one?

Miaou · 25/09/2004 09:53

We used ours quite a lot as both our dds were quite small, and i found it useful for putting them down to sleep whilst I was downstairs and then carrying it upstairs when necessary. In all used it for about 10 weeks with each baby. Mind you, it was a present, I probably would have managed with a cheap second hand one otherwise!

Tessiebear · 25/09/2004 09:59

I used one which was handed down through the family - i would ask around for a good second hand one if i were u, as unless your baby is quite small he/she will outgrow it v. quickly

MTS · 25/09/2004 10:00

don't suppose you are anywhere near liverpool? we have a spare one (albeit with quite knackered handles) plus stand you could have for free if you wanted to collect

SoupDragon · 25/09/2004 10:00

NCT NEarly New Sale?

Aero · 25/09/2004 10:08

Where do you live Nimme? We have this moses basket from D & T and don't think we'll be needing it again!! It's in perfect condition - only used for ds2 who's now eight months old and we were thinking of selling it.

Aero · 25/09/2004 10:09

We also have a stand!

carla · 25/09/2004 10:12

If I knew then what I know now ...... I'd have bought almost EVERYTHING secondhand.

sweetkitty · 25/09/2004 11:04

we used ours first 6 weeks bought it from babies r us £40 in total

fee77 · 25/09/2004 11:05

i found moses basket invaluable as a "day bed" so could keep DD near me, plus only had to heat one room (no central heating. Bought my from toys r us, and it wasn't that expensive.

carla · 25/09/2004 11:27

When dd2 was about 2 months old we actually brought our cot into the living room, so she could sit in her {{forgotton what it's called}} baby chair thing in the cot without getting harmed by her sister. (They're 14 months apart)

gscrym · 25/09/2004 11:38

We bought one and our DS was in it for a grand total of 2 weeks. He used to punch the sides and wake himself up. After that, we settled him in his bouncer chair then lifted the whole thing into his cot. Another thing that's quite good if you have the room is a travel cot with the basinette hammock thing. It does till baby is 3 months.

laa · 25/09/2004 11:38

I wouldn't spend too much money if you buy one. My 1st baby was 9lbs 11oz and would only have fit in a moses basket for the briefest of times. We had a wooden swinging crib from Mothercare which was much longer and the same price. During the day he slept in the pram - we had a 3 in 1 Brittax with a really comfy carrycot. This was also great for no.2 who was the same weight, because no.1 couldn't reach up to prod her awake!! Happy shopping!

oneofeach · 25/09/2004 11:40

I found it really useful for the first 12 weeks or so, you can just take them into whatever room you are going into. Borrowed one first time, bought a second hand one for the second time which we have lent to a friend. I would say definitely go for second hand, you could try ebay?

smellymelly · 25/09/2004 12:33

I used one with no. 2 and it was worth every penny, only about £37.

I have a feeling the expensive ones have a lot more padding around the inside of them, and I know the HV's here don't like that!

Twiglett · 25/09/2004 12:36

message withdrawn

eidsvold · 25/09/2004 12:49

we got ours from john lewis but you could buy one second hand and just get a new matress.. mothercare do the mattresses with removable covers very reasonably. We were lucky as dd was a tiny thing we got a good eight months out of ours and it was great to have her in that - our house in the UK had all the bedrooms upstairs and during the day she could sleep in it downstairs.

Alternatively - mothercare do a travel cot with two heights and a flip over change table - depending on the age of your babe..... I used that downstairs also... depends on the room you have I guess - very reasonable and lots of use. In fact have left it with the grandparents for us to use when/if we get back there before no2 would be too big for it.

Skate · 25/09/2004 12:54

They don't last long but of course if you are going to have more than one child you'll get more use out of it.

I just got a cheap Mothercare one for about £30 and it's served me well as I'm on to DS3.

Oooggs · 25/09/2004 13:22

I didn't bother with one as I knew DS was going to be long and probably only in it a matter of weeks. I bought a travel cot instead, the mothercare one with the bassinette and used that instead. It can later be used as a travel cot and a play pen.

SecondhandRose · 25/09/2004 13:24

Def. buy 2nd hand as they use them for 3 months at the most. All the NCT nearly new sales should be coming Oct/Nov check out and click on News to find the sales.

pixiefish · 25/09/2004 13:25

Sold mine on ebay for £40 or something daft. DD went in it a total of 6 times- she wouldn't sleep in it and hated it during the day. Try ebay. have since found really thick mattress in mothercare- don't know if she would have slept in it on the thicker mattress as she would sleep in her cot.

Nimme · 27/09/2004 17:23

Thank you all for invaluable advice. I'll look into the mothercare one.

Aero - what do you want for yours - and exactly which D& T do you have - and are you anywhere near London????

OP posts:
Dophus · 27/09/2004 17:26

Loads on ebay

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